Isfahan and its famous foods

In this article, I want to introduce a list of some local foods of Isfahan. This list contains Ash (Persian soups), other delicious traditional foods and desserts of this city which is the most well-known one is Khorest-e-Mast. So please keep following us to make you familiar with these foods and arts of Isfahan.  Local […]

10 famous foods of Tabriz

The foods of Tabriz One of the Tabriz attractions shows the history of this city. The foods of Tabriz also show the culture of the city. Tabriz is the city of delicious foods with different tastes. Whenever a person talks about Tabriz foods, it resembles us only Kofteh Tabrizi but you may not be familiar […]

Trade with Iran

As you know Iran has located in the Middle East, and this country has many types of potentialities. In this land in comparison with other countries have the majority of capabilities. So we can say that Iran is a fruitful country. In this article, we will review some trade issues of Iran and we will […]

Iran’s holidays and festivals

By looking at Iranian calendar someone may think that Iran have many number of holidays, and many believe that Iran has much more holidays in comparison with other countries. In this article we want to review this topic. In fact, we can divide the holidays into National holiday, Islamic revolution holiday, and religious holidays. Let’s […]

The wonderful nature of Iran

If visiting the astonishing architecture and historical mosques of Iran weren’t satisfied you, you should see the wonderful nature of Iran. In this article, the wants to explain all aspects of Iran’s nature. Such as: huge mountains to the deep deserts and massive forests to beautiful fountains and rivers. We will name some important […]

Iran always encourages tourists to schedule travel into this beautiful country. Because Iran has many astonishing cities full of different tourist attractions and lots of historical architectures. Iran is located in the middle east. You may always hear the name of this region on everyday news. For this reason, the name of Iran is always in the news titles.

The nature in Iran is really eye-catching. You may have traveled to many places around the world but the nature of north of Iran is what you’ve never seen before in any other region.

If you are interested to know about the history of Iran, I strongly suggest you visit museums of Iran, in each city you would find many things about Iran history in museums of Iran.

Foods, the other factor that can help you to completely touch the history of a country, is its local foods. There are many websites which they technically talk about the local foods of a country. So everyone prefers to before their travel to a special country, search on the net for a good website with the best available information. So the next step is tasting those foods.

Iranian food and drink

Drinks, the very delicious parts of the dinner table. Every city in Iran serves different kinds of drinks. Oh, by the way, I should mention that in Iran the alcoholic drinks and Wine are prohibited and using it can cause crime with punishment. The popular drinks of Iran like other places are hot and cold drinks. The food culture of each country is so important. The travelers must know about it and may not be what they expect of your own culture. The difference in culture can cause culture shock. But the time you taste the Iranian foods I bet you will love them. I must say that all the Iranian foods are meat base and also Iranian people use Persian rice more than other countries.

Hotels, the most important parts of a journey. Travelers prefer to reserve very accommodate places while they are on a journey. By surfing on the net you can also find many websites that gives tour packages to travelers and they reserve five-stars hotels or hustles. You just need to click. By clicking you have a list of the very cheapest hustles to best hotels of Iran with the best facilities ever. These days also you can pay the price of hotels by e-banks. We have prepared some articles to guide you in hotels booking in Iran and see how easily you can book a hotel before you travel.

Camping, the nature of Iran has a wide verity of places to courage travelers to go camping in mountain or deserts and jungles of Iran. As a tourist, you can explore every parts of the world. I know that the nature of Iran can wonder you so much you can find camping places in Iran also in our website.

Visa, before reserving hotels or searching for camping places and other things at first you must prepare a visa for that country. For traveling to Iran you require to have a visa. You can send your documents online to the foreign ministry and then waiting for confirmation.

You may want to participate in some business activities and want to work in Iranian projects. Iran is the best destination for the one who likes to earn money. In we are going to answer all of your questions and we will share a lot of secrets about Iran.


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