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How to get Visa for traveling to Iran?

In this article, the wants to give you the ultimate guideline for getting Visa for traveling to Iran. Some travelers think that getting a visa from Iran is really a complicated process. But the governments of Iran try to make this process easier. For this reason, we want to tell you the latest information.  

How a traveler can apply for an Iranian Visa?

Different types of Visa

There are thirteen types of visa that include of political, pilgrimage, traveling, participating in sports competitions, educational visa, and occupations visa (for train or airplane crews, visa for reporters and business visa. Also, Iran can issue a visa for commercial experts and foreigners.

In total Iran issue visa for foreigners that they want to travel to Iran for above-mentioned items.

 The types of visa requests

There are 4 types of requesting for visa one of them is individual request, the second is private company requests the third is travel agency requests and forth is organizations and governmental institutes.

For individual visa requests, this is the one way for requesting for visa.

Private companies most of the time have foreigner guests and invite foreigner experts, they can apply for this kind of visa.

Travel agencies have verities of tours they can apply for their passengers and they can request for visa for their passengers.

The organizations and governmental institute can apply the visa requests for their guests in this system and they can follow up the requests. 

Policies for getting the visa

The policies are actually related to the laws for foreigners. But this policy isn’t the same as other countries and getting Iranian visa for every other nation and countries is different.

For example, if an American citizen applies for a visa, it would take several months to take it. Although there are some countries which they don’t need to take visa for traveling to Iran just with having passports they can visit Iran and for 6 months they can enter this country. The countries such as Lebanon, Georgia, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, and Azerbaijan but about the time length of staying in these countries depend on both side diplomatic agreements.   

If you don’t have a passport of any above countries you must pay money for your visa.

Visa for traveling to Iran
Iranian visa

Requirements for visa

 For taking visa you should prepare these requirements as follow:

•    Copy of passports of traveler

•    Colorful picture of the traveler in 6*4 dimensions (without glasses and white background)

•    Copy of Birth certificates of traveler

•    Traveler passports with a 6-month validity

•    Completing the online visa application form and send it to the embassy of Iran

•    The embassy of Iran determine exact time for offering your visa requirements

Iran visa on arrival

There is another way of taking visa of Iran. Travelers can get the visa on arrival to the airport of Iran. Except for the citizen of these countries: Iraq, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Colombia, Canada, US, UK, Afghanistan, Jordan, Somalia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. And the citizen of Israel can’t enter Iran in any condition. In Iran, there are some airports that foreigners can give their visa from, which are the airports of Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Mashhad, Kish, and Qeshm.

How to apply for e-visa

Many years age the online applying visa system had started to facilitate the process of taking visa now this service is available in Iran and since 2017, the Iranian embassy established a website that foreigners can apply for a visa online.

Here the link for e-visa:

For easing the process you can upload the requested requirements and in the case of confirmation, you should be present at the embassy for an interview. After doing these things the Iranian experts review your documents and determine the time of interview and then he decides according to your information and documents for issuing the visa.

For this kind of applying for visa its need to complete the information correctly and in the case of delay in completing the application form, the request form will be deleted after 3 days.

For following up your application requests you can go to the review web page on the Iran embassy website to know about the status of visa requests.

It may need that some applicators to come to the embassy for interviews. But sometimes there is no need to come for interview and they are eligible for taking visa.  

How much money needs to pay for a visa

For visa, you should pay the fee and its cost about 40 to 150 Euros but it depends in your country.

Some tips to know about

On Tuesday and Friday, the embassy of Iran is close.

The working hours from 8 am till 16 pm

It takes about 2-7 working days to give your tracking number

It takes 3 working days that your application delivers to the Iran embassy

Let me tell you some important notes that you must be careful about them. One of them is that you must travel to Iran at the exact time which determined for you. In the case of delay, you should take another visa and do the whole process of taking visa all over again.

If you want to stay for more than 3 months in Iran, you must inform your status to the Iran consulate for further proceedings.


How Americans and British travelers could come to Iran?

I should say that the citizens of American, England, and Canada must come to Iran by tour they can’t travel individually and Iran only takes them a tourist visa. In addition to this in the whole time of their trip, they should obey one Iranian tour leader. The tour leader should have a schedule for the traveler’s residence and the places which they may visit such as museums of historical places, and also they should inform the time of tourist entrance and regressions. As I told previously the citizens of America, England and Canada can’t apply for a visa of arrival, they must apply by Iran consulate or embassy of Iran.    

How tourists can apply for the visa

For taking tourists visa you should apply as a guest in Iran embassy website and apply for the visa. In this case, if you apply by one of the Iranian tourist’s agencies the time for issuing the guest’s visa will be reduced.

For foreigners that want to travel to Iran by tour the tour agencies issue an invitation and if the consulate confirms it, the traveler could come to the embassy and with informing the confirmation code can take his tourist visa. I should tell that it takes about 7 to 10 working days to get the confirmation number or confirmation reference. And in the case of urgency, this time will redundant to 3 to 4 working days.

The validity of visa of Iran is for 3 months and whit this visa, passengers, and tourists can stay in Iran for 1 month.

The one who travels to Iran should obey all the Iranian Laws.

All the needed requirements for taking tourists visa

•    The specifications of the hosts

•    The host’s address and contact number

•    Copy of Birth certificate of hosts

•    The identity number of hosts

•    The identity number of guest

•    Colorful copy of guest’s passport

•    The residence address of a guest

What you need for taking business visa

•    The name of Inviter Company

•    Registration number of company

•    The invitations type

•    The address and company number of the inviter

•    The address and contact number of CEO

•    Copy of official newspaper

•    Copy of invitation in the official letter head and company stamp of Inviters Company

•    Copy of birth certificate of CEO of Inviter Company

•    Copy of the passport of guest

•    The residence address of the guest

The conditions of long term visa for Iran (3-month validity/6-month validity/one-year validity)

The travelers and guests who need a long term visa for Iran should have the following conditions:

•    For taking 3-month visa they must have 3 visas with a 1-month validity

•    For taking 6-month visa they must have 2 visas with a 3-month validity

•    For yearly visa, they must have 2 visas with a 6-month validity

How to take a multi-visa for Iran

The multi-visa for Iran issued for the person who wants to travel to Iran for business purposes. This kind of visa issued according to the times of his previous year travels to Iran. The validity of this kind of visa depends on how many times he had traveled before to Iran and which country is the citizen of.

The requirements for taking multi-visa for Iran

The original letter with company head and official company stamp and signature of CEO for issuing multi-visa with informing the invitation type

The latest update of the official newspaper

Colorful copy of traveler passports (with 6-month validity)

The copy of birth certificate of guest

A copy of passport pages related to previous travels of the guest to Iran

It’s important to know that the length of taking reference number in much loner  

In the end, I hope this information can help you for starting your travel to Iran and can answer your question about how to get visa of Iran.     

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