A Beautiful Trip to Lorestan, Iran

Lorestan (Luristan) is one of Iran’s most underrated provinces. Let’s face it; this region of Iran mostly gets overshadowed by tourism giants like Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tehran. But the truth is, Lorestan does not receive the attention it so richly deserves. This beautiful province has as much natural and historical wonders to offers as Iran’s […]

Tehran the capital of Iran

Tehran; a big city with 7,705,036 million people who live in this city. This city also contains other small towns around that in total the population goes higher than 13 million people. Many years ago Tehran wan a big village between Shahr-e-Rey and Alborz foothills. Preciously Tehran had so many beautiful gardens with pleasant weather […]

Kordistan and Sanandaj introduction

Kurdistan Province, Located on north-west Iran, south of the Azerbaijan region, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Iran due to its unique climate, beautiful landscapes and many historical sites dating back to antiquity. Kurds, one the most ancient ethnic groups on the planet, constitute the great majority of the population in the […]

Top attractions in Kermanshah

Kermanshah is one of the oldest provinces in Iran, located in the western parts of the country. The rich history of culture and art has made Kermanshah a must-visit tourist attraction. Out of three thousand historical attractions in this province, Iran’s national heritage List has registered 716 ones. In addition, Bistoun is named as a […]

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