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Different types of Iran’s Tour (Second Parts)

In the second parts of the article the (part1) wants to talk about different type of Iran’s tour and we will explain about each of them.

There are 9 types of Iran’s tour such as Desert tour, Photographic tour, Nomad tour, Ski tour, Cycling tour, Nature tour, and Mountain climbing tour, Trekking tour, and Silk road tour. These are other types of ordinary Iran’s tour that adventurous tourists prefer to experience here in Iran.  

Two types of group tour

We can divide types of tours in many ways. If the tourists experience a tour in a group we call this type “group tour”. In this case, the tourists only don’t use the services which the tour guide gave them but they go everywhere with the entire group and they use one tour schedule and the group members all of them enjoy these fellowships with each other.

If all the people of the group just use the transportation or flight and hotel services, we call this kind of tour “independent tour”.

The group tours also have two kinds. One of them is public tours or scheduled tour and the second one is a pre-formed tour or customized tour. In the public tour all the tourists aren’t familiar with each other but at the end of the journey they feel friendship and have new friends. In the customized tour a group of tourists which they are interested in to visit a special place they chose a person who is experts about that location to offer them the best tour packages.

Photographic tour

iranian tiger
iranian tiger

Today maybe there is less number of tourist that when they enter one touristic place and by seeing its historical places or beautiful nature immediately take a photo of that place and pretty shots.

Photography is one of the joyful things that all of us do while we are on the journey. The album of beautiful shots is a set of memorable times and laughter’s and wonderful moments that we are beside our beloved one.

Taking selfie-photos is a hobby of some tourists. They really like to take selfie-photos. The Monopod is one of the tools which make taking this kind of photos easy for ourselves. It is interesting to know that this kind of photos is the best one among the other types of images which tourist published in social media.

Today the number of powerful phones with high quality camera has increased but in fact, professional photos are much more memorable because they capture according to the some principals and with professional cameras.

If you are interested in photographic tours you should search for nature photography tours.

Deserts Tour

Deserts have its own beauty and visiting mysterious deserts can be another awesome experience at life and you will gain some new experiences by traveling to the deserts. So we suggest you visit the deserts of Iran and enjoy its pure nature and beauty. At the autumn it’s better to travel to the deserts and at night you can stay there. You’d better go in a group and expert and local tour guide can show you some astonishing places to see how wonderful the deserts can be.

Walking with bare feet on the soft sands of deserts is really unbelievably joyful.  Also, the sunset view of deserts is so pretty you should see it. In the night you can see the sky full of stars that winking.

Iran has several desserts such as Maranjab Desert, Mesr Desert, and Lut Desert.  The Kavir-e Mesr and Kavir-e Maranjab are most famous among tourists. In the rural parts of deserts, you can see some houses which made simply by thatch and they have embowed roof and this kind of houses have wooden doors all of them have harmonized with the nature of deserts. Beside each house, there is a barn that they have turkey, camels, and goat.

Cycling tour (touching the beauty of nature by cycling)

Today cycling is the popular way of adventuresome tourism. Some experts believe that after the First World War was the golden era of biking. Tourism by cycling is one of the preferred ways of traveling around the world. In this kind of traveling you need to pack some required things such as a tent, proper clothes, foods and some equipment for sleeping at night. In this kind of traveling the tourist should be ready physically because its long journey and the tourist should tolerate this tough long way at road.

Every year many tourists travel to Iran by bike. Despite all the negative propaganda against Iran, the tourists decide to experience Iran on their own and touch the culture and beauty of this country closely. In end, they share that experience when they leave Iran and talk about the hospitality of Iranian people and show captured shots to their family.

Ski resort tour

Iran has many mountains and the tallest mountain of Iran is Damavand. Each year many athletes come to Iran ski resorts. In the winter holiday, many sportsmen come to Iran and they are interested in Iran’s ski resorts.  The heights of Iran’s ski resorts are really high. The peak of Tochal Mountains and the quality of snow here in the Tochal ski resorts are better for skiing. The professional skier prefers to do ski in Tochal. If you are an expert you could experience doing ski in the soft and powdery snow. I should say that the costs ski in Iran is lower than in other parts of the world.

Around the world with a motorcycle

Another way of adventurous traveling is by motorcycle. If you are the one who is interested in motorcycling you can pack everything in the back of your motor and start your journey. The traveling by a motor is so much exciting but also it is dangerous.

It’s better to plan before your travel and schedule for where to rest and in which city and let your family know your schedule because of your travel is so dangerous. You’d better travel early morning and finish it soon before sunset and arrive soon to the nearest city to stay at night there. Don’t forget to have a good detailed map with you. Are you interested in traveling around the world by motorcycle?

Iran’s Nomad tour

Recently Nomad tourism is popular in Iran and needs more time to get a boom. The Nomad tour is popular in the northern parts of Iran such as Gilan and Mazandaran provinces because in these two cities nature is pure. The advantages of nomad tour among other kinds of tourism are the learning of customs and ceremonial of each region and also the costs of this kind of tourism are lower. I firmly suggest you that use nomad tour of Iran.

For sure when you travel to another country you must reserve a hotel room but in the rural parts, there is no hotel available. In this kind of tourism, there are some local old houses which repaired for foreign tourists. In this kind of houses, the owner tried to make travelers familiar with Iranian customs and local foods. The owner of the house all give service to the travelers and show the traditional matters to them. In the end, the nomad tour is a kind of tourism which makes tourists accustom to nature and ceremonies and customs while they are in that region.

iranian local foods
iranian local foods

Are you Eco-tourists?

Eco-tourists aren’t especially limited to visiting jungles. Iran has 4 seasons of year and in every region, you can see different climates with different nature type. The important eco-tourism tours include green northern parts of Iran, mountain climbing, desert tourism, cave tourism, Champaign tourism, and different types of water sports and nomad tourism.

The beautiful eco-tourism parts of Iran we can mention here is: Qeshm Geopark, Mazandaran Badab- sort, Torkaman Sahra, Masouleh-Masal and Sobatan region, Kavir-e- Markazi, Lut desert, Asalem road to Khalkhal province, Chabahar province, Kish Island, Margon waterfall, Damavand, Abr Jungle, Ilamat lake.

Trekking tour

Climbing Tour
Climbing Tour

As you know Iran has both dry and cold mountains and if you are interested in a trek in this situation you’d better be prepared enough for this kind of dangerous adventure. If you aren’t familiar with the condition of Iran’s mountain you should have an expert leader to be familiar with the situation. It’s better to choose comfortable clothes because it really helps you to adapt to the weather conditions. About your package should contain necessary things and shouldn’t be heavy because it can make you tired soon. 

Here in Iran, there are many mountains and most of the tourists come for trekking Iran’s mountains. Yearly many tourists come to Iran for mountain climbing and they yearn to climb and its honor for them to experience. There are many tour agencies in Iran which they arrange a time and plan to trek. You can search over the Internet. For example, in the north of Iran and in the west parts of Iran have mountains but some on them aren’t suitable for trek. In the northern parts mountains and nature is appropriate for trekking. Such as, Sobatan region near the Gilan province.

The Silk Road tour

As you know Silk Road passes many western countries of the world to eastern countries and previously this road was used for trading purposes and the caravan’s passes from this road. The caravan’s carry things such as: fabric, silks, paper and some products of China. Many tourists come to Iran from western parts of Iran which starts from Tabriz North West of Iran and passes from Zanjan, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and Mashhad provinces of Iran. The Silk road is one of the important ways of international tourism. Many countries decided to reclaim the silk road use as an important way of tourism.    

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