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6 Main Reasons Why You Should Visit Hormozgan

Hormozgan is, without exaggeration, Iran’s wonderland. Its extraordinary scenes, welcoming people, and recreational facilities have made it a place of adventure and entertainment. Hormozgan is the perfect balance between traditional and modern life. The hot and humid climate makes winter and early spring the best time to visit Hormozgan.

Stretched along the coast of the Persian Gulf, Hormozgan is located in the south of Iran. Its strategic ports, commercial islands, and active tourism are the main sources of the area’s livelihood. Read to see how the breath-taking landscapes, lovely weather, adventurous traveling, and cool leisure outdoor activities attract people to flock to Hormozgan.

Hormozgan on map

hormozgan on map

Hormozgan’s Islands

Endless vacation possibilities of Hormozgan are largely caused by bustling islands like Kish and Qeshm. Giants in Iran’s tourism industry, these islands are safe, upscale free trade zones with excellent facilities. They offer you leisure activities, lavish nature, traditional crafts, and modern shopping malls.

By the way, the most luxurious hotels and restaurants of the Hormozgan province are to be found in Qeshm and Kish. Qeshm is called ‘the island of seven wonders’. So make sure you devote enough time to discover at least some of them. Some of these islands’ curious natural sights are going to be discussed below.

Hormuz: A potential geo-park by itself, Hormoz is mystifying and mesmerizing. Being rich in minerals, the sands, soil, and rocks of the island have become vibrantly colorful.

It is because of this beautiful characteristic that people have started calling it “The Rainbow Island of Iran”. locals believe that the island’s edible soil has healing effects. Thus, they use it in their cuisine. Explore this breath-taking island, wander in the ‘Valley of Statues’ and the ‘Rainbow Valley’. Traditional houses and the Portuguese Castle are also popular spots. Hormuz’s vibrant and gleaming beaches are waiting for you!

hormoz island

Naz Islands: The most beautiful spot for recreational sports of all kinds. From Paragliding, windsurfing, and kiteboarding to jet skiing, boat riding, and scuba diving. Horseback riding, camel riding, and off-road driving are other fun alternatives. Naz also offers you amazing locations for landscape, sport, and nature photography.

  • Hormozgan’s Natural Wonders

Hormozgan is brimming with amazing possibilities for nature lovers. Oil is not the only thing that has made this region prosperous. The development of tourism in this Iranian province owes a lot to its beautiful and one-of-a-kind nature.

Valleys and Canyons: With awe-inspiring grandeur, Chahkuh Canyon is a mysterious place that gives you a lot to explore. The gradual erosion of the site over hundreds of years has shaped its rocks into natural statues. Thepath is twisty and the cracks narrow at times. And, as you reach greater depths, you clearly sense the change in temperature.

‘Darreye-Setaregan’ or (The Valley of the Stars) is another amazing place that dates back to a couple of million years ago. You may find the place spooky because of the bizarre shapes of the rocks, but this will spice up your adventure, won’t it?  Many visit the place for its breathtaking view of the sky during night time.

Wildlife: Do not miss the chance to watch dolphins, deer, and other animals. Go see saltwater trees in ‘Jangal-e-Hara’, a protected mangrove forest. Scuba diving and fishing are other relaxing and fun activities for you.

hormozgan nature

Caves: ‘Khorbas’ is a labyrinthine cave that used to provide the locals with shelter from the pirates or invaders. It is also a common myth that ‘Khorbas’ has been a holy place for the followers of Mithraism.   Well, ‘Namakdan’ is your second must-see cave. It is one of the largest salt caves in the world. This health resort amazes you with its snow-white crystal walls, white water springs, and marbled stalactites.

The Port of Wind Towers: or ‘Bandar-e-Badgirha’ is the name the historical village of ‘Laft’ goes by. Famous for its traditional and sustainable architecture. The houses are built around the village’s seven major mosques. All houses have courtyards and wind towers of variable sizes. This ancient fabric has been preserved and has created a unique rural landscape.

Genu Spa: The natural spa of Genu or ‘Cheshmeye Genu’ provides you with a spa treatment in addition to a nice place for relaxation.

  • Hormozgan’s Ancient Culture, History, and Rich Folklore

Historically and culturally diverse, this place offers you entry to the lifestyle of one of Iran’s most amazing regions. You might want to know that Arab and African minorities, in addition to ethnic communities such as Baluch, Lor, and Kurd live in Hormozgan. People speak in ‘Bandari’ dialect.

Mosques: The urban landscape of Bandar-Abbas is distinguished by its Shia and Sunni mosques. Shias’ tiled colorful mosques contrast sharply with Sunnis’ dome-less simple white mosques. Visit ‘Naseri’ mosque, ‘Galedari’ mosque and most especially ‘Delgosha’ Great Mosque to get yourself acquainted with both kinds of Mulsim’s holy monuments.

Hindus’ Temple: or, ‘Ma’bad-e-Henduha’ is Bandar-Abbas’ only Buddhist temple. This monument presents an attractive combination of Islamic and Indian architecture.

Latidan Bridge: Bandar-Abbas’ newest piece of history! That is, remains of this bridge were unearthed after a flood in the early 90s. Latidan is Iran’s longest historical bridge and dates back to the Safavid era.

Aiin-e-Zaar: One of Iran’s most enigmatic folk rituals is Hormozgani’s ‘Zaar’. The natives believe that ailments are caused by supernatural forces and must be treated with spiritual energies. The ceremony resembles an exorcism and takes place with special music.

  • Hormozgan’s Arts and Crafts

‘Norouz-e-Sayyad’ is a very popular festival held in Qeshm during Tir (July). Fishermen do not go fishing on this day, put on local costumes, play folk music, and dance until late at night.

Nowrooz Festival in major towns and Shrimp Festival in Qeshm are other fun events you might want to check out.

You should not leave Hormozgan without listening to its characteristic music. ‘Bandari’ music and dance are well-known for being upbeat and bouncy. Cool variations of Jazz and Blues are also played by these southerners.

But, the first thing that attracts your attention is the way people, especially women, dress. The traditional, regional dress of the area is colorfully embroidered.

hormozgan carpet

Explore Hormozgan’s many local Bazaars and open markets, (‘Laari-ha’ for example) for a wide variety of goods. Finely embroidered textiles such as ‘Golabatun-Duzi’, ‘Khos-Duzi’, and ‘Baduleh-Duzi’ are well-liked with visitors who look for special souvenirs. Seashell decorative arts and many other handicrafts are also found in these markets.

Bandar-Abbas is one of UNESCO’s creative cities in crafts and folk arts.

Hormozgan’s Cuisine and food

Hormozgan’s cuisine is out of this world. You can’t talk about Hormozgan without bringing in its amazing gastronomy. This province is a paradise especially for those hankering after seafood or hot dishes.

Ask people for southern dishes and the first thing you will hear is ‘Qalye Mahi’: a delicious dish cooked with fish and vegetables.

‘Suraq’ might be Hormozgan’s most peculiar food! It is a tasty stew cooked with fish and Hormuz’s edible soil. It must be kept in a covered pot for 10 days so as to become thick and well-stewed.

‘Mahi Curry’ (Curry Fish) and ‘Zeiboon’ are other ‘Bandari’ seafood you can have a bite to eat in Hormozgan.

iran caviar
caviar of bandarabas

However, my personal favorite is ‘Havari’. Although the looks of it are not that lip-smacking, Havari’s taste will surely go beyond your expectations. Fried seasoned fish, rice and dried fragrant herbs are Havari’s main ingredients.

‘Cham-Chamu’, ‘Tomushi’, and ‘Moflek’ are Hormozgan’s famous fried bread you should try.

Are you looking for fine-dining restaurants? Try ‘Baadgir’, ‘Dariush’, ‘Setareye-Jonub’, ‘Samku’, and ‘Emperator’. Hit the local diners for chili ‘Bandari’ sandwiches.

souvenirs of bandarabas

  • Hormozgan’s Reasonable Expenses and Convenient Routes

The key issues when planning a trip are convenience, accessibility, and of course the fares. The holiday business in this part of Iran takes care of your needs.

Depending on factors like time and budget, you can pick from a choice of routes to get yourself to Hormozgan. It does not matter where your initial destination is. Be it Kish, Qeshm, or Bandar-Abbas, you could fly there, have a train ride, or go on a road trip. Hormozgan has several train stations and international airports. Also, passenger ships and boats carry you to, and from, the mainland and the islands.

Hotels in bandarabas and hormozagan:

‘Hormoz’ is Bandar-Abbas’ Grade A hotel.  ‘Homa’, and ‘Atilar’ are also well-appointed.

The most excellent hotels, however, are located in Qeshm and Kish. ‘Toranj’ Marine Hotel, Marina Park Hotel, and ‘Shayan’ hotel are your top choices in Kish. And, if you are going to stay in Qeshm, ‘Soorient’, ‘Rayhaan’ and ‘Irman’ are great, well-equipped hotels.

Prices start from 2,500,000 Rials per night.

Hostels, boutique hotels and eco-resorts give you other options for accommodation.

 ‘Khaneye Doost’ Ecolodge in Hormozgan, ‘Saboora’ and ‘Kolousang’ Hostels in Hormuz accommodate passengers.

If you prefer a place to yourself, many apartments and suites are for rent in downtown areas.

Prices vary in accordance with facilities, accessibility, etc. They start at 800,000 Rials per night.

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