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Let’s travel to Iran by Tour

If you are interested in traveling to different places, traveling by tour would be the best option for you. Before you start your journey it’s better to read a little about traveling in a group. As you know traveling have some advantages such as changing your mood and also it can decrease tensions and pressure. There are different types of traveling and one of them is traveling by tour. This is the topic of our today article here in Many people may think that traveling by tour is boring and the passengers must obey the schedule which isn’t flexible and there are many limitations. What do you think?

Some travelers love traveling spontaneously but others believe that there is nothing joyful that traveling with a group of people. Which type you are?

In this article, we want to talk about traveling by tour to Iran. There are lots of things that we want to share with you and we are going to divide this article into two parts. In the first part, we will talk about the safety of traveling by tour to Iran and how much money you need as a budget, which travel agencies give tour services and what is the services they offer. For US and UK citizens there are tour services which give them a chance of visiting Iran. So if you are interested to know more please keep reading.

masal and mazandaran tour
masal and mazandaran tour

Is Iran Safe for traveling by tour?

Most of the tourists have doubt for traveling to Iran and always look to this matter with reluctance. Why is that? Because there is no information about the safety of Iran and there is no adequate welfare level for traveling tourists to Iran. But it’s our main goal to inform you about the safety of traveling here.

If you pay attention to the westerns media propaganda you will see that they don’t show the real face of Iran and always wants to scare all people who have the idea of traveling to Iran. The tourists should know that only by traveling and having the intention of enjoying cultural and tourists attraction places they won’t face any danger and will experience fantastic travel ever.

According to international statics and reports, Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East. It isn’t important whether you travel to Tehran or Tabriz or any other cities of Iran, in every place you can feel safe. Iran for many travelers is inexpensive and has a verity of fun and tourism and travelers can buy clothes and foodstuffs.

The decrease of Iran’s currency in comparison with the US dollar and Euro all tourists can purchase Iranian products much cheaper. Yearly many tourists travel to Iran for health tourism, wellness tourism, and rural tourism. The costs of medical surgery here in Iran is really lower and now we see many American and British citizens travel to Iran for medical purposes.

Iranian Tour Leader

All people who are interested in traveling and look for new places that attract tourists always want to find a good guide to help them enjoy their journey more. The tour leader is one who guides them for better and joyful travel. A good tour guide is a person who has lots of information about places and also its history. The tour leaders have the ability to explain the information in a simple way. A good tour leader knows the specifications of that region and he have a better perception of social and cultural conditions of that place.  He follows the group and gives information related to the journey to the travelers.

A good tour guide has awesome memory in memorizing all the historical events and statistics and numbers. He should be able to manage and decide well. The other specification of tour leader is that he should always be accessible and have a good manner with tourists. Sometimes he starts working from early morning till mid-night and during the year they are really busy and always they are on the road especially in holidays. The tour leader usually lives beside tourists and have a good experience in some regions.

Tour packages and its price

The Iranian tour agencies usually have a special offer for their tourists at the best price. Most of the time the tour packages include: the hotel, meals, flight tickets, and transformation.

The plane scheduled completely settled for each day of the tour with an expert tour guide and travel insurance most tour agencies also prepare visa for their tourists to facilitate the journey for them. About the price of the tour packages depends on the services that agencies give to travelers.

Here are some examples of tour packages price that I can mention is:  The price of the traveling to 5 cities of Iran by a tour in 11 days costs about 1,550 euro. Another tour package includes accommodation, transportation, visa and tour guide for about two weeks of visiting 6 cities of Iran its costs 1,900 euro. This is the lowest price tour packages for 5 days visiting 3 cities of Iran and the price that you pay is 750 euro. This is the most exclusive tour packages for tourists that during 22 days of traveling to Iran travelers visit 11 cities of Iran and the tour agency prepare everything for the tourists and the price for this tour is 2,800 euro.

Iranian Tour agencies that give services

By searching over the Internet you can find many of the agencies that they are active locally in Iran. But you may find it difficult to finally which one is better. Let me tell you that all of them do their best to give high-quality services at an affordable price.

One of the agencies that I have mentioned above it prices and the services was this website The second website also gives services to the tourists is All the websites have a verity of tours just by clicking on them you can reserve that and with contacting them you can ask for extra information they can answer your question any time.

hamean tour
hamean tour

Iranian luxurious tours

The luxurious tours of Iran are really expensive. They usually start from 2,000 dollars to 8,000 dollars. This price is for usually two weeks of traveling to Iran. The services such as transportation, accommodation and tour guide are similar to other agencies. But the offered price is without flight and insurance.

USA and UK citizens can visit Iran only by tour

Unfortunately, none of the UK and US citizens can travel to Iran individually. All Americans think that they will face the problem by traveling to Iran and they can’t enter this country. But this is not true. They can visit Iran and before they start their journey they must know some tips for getting a visa. Previously because of some political and economic issues there was tension between these two countries, today the American citizens can travel to Iran without any problem and enjoy the beauty of Iran. Sometimes the American government claims that the tourists may face trouble that all we know is for political matters and nothing can harm tourists while they are in Iran. As I told before the only way that enables them to visit Iran is traveling by tour and the tourists must have a tour guide. You may previously have a chance to apply for getting Iran visa but suddenly Iran rejected to give you a visa. You should know that Iran only gives visa to the citizens of UK and US visa in the case that they travel by tour. As soon as Iran finds that you want to travel individually they won’t confirm your visa requests. The Iranian government needs all the Americans and British tourists should have a tour leader while they are in Iran.  Now a day for tourists is really easy to visit Iran. Despite the American government which limits Iranian tourist travel there, the restriction for American and British travelers needs to be considered to be sure that they experience good to travel to Iran.

The only way of experiencing solo travel to Iran

Despite some popular and group tours that have a title of a private tour and the tourists must pay more money if someone can pay more money for these private tours he would experience very joyful individual travel to Iran. This kind of tourists can visit places with one person as a translator and a driver and local guider and enjoy the beauty of this country. This is the only way that tourists can travel solo. I can say that there is some tour contains a lower number of people in a group.

How to travel to Iran without the visa

kish tours
kish tours

By traveling to Kish island tourists can come to Iran without the visa. If you have any intention of traveling without a visa the Kish Island is the best option. You should know that tourists can only stay in Kish Island for 14 days without a visa.

In the next parts of this article we will talk about different types of Iran tour such as deserts tour, photographic tour, cycling tour and etc. hope you find this article interesting.

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