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Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad is one of the southwestern provinces of Iran known for its pristine and stunning natural attractions, rivers and hospitable people. This province has unique water resources (thus, the second largest water provider of the country) and abundant vegetation with two different climates.

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad is the land of lush rivers, beautiful waterfalls, a great variety of diverse forests and numerous animal species that attract many people from inside and outside of Iran.

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Yasouj on map

yasooj on map

Top attractions in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad

 In the northeast of Yasooj, there are many beautiful gardens that if you cross them, you will reach a strait with magnificent old trees called Yasuj strait. At the bottom of this strait, you will see a roaring waterfall. The water of Yasouj waterfall flows through the melting snow of the high mountains and is present all year round.

This water irrigates the gardens below. Also, a relatively large portion of Yasuj’s drinking water is supplied from this waterfall. The Yasuj waterfall provides a beautiful nature for residents and travelers to enjoy and spend their leisure time. You will be really impressed by how green everything is even at the end of winter.

In the middle of Yasuj’s road to Sepidar, you will face a magnificent pristine waterfall named Tang Tamoradi waterfall. In the not far past, access to the village of Tamradi and the area was difficult. Thus, this waterfall is one of the most pristine regions in all over the province. Tang Tamoradi waterfall is 45 kilometers away from Yasuj. Alongside this waterfall, other small and large waterfalls have doubled the beauty of the area.

Barmeh Alvan lake is about 40 kilometers from the town of Likek in Bahmani county. This lake, which is like a brilliant shining diamond in a vast land, is more than 150 thousand square meters.

The beautiful trees around the lake, pleasant weather and picturesque landscape have made Barmeh Alvan lake one of the most astonishing tourist attractions of Kohgiluyeh. Do not miss visiting this lake, especially if you are traveling to the province in the spring.

yasouj picture

Dena National Park is a protected area and an entirely mountainous region. There are Maber and Bashar rivers in this national park and the intersection of them makes a stunningly beautiful forest.

Dena Protected Area is rich in vegetation and species. If you like watching birds flying, do not miss visiting this park. In Dena National Park, there are more than 77 species of birds, 24 species of mammals and 39 species of reptiles. Animals in the area include leopards, goats, rams, ewes, lynx, giant brown bears, wolves, foxes, hyenas, jackals and squirrels.

Sisakht is a city in and the capital of Dena county. Sisakht is located on the foothills of Zagros mountains, 34 km from Yasuj, in the northern part of the province. Due to its geographical location, the city enjoys a fascinating climate and nature, attracting many tourists each year.

Numerous medicinal plants, clean and weather and magnificent springs have all come together to create a fantastic experience for travelers. Mishi Springs or Bashu Springs is located 5 kilometers northeast of the city of Sisakht, on the western border of the Dena protected area. In addition to this spring, you can see some other beautiful springs in this area.

Deh Sheikh cave is one of the fascinating historical-natural attractions of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad. This cave dates back to 135 million years ago, the second geological period.

The pottery and bones discovered in this cave show that at some point in history, some humans had chosen this enormous and mysterious cave for living. As you enter the cave, colorful candlesticks from every side will be displayed, candlesticks that have taken millions of years to form. It is interesting to know that some locals recently discovered the cave in the village of Deh Sheikh.

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yasuj foods

Shir Berenj (a mixture of rice and milk) is widely used in many provinces of Iran. In some cities, it is served as dessert, but for Yasuj people, it is one of the most popular and healthiest local cuisines. It is served cold and can be eaten with grape juice. From the old times until now, livestock was always the most important way of living in this province. So, dairy products are considered essential ingredients of local foods of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad.

Like other provinces of Iran, Boyer-Ahmad has its unique kinds of Aush (thick soup). Kardeh Aush is the most popular one in the area. For cooking this delicious food, local people marinate some particular and tropical vegetables in lemon for two days. Lemon juice gives the leaves of herbs a sour taste, which is reduced by adding water and boiling.

Yasuj local cuisine is rooted in the nomadic past of this city, so don’t expect high-fat foods. Kallehjooshak is another simple dish that contains butter, onion, mint and spices. This delicious local cuisine is served along with Yasuj special bread and is one of the popular dishes in the spring.

Lian traditional restaurant is one of the most well-known restaurants in Yasuj city. The menu offers a wide variety of stews, kebabs, kinds of seafood and different Iranian cuisines. In addition, you can find lots of delicious things in the catering menus as appetizers. Lian restaurant has a traditional design and also foods here come in old copper dishes.

If you love meat and kebab and are looking for a tasty kebab while traveling to Yasuj, Chahar Loqmeh Kebab is one of the best ones in the city at very reasonable prices. You can find different kinds of kebabs in this restaurant and taste traditional Iranian ones. Alongside these, if you visit this restaurant, do not forget to order Dampokht-e Goosht, the special dish of here.

Where to stay Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad

Parsian Azadi hotel located in the south of Yasuj, in front of the Bashar river, is a 4-star hotel that can provide you with all the accommodations possible. In addition to the river, this hotel has a view of the mountains and also vineyards.

Parsian Azadi is placed in the best area possible because it is quiet due to the distance from the main road. If you travel to Boyer-Ahmad with your children, this hotel is the best option because Yasuj amusement park is located in front of it. The cost of rooms depends on the number of beds and quality, which starts from 30 dollars per night for a two-bed room to 70 dollars per night for VIP rooms.

If you prefer some cheaper hotels with good quality, there are excellent options too. Yasuj Tourism Complex (Mojtama Jahangardi-e Yasuj) is built on a hill of 200 meters on a vast area of ​​6 hectares in the center of the city.

To the north of the hill is Yasuj Waterfall and Forest Park and due to this excellent geographical location, it attracts many travelers. By staying in this hotel, you can experience the pleasant weather of Yasuj. The costs are 20 dollars for two-bed, 25 dollars for three-bed and 30 dollars for four-bed rooms per night.

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Souvenirs and handicrafts of yasuj

This province is located in a mountainous region. This fact has affected the souvenirs of it. It is one of the top walnut-producing areas in the country and has more than 7 thousand hectares of fertile walnut gardens. Geographical conditions have made this walnut one of the most popular ones in the province. This product is harvested between the first half of September until the second half of October.

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad produces one thousand tons of honey per year and hence is one of the most important centers of honey-producing in the country. The honey of Boyer-Ahmad is of high quality and has a special place in the export of honey to the countries around the Persian Gulf. The main reason for this honey’s popularity is the rich vegetation in mountain ranges and natural forests. Farmers start harvesting honey from the hives in late June and continue until the end of August.

At first glance, grapes may not be kind of unique souvenirs But if you’re traveling to Yasuj, we suggest visiting the vineyards in this city. Grape varieties in this region have different tastes.

Every year more than 36 thousand tons of grapes are harvested from the gardens of the Boyer-Ahmad and a large volume of them are shipped to other provinces. Grape harvesting grape harvest begins in mid-August. It is also important to note that you can find different types of grapes so do not forget to taste all of them.

The most important handicraft product of the area is Gelim (rug) which is produced in many designs. One of the most popular types of Gelim is called Gechma, woven by Qashqai tribesmen. If you visit Boyer-Ahmad, do not forget buying one of these beautiful rugs.

Local music of yasuj

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