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All secrets of Kish island

Kish island is one out of the 19 islands of Iran. Kish is one of the most beautiful islands which is located in the Persian Gulf. This island previously was under the territory of Achaemenian Kingdome and also was the most important destination of tourists.

Every year more than a million people travel to this island. But before traveling to a place it’s better to know more detail about that destination and you need to know about Hotels and Restaurants in that region. In this article, we are going to share some information with you about this astonishing island of Iran.

Kish Island on Iran map

Kish Island is one of the touristic Islands located in the Persian Gulf. This Island has more than a million viewers according to the census of 2011 the number of people who live in this city was 24819 people and it’s interesting to know that we call the citizens of this island “Kishvand”. 

kish island airport on map

kish on map

Kish Island climate

Kish is located in the southern parts of Iran as you know this region like other parts of Hormozgan province have warm and humid summer and pleasant winter. Usually, the weather temperature is about 27 centigrade and sometimes it reaches up to 31 centigrade. The temperature in June till August rise and cause the weather so hot. In winter season the weather gets more pleasant for traveling and you’d better schedule your travel at this time of year. 

kish iran

The best time of year to travel to Kish Island

As you know Kish Island located in the southern parts of Iran that have warm weather but Kish island is one of the touristic islands that you can choose for your travel. In the springtime, the weather is cool and humid and the temperature is lower and it’s the best time of year for traveling to Kish. In the Summer season, the weather is so hot and if you can’t tolerate the warm weather you’d better to not travel here but the available facilities of shopping centers can courage you to spend your time in shopping malls or public places. 

In autumns and winter season, you can have a very good experience of traveling to Kish, because the weather is so joyful and the rainfall amounts reach 21ml in each month. So don’t doubt visiting this island in wintertime. 

Kish Island Best Hotels

By searching over the Internet you can find many different kinds of hotels with the best facilities. If you look for a good hotel of Kish at the first step the top name of the list, you see Dariush Grand Hotel, this hotel has lots of good facilities for reserving this hotel and comparing the prices you can also check the websites over the Net.

Eram Hotel, the second five-star hotel of Kish is this hotel with the best quality. The internal space of this hotel is beautiful and pleasant. Toranj Hotel, the most interesting hotel in Kish is Toranj Hotel because this hotel has been built over the Persian Gulf sea.

The equipment of this hotel is having café shops, fast-food restaurant, seashore restaurant, and many different kinds of restaurant, spa salon, sports club, Billiard club, and Baby’s home game and also we can name some of the top hotels of Kish such as Shayan Hotel, Parmis Hotel, Flamingo Hotel, Ana Hotel, Tamasha Hotel, and Hotel Paniz. 

Other five-stars hotels

Hotel Iran, Marina Park Hotel, Panorama Hotel, Mirage Hotel, Shaygan Hotel, Vida Hotel, Koroush Hotel, Kish International Hottel, Palas Hotel and Parmis Hotel. 

You should know that You can book each hotel over the internet and pay the price easily. Also, you can rent houses or villas here at the cheapest price. 

Food culture in Kish Island

In Kish Island, you can see many different types of foods and in your travel to this island, you can have many foods may be in your travel you can taste local Kish foods. 

kish food

Most favorite foods of Kish Island

Samak Mashoy in the foods of this island fish has the important role of people who leave near the sea. This food is made of fried fish of local people. 

Mazrobeh is a combination of fish with a kind of green vegetables that have a delicious taste. 

Marghogh this food is a kind of Khoresht of local people of this island. 

Traditional restaurants of Kish

Baba Ghodrat Restaurant is the international of Kish that has one branch in England. The quality of food in this restaurant is excellent and the menu you can see different kinds of foods. 

Reza fast-food located next to the Pardis shopping mall. 

Amu Akbar Restaurant the very excellent restaurants of Kish that you can see plates of seafood with the best taste. 

Kish Island attractions

Greek Ship (Kashti Younani) 

This ship has no important historical point, but everyone knows it as one of the tourist attractions. This ship has belonged to Greek and one day with no clear reason sank at this Island. Some people assume that because of foggy climate the Commander had no clear view of the sea and suddenly the ship had been drowning into the Kish Island seashore.  

Harireh, The old city

Another Kish attractions are Harireh the old city. The antiquity of this city is about 800 years. Now this beautiful architecture has been known as one of the tourist attractions of the island. 

Aqueduct of Kish

Previously in old Iran, people use aqueducts for sharing water around the city and its passes under the ground. The length of this aqueduct is about 15 Kilometers and it starts from where the Airport located now to the recreational center of Kish. 

Semorgh coastal Park

This coastal park has a long road for cycling and it passes beside the sea. If you traveling with your family, we strongly suggest you see this park you will enjoy walking there. 

Fisherman coastal Park

You may think that the Greek Ship is the only symbol of this island, but I should say that this old island has many attractions that each of them can be a symbol of Kish. Fisherman Coastal Park is one of them. This park located in the eastern parts of the island and everyone can fresh themselves in the shadows of its giants’ trees. 

Marjan Coastal Park

Other recreational coasts of Kish are Marjan Coastal Park which shows you an immortal image of Kish island. I strongly suggest you to your travel in this island visit this park and after seeing the very beautiful seawater, you must complete your travel with shopping at Marjan Shopping center and after that back to the Marjan coast and enjoy visiting the sunset. 

Other exciting entertainment 

Big recreational wharf, green tree, women swim coast, carting resorts, safari, Birds Garden, cycling around the island, Dolphin parks, Maryam bowling paint ball, scare castle and Ocean water park. 

list of Iranian festivals

Kish Island activities

Here on Kish Island, you can do many different kinds of Aqua games. Down below I can name some of the most interesting ones:    

Banana Boat

Capacity: 4 to 6

 Duration: 20 minutes

 Price: 500000 IRR per person

Marine Shuttle

Capacity: 2 to 3 people

 Duration: 20 minutes

 Price: 450000 IRR per person

Jet Ski

Capacity: 1 or 2 people

 Duration: 15 minutes

 Price: 1500000 IRR


Capacity: 1 or 2 people

 Duration: 6 minutes (time in the air)

 Price: 1200000 IRR per person

Water Skiing

Duration: 30 minutes

 Price: 2000000 IRR

Fly Board

Duration: 20 minutes

 Price:2000000 IRR

Underwater scooter 

Duration: 20 minutes

 Price: 2000000 IRR

You can experience each on them at the Kish diving center. They use the latest methods and skilled mentors lead you to have a very pleasant diving experience in the beautiful sea of Kish Island. It’s good to know that you don’t need to have any swimming knowledge at all. 

Kish Island Malls

If you want to buy some brand products or souvenirs, you’d a better shop at one of the below shopping centers. You can find many types of goods at the best price. 

Damon Shopping Center

Sarina Shopping Center (1)

Marjan Bazaar

Morvarid Bazaar

Maryam Bazaar

Pars Khalij Bazaar

Pardis shopping center (1) & (2) 

Paniz Bazaar  

Does Kish Island need a Visa?

You should know that for traveling to Kish Island you don’t need to have Visa and you can stay there for a certain length of time, but if you want to travel to Iran you must have a visa. I must mention that for entering this Island you need to have just a Passport with yourself.  

How to get to Kish Island?

The easiest way of traveling to Kish is by flight. The ticket price is different and it depends on which season you decide to travel. No doubt that if you are going to travel to Kish you’d better search for the best price and by searching over the internet you can find many eligible traveling agents that can help you find the best available flight.  

The costs of transportation around the Island

Most of the shopping centers are beside each other and in pleasant weather, you don’t need to take a taxi and you can decrease your costs. But the price of the white taxi is the cheapest that Yellow taxi’s. the airport taxies also are expensive. 

For this reason, people most of the time rent a car in Kish and it is popular for people here to rent some high-class cars which are not available in Iran. 

The price of renting a car in Kish is lower than in Iran. Because they don’t need to pay for the customs price. The price of buying a car is similar to the UAE and on this Island, you can find many different kinds of super sports which they are prohibited from entering Iran. 

It’s good to know that you can’t find any Iranian car on this Island and most of the Taxies are for Toyota company. 

Is it safe to travel to Kish Island?

Kish Island is the safest part of Iran. Because it is the smallest Island, the amount of crime is lower than in other places. 

In the end, I hope you enjoy reading this article and the information could help you to know about this beautiful island. If you have any experience of traveling to Kish, please feel free and leave your comments down below. 

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