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The most delicious foods of Rasht

Foods of Rasht Province

In every culture, we can dare to say that foods are a symbol of culture and show the history of that region. Don’t be shocked that the food in one region can explain the story of one nation. In this article, the want to explain how one province can be a good place for innovating Rasht foods.

Kabab Torsh

Kabab torsh is the most favorite food in northern cities of Iran and no one can ignore tasting it. For making this kabab, they use meat with minced green vegetables, onion, and garlic, walnut, then add pomegranate paste, in the end, add this ingredient to the meats and let to be fully tasty. It’s time to make a delicious kabab. 

kebab torsh

Shevid ghormeh

This Iranian food made by fresh dill, meat, oil, onion, Reine Claude Verte and beans. Shevid Ghormeh needs many hours to be well cooked. Don’t forget that before making this food. Soak beans into water. 


Mirza Ghasemi (delicious food with eggplant)

Mirza Ghasemi is one of the delicious food in northern cities of Iran that every other part of Iran like it as an Iranian food. In preparing this food you need eggplant, tomato, garlic, egg, spices, and tomato paste and it’s good to roast the eggplant before adding it into this food. It is interesting to know that this fantastic food is known as one of the most favorite local food of Iranian food culture. That all around the world people enjoy eating Mirza Ghasemi. 

mirza ghasemi

Torshi Tareh

Garlic, you know in every food of Northern cities of Iran you need absolutely garlic and eggplant. So no doubt that you need garlic in this food too. First of all, you need to squash the garlic and then all salt and turmeric and roast them and then we add an egg to this combination. In the other pot, you add rice and minced vegetables. After that, you add flour. In the end, you must combine egg and garlic into the Khoresht. The food is ready. 

Aghooz Mosama

let me tell you if you are striking to lose weight, I bet you can’t ignore this food. The combination of duck meat with walnut can make good food full of energy. For preparing this Iranian food you must have duck meat, walnut, fried onion, water, sugar, pomegranate seeds. You must let several hours to complete this food be ready and then serve the food with rice and local torshi. Bon appetite!

Khoresht Alo

If you are a fan of sour-sweet foods, you would love Khoresht Alo. In making this Iranian food you need to have these ingredients. First of all, you need chicken meat, pomegranate (pomegranate juice), saffron, onion, plum, and walnut. At the end of cooking this food, you need to add some sugar to make the taste of food a little bit sweet. 

Kal Kabab

Kal kabab is a kind of appetizer. It seems that this appetizer made of meat but don’t make a mistake. In making this food they use roast eggplant, garlic, and walnut, sour pomegranate, mint, Chochagh (local groceries). It’s interesting to know that usually, they cook this food in clay made pot. 


The way of making this food is like Sir Vavij, but the chief adds some extra vegetables in it. This food is ready and also is one of the local foods in Mazandaran province. 

Sir vavij

The easiest made Khoresht of Gilan province that made of garlic in Autumn and winter season. The main contaminants of this food are garlic, egg, salt, and pepper, turmeric and oil. Usually, they serve this food with simmered rice or salting fish. 


Anarbij is a kind of food that is similar to Fesenjan but they add some minced vegetables in it and pomegranate juice in it. In cooking this food, they use walnut, some vegetables like (parsley, leek, spinach, coriander, fenugreek, and mint), pomegranate juice, minced onion, pomegranate paste, turmeric, minced meat, and angelica. This delicious food always served with Persian rice. 

anar bij

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Baghala Vavij

In most of the Mazandar’s foods, they usually use Baghali (groceries) which can make all the foods tasty and festinating. Now it’s time to take a portion of food with dried dill, egg, garlic, butter and grocery. Usually, they serve this food with Persian polo (rice) or salty fish, and Olive (Zeyton parvarde). 

baghala ghatogh

Morgh-e-torsh (Sour Chicken)

The sour chicken is one of the traditional foods of northern cities of Iran (Gilan, Masoole, Lahijan, Astara) which they use garlic and sour orange in it. For making this delicious food they use chicken meat, garlic, onion, sour orange juice, cotyledon, minced vegetables such as (Parsley, coriander, Mint). Water, egg, salt, and pepper. In making this food there is no need to add any special spices because the sour orange juice is the main flavor. 

chicken morgh torsh

in the end, if you had a chance to taste any of these foods please leave your comments down below for us. If you have eaten any other foods of Rasht province, please write here for us. And by the way I strongly suggest you to your travel ins this city don’t forget to try these foods.  

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