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Tehran the capital of Iran

Tehran; a big city with 7,705,036 million people who live in this city. This city also contains other small towns around that in total the population goes higher than 13 million people.

Many years ago Tehran wan a big village between Shahr-e-Rey and Alborz foothills. Preciously Tehran had so many beautiful gardens with pleasant weather conditions. In the Qajar era, the king decided to choose Tehran as the capital of Iran (about 190 years ago). In these decades the population of this region goes up to 7 million people.

Tehran is a completely official site of all countries. Tehran has 22 districts with a division of 112 sections. The Azadi Tower is one of the main symbols of Tehran and the Milad Tower also is another one.

The geographical location of Tehran

Tehran located in the northern parts of Iran and down to the Alborz mountains. Tehran is a big city in which can we say that it’s like a big valley down to the mountains of Alborz. The weather of Tehran in temperate and dry. In winter the snowfall and rainfall aren’t much and the weather is too cold. In summer the weather is too warm.

location of Tehran

The attractions of Tehran

Tehran is a kind of historical city like other cities in Iran. Since it became the capital of Iran, it completely flourished and became a modern city for its citizens. Now, I want to name some of the well-known attractions in Tehran.

Shams-o-Emare, Toghrol Tower, Golestan Palace, National Garden façade, Saheb-Qaraneyeh palace, Niyavaran Palace, Darvazeh Dolat, the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, Bibi shahr banoo and many other museums such as carpet museums, music museums, watch’s museums, art museums and lots of other kinds of museums.

I will name all of them at the reset of my article. These are just little parts of the history of Tehran that I strongly suggest you in your travel to Iran, visit it.

, I must name also some places which are attractive for a religious reason. Such as Shah-Abdolazim tomb, Imam-zade Saleh which is located at Tajrish square of Tehran and Imam-Zadeh Davood in the northern parts of Tehran. Also, the tombs of Imam Khomeini the leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran is another place to see.

The vali-asr street is the longest street of the middle-east with so many types of highest trees. The sidewalks of this street are also beautiful.

The Azadi Tower is one of the famous symbols of Tehran and Milad tower also the 6th highest telecommunication tower of the entire world.

attractions of Tehran

The architecture and urbanity of Tehran

Tehran became familiar with modernity since the time that it has been chosen as the capital of Iran. the change in the architecture of Tehran’s building started in Qajar era especially in Pahlavi era the view of the city has completely changed.

In Pahlavi era the need for building some modern structure was completely such as Banks, governmental organizations were felt. But building these structures couldn’t be the same as the traditional one because they need especial architecture and design. The architect who works on these projects is European or they had studied in European countries.

The economy of Iran

despite, Tehran is a political region, but it is also economically important for the whole country. Although 11% of the population lives in Tehran, we can say about 25% of GDP belongs to this province. but the rich people who live in Tehran are the main producer and 10% of economic activities are for rich people.

The museums of Tehran

Tehran has more than 30 different museums in which they are active in showing various aspects of the history of Iran. these museums yearly have lots of viewers from other countries or they are tourists. We will talk about the museums of Tehran in another article with all the details.

By the way, in Tehran, there is 3 main Palace which is remained from the Pahlavi and Qajar era. The Saa’d-Abad palace, Golestan Palace and Niyavaran Palace are the main palaces of Tehran.

Palaces and old buildings of Tehran

Tehran has built many palaces that most of them belong to the Qajar and Pahlavi era. The most famous one is Niyavaran palace, Koshk-e-Ahmad shahi, Sahebgharanieh palace, Turkish palace and pol-e-Romi (Roman Bridge). Darolfonon, Negarestan Garden, Golestan Palace, Marbel palace and shamsolemareh. 

We will talk in another article about this topic completely.

Religious places of Tehran

As you know is an Islamic country and the mosque is the main religious building of each city of Iran. Imam zadeh toms also is another holy building of Iran. I must say that we have also some buildings that we celebrate other religious events such as Moharan events (mourning for Imam Hossein). 

Foods and Restaurants of Tehran 

In Tehran, you can have your meal at very luxurious or traditional and international restaurants. Despite the national dish of Iran is Chelo Kebab, but some young generation loves you have fast food of western foods.

Most restaurants of Tehran serve different types of Sandwiches and Pizza but in traditional restaurants, you can have national foods of Iran which are many types of Persian Kebabs. Recently, In Tehran, some café shop has been actives to serve their client’s traditional foods and also have many kinds of café in their menu.

On the street also you can find some small shops beside the sidewalk that they sell Mexican corn, boiled beetroot, and boiled beans which usually they serve in the winter season. By the way, you can find fries tomatoes too.  

Transportation in Tehran

Tehran like many other metropolises around the world has many types of vehicles such as 2 airports of Mehr-Abad, Imam Khomeini Airport that the Imam khomeni Airport has an international flight to the other countries and in Mehr Abad airport you can fly by plane to the cities of Iran. 

Bus transportation also another way of transportation to the other cities of Iran. Tehran has 4 bus terminals which transfer passengers by bus. 

Railway of Tehran also another way to transportation around Iran. I must say that the Railway of Tehran has wide activity in transferring people to the European countries. 

Highways of Tehran have an important role in controlling the traffic of Tehran. 

Subways (Metro), the Subway of Tehran have the main role in transporting people of Tehran so fast. The subway of Tehran is active for about 20 years and has the best quality of giving services to the Tehran residents. 

 Let me tell you the other way of transportation in Tehran in by motorcycle. This is the cheapest way and also the fastest way of escaping from the traffic in Tehran. You can find these motorbikes everywhere around the street. 

The parks of Tehran

park of tehran
  • Tehran zoo’s
  • Eram Park of Tehran
  • Jamshidieh Park
  • Chitgar Park
  • Saa’e Park
  • Laleh Park
  • Melat Park
  • Shahr Park

These are some of the surfing and recreational centers for people who want to spend weekends or their spare time there.   

Recently, the municipality of Tehran has built an artificial lack in the western region of Tehran by the name of Khalij-e-Fars lack. This park these days have many visitors  

In the end, Tehran is a destination for many tourists who eager to travel to Iran. visiting Tehran can be very exciting for foreigners and I have asked them about their experience of traveling to Tehran, they told me that they were excited but a little bit of the traffic of Tehran bothered them.

In Total, they had a very pleasant experience with their journey. Also about the manner of Iranian people you maybe get excited. If you have any extra information you can write down below for us. Hope you enjoy reading this article. 

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