Iranian most famous souvenirs

Iranian most famous souvenirs 🔴

 Every city of Iran has a unique souvenir which its creator made it with love. The most famous souvenir of Iran is handicrafts. You just need to walk around the old bazaar of each city to find a hundred of unique souvenirs of that region. I think in your travel to Iran you will be confused about what you can buy from Iran as a gift. So in this article, the wants to prepare a list of what to buy from Iran, to bring back to your country as a remembrance. If you are interested in Iran souvenirs then follow the to know more.

Iranian handmade carpets

Iran is well-known for its handmade carpets. We all know that handmade carpets and rugs are the popular souvenirs of Iran. These carpets usually are really expensive. Usually, tourists buy those carpets or rugs which are really small that they can easily pack it on their suitcases.   

iranian carpets
iranian carpets


One of the most famous things and also expensive souvenirs of Iran and International spices is Saffron. Although saffron can be implanted in other countries too, the quality of Iranian saffron is much better than other places. It’s interesting to know that tourists come to Iran when there is a time of harvesting saffron flowers.  In Iran, we call saffron Red Gold because of its value. You can buy Saffron (Zaferan) from Mashhad and the quality of it is different make sure that be the best one. The good saffron most of the time is really expensive but it costs to purchase.

Saffron or zaferan
Saffron or zaferan

Iranian pistachio

Among all nuts, pistachio is the local souvenir of Iran. The pistachio of Kerman, Damghan, and Sabzevar are really popular among visitors. In all of these cities, they prepare pack of pistachios in a beautiful and well-designed packing for tourists. For buying fresh pistachio you can find them at harvesting time of it which is in September and early October. 

Iranian Dates

Dates usually planet in the souths of Iran in that cities you can find a verity of dates with different qualities. You can buy the sold one or a fresh one. In the food markets of Ahvaz, Khuzestan and Bazaar of Tajrish you can buy Persian dates.

Iranian nuts

In comparison to the other parts of the world, nuts are really inexpensive in Iran. If you want to buy a pack mixture of nuts such as pistachio, almonds, cashews, and walnuts can be the best idea. You can purchase in Tajrish bazaars and other big cities bazaars of Iran.

Cashmere (Termeh)

Termeh is one of the important souvenirs of Iran that we use it as a tablecloth. Iranian Terhmeh has a different pattern and made from various kinds of fabrics. Termeh is the prettiest souvenir that you can decorate your house or office with it. This fabric has different kinds such as Paisley, Shah-Abbasi patterns which made of wool and silk. You can find Termeh and another iran souvenirs in Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd.

Persian Precious gemstones

Iran has different mines stone and we use these gemstones for decorations. There are such as Ruby, Emerald, Turquoise, Pearl and lots of other precious stones. You can use it for earring, rings, and bracelets.


Each region of Iran has many jewelry shops. Iranian jewelry is very eye-catching and attractive. If you don’t use jewelry you can buy different kinds of jewelry made of silvers with Ruby, Emerald, Opal, and Turquoise on it. These gemstones can specifically find in Mashhad.


In bazaar of Isfahan, you can buy this beautiful handmade that painted floral patterns on the vessel or utensils in blue color. Minakari is the prettiest souvenir of Iran that catches everyone eyes.

porcelain enamel
Vitreous enamel

Ghalam Kari tablecloths

The ghalamkari tablecloths in the other souvenir of Iran which made it with handprint and you can find it in many shapes and size which is suitable for your tables and that is a great idea for decorating your house with Persian handicrafts. You can buy Ghalamkari in Grand Bazaar of Isfahan and Naghshe-Jahan Square stores. 

Persian Sweets and cookies

All cookies and sweets of Iran are famous for gutty tourists. Most of them for buying high-quality Sohan and Gaz travel to Isfahan. Nuts and pistachio of Iran are also popular among tourists. Other than these souvenirs, each city of Iran has their own sweets and cookies too because Iranian people are really sweet lover and they are also good cook in foods and pastry.    

iranian souvenirs
iranian souvenirs

Different kinds of handicrafts

In your travel to each city of Iran and going to the shopping centers of that region, you can see all the tiny and cheapest handicrafts such as miniature paintings, handmade wooden boxes, and glass made crafts, statues, and Leather embroidered. In some holly cities of Iran such as Mashhad and Qom, you can find Prayer beads (Tasbih) and holly Qurans with a very beautiful cover around the holy shrine.

Iranian Traditional clothes

All around Iran men and women put on colorful and handmade dresses which its fabric contains wool, silk, cotton. All the folk dresses of Iran with colorful and wrinkled skirts and shirts are another souvenir of each part of Iran. In each city, there are some places that you can wear traditional clothes and take a photo with it. All tourists can have these beautiful photos with local clothes of that city. There are some tourist’s attraction places in Iran such as Ab’yaneh, Masouleh, Torkaman-Sahra and other places that visitors can buy local dresses of Iran.

In addition to the traditional tea sets of metalwork’s such as gold, silver and copper vases are just one of the thousand well-known souvenirs that you can buy from Iran.       

Iranian Pottery Vessels

If you visit the museums of Iran you will find the importance of pottery in old Iran. The antiquity of Pottery goes back to the history of Iran. Most of the tourists whenever enter the museums of Iran they want their guidance to help them for shopping Iranian jars. The potteries are other well-known gifts of Iran that you can buy them in cities such as Hamadan, Natanz, and Meybod.

Where you can buy souvenirs in Tehran

Iran shopping tips:

You may think that Tehran doesn’t have any special Tehran souvenir or handicrafts, it’s true. But there are a lot of shopping centers and shopping malls that you can find shoes, clothes and beautiful bags. These shopping centers located all around the city, the most famous one is the Grand Bazaar of Tehran and still, it has remained with old structures and it’s located in downtown Tehran.

Another famous Bazaar of Tehran that is also the oldest one is located in Tajrish square and it looks old with traditional architecture and in the grocery stores, you can find different kinds of colorful fruits and verity of Torshi’s out there. As you know in Iran because of different climate and very rich soil all the farmers can plant many kinds of fruits and vegetables.

In all seasons of the year In Tajrish bazaar you can find the fruits of that season. If you want to buy clothes or shoes and bags, there are lots of shopping centers such as Arg shopping center, Palladium center which is located in Zafaraniyeh districts and also in Vanak square shopping center you can find most of the international brands stores and shops whatever you want and you will not leave Tehran with an empty hand.

If you want to buy some handmade souvenirs, it’s good to look around the Villa Street in Tehran. Everything you hadn’t bought from other cities you can find in Villa Street with the best quality. In this street, there are lots of stores that there are eye-catching and beautiful potteries, silver vessels, and various kinds of glassware and Crystals.   

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