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10 best delivery food applications in Iran 📱

 These days by developing the technology and improvement of digital worlds, some businesses decided to upgrade their jobs as well. One of these jobs is Restaurants and Fast Foods which they start their online ordering system recently (Delivery food in Iran).

Now a day the traffic jam on the street and lack of parking lots force people to serve their food at home. Therefore, some start-ups decided to establish a way of ordering foods online.

Recently many restaurants are active in these start-ups that caused lots of restaurants to join this system. The main problem of ordering food is not having access to the restaurant phone number. But this problem has been solved by the delivery of food applications.

The biggest websites of online ordering foods and Iranian online delivery food

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the 10 most used delivery food apps which are active in Iran.

1.Snapp Food

This application is totally like Uber. “Snapp” application is a taxi app which gives ride-hailing services the Snapp application also is active in food delivery and so many other services lines reserving hotel or buying Bust transportation ticket.

On the first page of this application, you can see Snapp Foodservice a complete list of around offered restaurants based on your current location. This application gives you many other services too. You just need to download it and register your name with your phone number to use all of the available services.

Snapp food is on the first rank because of its price and the quality of giving services. I should say that all the services of the Snapp application always being updated. By the way that Snapp also supports the English language.

The Snapp application has lots of advantages. I strongly suggest you install this app you will find its advantages.

This application is available in the Android and iOS versions.    


The second and best ordering food application in tehran is “Chilivery”. This website also similar to Snapp Food but mainly they focus on its old customers. On the first page of the Chilivery website, you can see 3 categories of the available restaurant such as the most selected restaurants, special restaurants, and restaurants with a discount.

In this application more than 3000 restaurants are available and this service is active in other cities of Iran too. The advantage of this application is you can also receive your food in the case of lacking the motorbike rider.

The advantage of this application is that you can score the restaurants for services they gave you. This application also gives a discount to loyal customers. The users can add favorites restaurants to their profile lists. There are lots of payment ways for this application. This application has aftersales services for customers too.    

This application is available in the Android and iOS versions.    

3. Reyhoon

The “Reyhoon” application is another best application of delivery food. This application is active for about 5 years so far. The main focus of this application is getting a discount from restaurants. The Reyhoon website sometimes gives a 90% discount is some special events. In this application, there are 3500 available restaurants. Sometimes this application gives the recipe of foods to the users.

Note: this application always tries to give good discounts to its users. Therefore, always you can order food at the lowest price.  

The verity of food such as traditional foods, modern, seafood, and international foods in this application is a lot.

This application is available in the Android and iOS versions.

Update 2020: This company has been closed permanently.


The “Changal” application is the forth food delivery application that is active in Iran. this application is active since 2016. This application also covers 17 cities of Iran and there are 1200 restaurants available on the list. The Changal application gives a gift to its loyal customers. It always has online after-sales support. The application also gives discount codes to the customer at a better price.  

This application is available in the Android and iOS versions.    

Update 2020: This company has been closed permanently.


“Delino” is a website service that instantly registers your order on the website. The advantages of this website are that they upload the real picture of foods on their website. Having a very powerful after-sales team. The customer can pay the price online or with payment devices. Delino also supports the English language too. But this website is one disadvantage that other cities of Iran don’t patriciate with this application.

iranian food app

6.Maman-Paz (Mom cooked food)

This website is the first and only website that all household mothers patriciate in preparing foods which are active since 2012. This online ordering food website starts its activities five years ago and now works with so many well-known companies.

The focus of this website is on homemade foods. One note that I should mention is that because the foods are made by some ingredient, you just need to order the food sooner. In this application, there is more than 120 household mother which they cooperate with different restaurants.(Persian food culture)

The disadvantage of this application is just that this website is only active in Tehran.  I love it 😉

7.Food Center

Food Center is another order food website. This website also is just active in 3 cities of Iran such as Kerman, Rafsanjan, and Shiraz. This website cooperates with 60 restaurants with more than 5500 available foods on their menu. The performance of this website is really weak with no good sales support.


Delion is another delivery food website which is also active since 4 years ago. On the first days of starting their activities, they just ordering breakfast to Tehran’s people.

This website was interesting for those people who are breakfast lovers. This important meal gradually became omitted recently because of the lack of having enough time. Furthermore, this website gives you very excited snacks too.

On this website, you can order different kinds of international breakfasts. The Delion website has one special menu that enables you to order food from anywhere.

The Delion website also wants to add lunch foods to the menu in the future.  

This application is available in the Android and iOS versions.    

The payment ways are so varying.

you can order a meal on the website and application.

They can also give services to organizations.


This website first was active in Arak province but recently they give services in Kermanshah and Hamedan. At the Home page, you can see a list of favorite restaurants. I should mention that if you use this website for the first time, you just automatically register on it and there is no need to register again.

This application is available in the Android and iOS versions.    

 You can order food in less than 30 seconds. Some restaurants give discounts. You can pay the price online or with credit cards.

The disadvantage of this website is not having after-sales support.


The last application in this list is the Nimro application which is the best online ordering food application in Iran. they start their activity first at Birjand province. Since three years ago. This application also is available in the iOS and Android versions.  

The last note

All the online ordering food applications give similar services to the customers and all of them try to give the best services. the mentioned applications have the iOS version and Android version (web app is better for IOS users). Most of the websites cooperate with restaurants and fast-foods they have online after-sales supports that reply as soon as possible. I should say that there are lots of other applications with limited activities.

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