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Tips for Travel with a Baby

One of the challenges of traveling with a baby is, of course, they’re very fragile. They’re very small and their systems are still adjusting, but did you know that you can travel with a baby as early as 4 months if traveling by plane whether within or to Iran or anywhere around Asia.

To get you ready for this big milestone, I’ll be giving you travel tips when traveling with a baby, specifically answering the questions: How do you travel on a plane with a baby? How do I keep my baby safe while traveling? and What do you need to travel with a child? If you’re ready, start scrolling down!

Essential Tips for Traveling with your Baby: Rules, Checklist, Packing List

Rules When Traveling with a Baby

Rule #1: Always Make Sure you Have Enough of your Baby’s Essentials

This is probably the most important thing to remember when traveling with your baby. As a mom, you have to always make sure that you have enough of your baby’s essentials while traveling. Essentials range from nappies to milk, to bottles, and change of clothes.

If you are a first-time mom, creating a checklist before traveling is the best advice. But sometimes, it’s just hard to sit down and create your very own checklist. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Later on in this article, I’ll also be sharing a simple checklist that is helpful when traveling with your baby for the first time.

Rule #2: Safest, Earliest Age to Travel is Four Months

The earliest age for your baby when it’s safe for him or her to travel by plane is at four months. Why four months, you might ask?

Once your baby is born, he or she will easily contract any kind of airborne diseases. Since their immune system is still catching up with their new environment, giving the baby time to build up their defenses is suggestable hence it is advisable to wait at least four months of age before bringing them along on a plane ride to Iran or around Asia.

Rule #3: Call your Airline to Book Flights for Babies

Booking flights these days is so easy and convenient… if you’re an adult, that is. The general rule for booking flights for your very young companion is to call up the airline and book their flight over the phone with the airline’s agents.

It is advisable to call the airline for booking their flights in order for the airline company to also make special and necessary arrangements to accommodate you and your baby better. Aside from that, this is also a way for them to create an even more accommodating seating arrangement for you and your baby.

Ready to Travel? Check these off your Packing Checklist, first!

Now that we’ve settled the basic rules for traveling with a baby, and as we promised, here is a checklist of the things to bring when flying with your baby.

Top priority:

  • Baby’s passport, if traveling overseas
  • Your passport
  • Baby’s other identification documents
  • Your other identification documents
  • Custody and other attested documents to prove the relationship with the baby
  • Travel insurance for you and your baby
  • A travel crib – It is important to ask your airline immediately if they can provide you with a travel crib for your baby. Apparently, it’s usually just one piece per flight so call them immediately once you have a date for your flight and ask them to reserve it for you.
  • Comfort object – A baby’s comfort object is anything that ranges from a plushie to their favorite blanket. Don’t forget your baby’s comfort object, as it helps them feel more secure. This sense of security given by the comfort object can make for a more comfortable flight for your baby.

Secondary priority:

  • Milk – Feeding milk for babies is usually exempted by the airport regulations of the 3-ounce limit.
  • Bottles
  • Baby Food – whether these are canned or jarred, they will still be subject to the airport security checks.
  • Diapers
  • Diaper Cream
  • Changing Pad – Not all restrooms will have changing pads provided. For you to be completely ready for your flight with your baby, bring a changing pad to keep your baby safe and clean during a nappie-change.
  • Baby Wipes
  • Sanitizing Wipes
  • Extra plastic bags – These plastic bags are life savers. They will help you separate the wet clothes from the dry ones and will also help in keeping your baby bag fresh and not stinky.
  • Burp Cloths
  • Bibs
  • Nursing Cover
  • Blankets – It is advisable that you bring with you two different sized blankets when traveling with your baby. One small sized blanket to wrap your little angel in, and one large blanket to provide a little space or play area for your baby while in the airport.
  • Baby carrier or Sling
  • At least two sets of baby clothes for changing – A long-haul flight can have multiple mess especially if you’re traveling with an infant. To keep your baby clean over the course of a 10-hour flight, make sure that you have at least two sets of baby clothes for changing. If you’re flying or traveling for more than ten hours, make sure you have at least four, this is to keep your baby’s skin clean and free from any irritants which can cause allergic reactions and itchiness which can then cause your baby to be irritable. Save yourself, your baby from cry spells because they don’t feel fresh! Go on and pack the necessary amount of change of clothes!
  • Change of clothes for you – Don’t forget yourself! Sure you’re the adult and you might not feel like it’s necessary to bring a set of change in your hand-carry baby bag, but trust me, you’ll want to have easy access for a change of clothes when you’re traveling with your baby. Having a set of clothes for changing keeps you feeling fresh and clean which can somehow keep your mood and stress-levels at bay.
  • Pacifiers/teething toys/soothers
  • First-aid Kit – Include in the first-aid kit all of your baby’s medications and antihistamines and other prescriptions provided by their doctor.
  • Nasal aspirator


  • Goodie bags for co-passengers – If budget and time allow, you can opt to create a goodie bag for your co-passengers. In this goodie bag, you may include ear plugs and some candies. Not all parents favor this practice because, for them, there’s no need to apologize for a baby’s behavior, after all, they’re just a baby! But, it wouldn’t hurt to give a little something to your co-passengers especially if you’re traveling long-distance.

Pre-flight Prep: Preparing your Baby for their First Flight

Preparing your baby for their first flight might be a little difficult to do especially since they can’t really talk yet.

As their mother or their guardian, what you can do is make sure that before they fly, you have their vaccines updated, have been feeding them nourishing food, giving them their necessary vitamins as what the doctor ordered. This is to help them build their immune system which should be strong enough before they take their first flight.

A few days before you fly, pay a visit to your child’s doctor. A doctor will be able to provide a routine health check on your precious little one. This pre-flight check-up is important because your child’s doctor will be able to give you clearance on whether it’s okay for your baby to fly.

The day before your flight, make sure that your baby has gotten enough sleep and rest. Make sure that your baby is relaxed in order for them to also stay as relaxed and calm as possible while they’re on their first flight.

Safety First: Keeping your Baby or Child Safe While Traveling

Airports can be a dangerous place. It is huge! Even though there is a lot of security personnel roaming around, it is very important to not lose sight of your children. Aside from keeping an eye on your baby while traveling, here are some more safety tips to keep in mind so your baby is safe throughout your travel.

While On the Plane or on the Car around Iran:

  1. Keep your baby’s seat belt fastened.
  2. If your baby can use a car seat, make sure that it complies with safety guidelines of Iran.
  3. Ask the airline whether they have safety jackets and air mask that will fit your baby.
  4. Never seat your child on the aisle.
  5. Always go with your child when they’re going to the lavatory.

While at the Vacation Spot:

  1. Child-proof your hotel.

To do this, make an overview of the whole room and even the whole hotel. Be vigilant of any protruding sharp areas which can cause harm to your children Survey the whole area and look for potential danger spots and manage your child’s behavior. Check whether all the windows are locked and if all of the door locks are working. Also, keep the electrical cords away.

  1. Check the hotel’s crib if it complies with safety standards.
  2. Get as much information about the hotel’s daycare. If the hotel you’ll be staying in has a daycare, try to get as much information as you can on the carers. If they have a dedicated area, inspect the whole play area for any obstructions which can cause harm and inform the hotel’s daycare management immediately.
  3. Never let your child answer the door.

Traveling with a baby or with a child can be stressful but it’s also one of the most fulfilling things that a parent and a child can look back to and consider as a family milestone. You don’t have to become a momzilla while you’re on vacation! Follow the tips we have for you above for a smooth sailing holiday for both you and your baby. Don’t be afraid to ask for questions and assistance from the airport personnel especially if you’re a solo traveler with your baby.

Do you have a tip that worked for you? Let me know in the comments and let’s grow a community of well-informed parents who are traveling with their child.

We hope that these tips have been helpful. Safe travels and I’ll see you in the next article!

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