How to exchange money in Iran

How to exchange money in Iran

Did you decide to come to Iran? Good! But before coming, you should know about a really important subject on money and financial issues in special Iran!

Your International Bank Cards isn’t so useful in Iran

The first thing to note is that you cannot use your international bank cards in Iran for giving money at the ATM or buying some staffs. I know you bring your master or visa cards into any country in the world and when you arrive at the nearest ATM you can get money in the same currency at that country, but you should know in Iran it’s not possible for you.

You can just use your bank cards for online shopping such as buying a return ticket or booking a hotel at some websites like BOOKING. Therefore, your international cards in Iran are not applicable to you.

Bring Cash

Bring Cash - iran
Bring Cash i iran

Considering the above, you only have to bring cash to Iran and changing whenever you need money. And because the value of the Iranian currency is so low, it’s really easy to imagine traveling to Iran will be so much cheap for you!

It might be strange and unbelievable to you. But all of these problems are due to the fact that Iran is not connected with international banks.

Where to exchange money in Iran?

Find Reliable currency exchange office

The most important thing to know is that the price of the currency in Iran is changed a lot. If you use some mobile applications to know how much is the exact price of the dollars, euros or other currencies, it’s better to know the information on those apps is not accurate and up to date.

For example, in those apps, the price of one dollar is about 42,000Rial. But the real price of dollars in currency exchanges is almost three times. For this reason, you need to be careful about changing your money‏ a lot, and‏ to do this it’s better to go to a valid exchange office. You can see the price of dollars, euros and other currencies behind the glass of the exchange office.

Do not trust vendors

For exchanging money, never trust vendors. There may well be good people among them, But don’t risk and be sure to go to the office to exchange money. You do not have enough time and place to count the money in the street, so go into the offices or stores and exchange your money. (tips for travel to Iran)

Do not trust vendors
Do not trust vendors

Do not change all your money in one step

Never turn all your money from the very beginning when you arrived in Iran. Make it a part of it first, and turn the rest of your money when it’s done. This method will help you to make enough money to understand the cost you have in Iran.

Because the Iranian Rial is not applicable to you in other countries, and if you turn a large sum of dollars or euros into Rials, you will have to go back to the exchange money at the end of your journey and convert your money to your currency. And with a few times, your money change may be a little losing financially.

Be sure to look at numbers and zeros on banknotes‏

Where to exchange money in Iran
Where to exchange money in Iran

In Iran, two monetary units are used. One is the official unit called “Rial”, and the other is similar to the previous one, with only one difference called “Toman”. Tomans is a zero lower than the Rial. In the administrative places you see Rial, and in conversations people use Toman. Be sure to pay attention to Toman and Rial units and the number of zeros to change the money.‏ 

It’s better not to do anything at the time of switching money to the unit Toman and just think about Rial.

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