Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island, all you need to know about

Qeshm Island is the biggest and known island of Iran which is located in Hormozgan province. this island has a very rare beautiful nature and the history of this island goes back to the Sasanians era.

For a long time, this island was the destination of many Iranian people and foreign tourists. If you are going to travel to this island you need to know the better time for traveling, and how much money you need to pay. In this article, we are going to give you some information about these details. 

The geographical location of Island

The Gheshm Island is located in the southern parts of Iran in Hormozgan province and I should say that this is the biggest island of Strait of Hormuz.

Although the island is located at the southern parts of Bandar Abbas, on the northern parts is near to Bandar Abbas, to the east it is near to Lark Island, and in south, it is near to Hangam island and in the southern parts, it is near to two Island of Big Tonb and Smal Tonb and Abomosa islands.

gheshm on map

Some important notes:

The distance of the Island to Bandar Abbas is about 1276 Kilometers. 

If you want to travel on the land on your car or bus, it took 14 hours to reach to Bandar Abbas.

The length of traveling to the island by flight goes 1 hour and a half.

If you chose to travel by train it took about 19 hours to reach Bandar Abbas.

The weather conditions and better time to travel this Island:

Although this island located in the southern parts of Iran, the weather is warm and humid because this is an island. The hottest time of the weather for this island is between July till September.

But the better time for traveling to this island is for December and January of each year. The highest degree of this island goes to 46 centigrade and the lowest degree is 16 centigrade. 

Residency is Qeshm Island

For reserving a place at Qeshm Island you have many different options and your choice is depending on how much money you want to pay on your journey. The average amount of money for reserving the hotel is start from 13$ up to 34$. See how you can reserve the hotel at the lowest price. Below I want to name some of the hotels of Qeshm Island. 

The cheapest hotel in Qeshm Island

Hotel Sorient, Qesh Eram Hotel, Alvand Hotel (1), Marina Hotel (2), Folton Hotel.

The luxurious Hotels of Qeshm Island

Hotel Diana, Aram Hotel, Sama Hotel (1), Kimia Hotel (4), Asmary Hotel, Nakhl-e-Zarin Hotel. 

By searching these names over the Internet you can see the photos of these hotels and also some more information about reserving the hotels. 

The transportation costs in Qeshm Island

On this Island, you can’t see any bus or subway. Therefore, if you don’t have a car with yourself you need to take a taxi for transportation. But if you have your car the condition is different. 

The conditions of renting cars at Qeshm

Of course, you can rent a car on this island. For renting the hotel you can ask about the hotel which you are located in. because many hotels at Qeshm rent cars to their passengers. 

If your hotel doesn’t have the possibility of renting a car you can visit these 3 websites: 






for renting a car you need to prepare these documents such as:

your ID cards, Passports, Driving license. And paying the amount of money for the car (it depends on the model of the car). 

Foods of Qeshm Island

Grilled fish

Although the Qeshm is an island the best choice of food is seafood. They put some green vegetables in fish stomachs such as onion, pepper, Coriander and dill then fry the fish in oil.


Another food of Qeshm is Kolomba this food made of some green vegetables and wheat. For preparing this food at first step they soak wheat in water then add the fish with vegetables to this combination.   

Brenj Disho 

The Qeshm people make this food with the Date paste and boil it with rice them let the water became steam. In the end, add the rice into this combination. 

The important tourist attraction places of Qeshm

attraction places of Qeshm

Qeshm Geo-park

This park is the only Geopark in the middle east that at this park lives many different types of birds, animals, reptiles. For this reason, this is the most important ecosystems of Iran. 

Chah-kooh strait

you can’t travel to Qeshm Island without visiting this strait. The Chah-kooh strait located between two deep valleys that you can see the hole on the walls of the valley. The size of holes on the wall is different which made this valley so strange. 

Naz Island

The coast of the Naz Island is completely different from another coast which had seen before. At the time of tides, you can see the shining sands which connect the 3 rocks to the Qeshm water.

The local people call this island Do-Kardah but on the map, you can look for Naz island. Although the time of this phenomenon is too short tourists can see it up to the height of Hormoz strait and Lark Island. 

Hangam Island

The Hangam Island is the Island of playful Dolphins. Although this Island is small the beauty of it is so awesome. That is the destination of many tourists around the world.

This Island located at 2 Kilometer far than Qeshm Island and you need to pass it by boat. At the first, the bright and clean sands capture your attention and the beauty of it became definable beneath the sun-shine. On this part of the island, you can see many colorful shells.

Hangam Island


One of the beautiful and eye-catching places of the island that you can see the forest, northern coasts of the Persian Gulf. 

Dare-e-Setarehaa (Stars valley)

This valley is one out of seven wonders of Qeshm Island and it because of its strange shape. The wind blow makes strange sounds and for this reason, they can it stars valley. 

Tall-Ab tips of Tala (gold) tips

another tourist attraction of Qeshm Island is these tall ab tips which its history goes back to many years ago. These tips were made for collecting rainwater. At the time of visiting these tips, you can see the Nadery castle that goes back to Hakamanashie era. 

Khar-bas cave

For thousands of years ago at the time of the Sasanian era, the Khar-bas village was well-known. At the front of the castle, you can see the Cemetery which is in front of Khar-bas cave entrance. The entrance of the cave located at a height of 20-30 meters high above the earth. I strongly recommend you visit this place on your travel to Qeshm Island. 

Shopping Centers of Qeshm Island

On this island, you can find many different shops that you can buy souvenirs from them.

I want to name some of the well-known shopping malls and shopping centers of Qeshm Island.

The Qeshm City Center, Dargahan –Qeshm Bazaar, the Darhagan Zomorod shopping complex, shopping centers of Do Dolphins of Qeshm, Simorgh Qeshm Passage, Ferdosi-e-Qeshm Shopping center, Marjan-e- Qeshm Shopping Center and Persian Gulf Shopping center. 

In the end, I should say that if you want to see a natural beauty place, you would better to travel to Qeshm Island and enjoy the beauty of the Island. I bet you will experience the best time while you are here on this island.     

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