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The wonderful nature of Iran

If visiting the astonishing architecture and historical mosques of Iran weren’t satisfied you, you should see the wonderful nature of Iran.

In this article, the wants to explain all aspects of Iran’s nature. Such as: huge mountains to the deep deserts and massive forests to beautiful fountains and rivers. We will name some important seaports of Iran and I will give you a list of some important mountains and deserts. So if you are interested to know more about Iran’s nature please read this article. As you know many tourists are interested in natural environments and travel here to see the beauty closely. In the end I will recommend some unique places to visit in your travel to Iran.

The beauty of Iran’s nature

Iran has many beautiful historical and natural places and all the foreigners know Iran’s tourist attractions and many of them left still unknown. Among all touristic places, there are many eyes catching and original places that can make the visitor wondered. Some of the natural places are really astonishing that we cannot find any other example of them in the whole world.

Mountains of Iran

Basically, Iran has two main mountains which name is the Zagros Mountains and Alborz Mountains. The Zagros Mountains located geographically in North West and it continued to the southwest. The Alborz Mountains located in southern parts of this country.

In Iran, we have 11 peak mountains that all of them are high. The most famous one that is well-known is Damavand. Damavand is the highest Mountain of Iran. In sunny days we can see Damvand Mountain from Tehran and Qom. Alam-Kooh is another Mountains of Iran which is located in Mazandaran province. Sabalan is the third important Mountains of Iran. This Mountains of Iran is in Ardabil province of Iran.

Takht-e-Soleiman is the other one that’s belonging to Alborz Mountains. Dena is another peak Mountains of Iran which is belong to Zagros Mountains. Ghali-kooh this Mountain is another highest peak of Iran which geographically placed in the southwest of Iran. No doubt Eshteran-kooh is one of the beautiful Mountains of Iran that the whole time of year is covered with snow.

Sahand is located in the southeast of Tabriz province. Maybe barely anyone knows that Sahand is an inactive volcano and this mountain has lots of mineral fountain of water. Alvand is another mountain of Iran which is located in the south of Hamedan province. This peak is always covered with snow. The fountain of water in the Alvand Mountains is really cold. Binalood Mountains is another highest peak of Alborz Mountains which is placed in the north of Neishaboor province.

Forests of Iran

All of us know that Iran has a dry climate and the land is desert covered. But we shouldn’t forget Iran’s massive forests. Maybe whenever we talk about Iran’s forests all of a sudden it’s reminding us of the northern parts of Iran. But in the other parts of Iran, there are beautiful forests which many different types of plants and animals live on that habitat. We can say that forests are one of the Spectacular places in Iran. Let me name some of the main forests of Iran by mentioning the location of it. The Arasbaran forests are one of Iran’s forest which is in east parts of Azarbayjan.

iran forest
iran forest

The Aras River passes from the northern parts of Arasbaran forest and this jungle has many types of animals and trees. The iconic facts of this forest are its highest mountains covered it all along. A Zagros forest is in the west parts of Baloot jungle this jungle have covered with oak. And in this forest, we can see Iranian squirrel. Gisoom jungle is another spectacular jungle in the north of Iran. The Gisoom jungle located in Talesh province and also the Gisoom jungle is near to the sea and has seashore with a beautiful view.

  In the northern parts of Iran, we have semi-tropical forest the most famous one is Hara forests. The Hara forest isn’t massive and has two parts. One of them is in the Persian Gulf and the second part is in the Oman Sea. Dalkhani forest is near to Ramsar province and it is well-known by the name of Dalan-e-Behesht. This forest has always foggy weather. The Dalkhani forest is also near the sea.   

 Lake, Rivers and Sea’s of Iran

As you know two main Mountains of Iran Alborz and Zagros act like a dam for air mass and it causes the rainfall to become a very rich source of water of rivers. The rivers of Iran mainly have two types of temporary and constant or seasonal.

The important rivers of Iran are such as Aras, Atrak, Bahoo Kalat, Talkheh rood, Jajrood, Zarineh rood, Zayande rood, Sefid rood, Simine rood, Karoon, Kor, Karaj, Taleghan, Hirmand. The Caspian Sea (world hugest sea) and Oman Sea and Persian Gulf are three important seas of Iran. That located in the north and south of Iran respectively. The number of lakes in Iran is much more than any other places some on them are seasonal but the most important one which is constant is Oromieh Lake, Caspian Lake, Bakhtegan Lake, Jazmoorian Lake Maharloo , Zarivar Lake and Hamon Lake.

iran sea
iran sea

Now I want to inform you a little about the huge salty lake of Iran. Among all touristic places of Iran, we can see Aran and Bidgol Lake. The white lake with geometrical shape plots. This astonishing lake can attract all tourists to visit it. This lake is important because it is touristic place and also the Aran Bidgol Lake economically is important for Iran.

All the photographers travel to Iran in summer to capture pretty shots of this amazing lake. Sometimes the racing really is held in this dessert. This lake is important because all the edible salts of Iran have been supplied from the lake. Summer is a good time for removing salts from the lake. I should say that this lake has one island which its name is Sargardan Island. This island covered with volcano stones and without any planet.

Another important thing about this lack is that it has Magnesium ion and from it salt we can extract 10-12 mineral rock which can be used for cosmetics, medical issues, Antifreeze, and Fertilizer. This lake is dry for several months and it’s covered with salt and in winter when it is rainfall the level of water is about 2cm. But in summer these amounts of water become evaporated.  

Iran’s Sea Ports

Ports are one of the important ways of communications between countries and could be important for economic and touristic issues. Here in Iran, we have ports in northern and southern parts of Iran. Although some of Iran’s ports because of environmental matters became slacken gradually.

Now I want to name here some of the important parts of Iran. We know that there are no a few numbers of Iran’s ports. In this paragraph, we are going to introduce some flourish ports of Iran. Don’t forget that ports have astonishing views. So in your travel to Iran don’t neglect to visit them. Bandar Abbas port is the important ports of Iran.

iran seaside
iran seaside

This port divided into different parts and it is important because of economic matters in shipbuilding and trading different types of metals. Rajaiee Ports is another port which is located in Bandar Abbas port. By standing over the waterfront you can see the view of passing ships over the sea and this is the prettiest landscape for photography. Bushehr ports are the oldest ports of the south of Iran. Imam ports are the second largest ports of Iran and this is one of the important ports of Khuzestan province. Chabahar port has really fascinating nature.

Khorramshahr port the ports beside Arvand River. This port is important because of having interaction with Iraq and Kuwait and this port is important because it’s near the Abadan refinery. Siraf ports with oldest memories. The Siraf ports have a unique structure and also this one is another important port of Iran but in consequence of earthquake, it gradually became obsolete. Now a day’s ship porterage passes this region among islands of Persian Gulf.

We have two important ports in the southern parts of Iran. One of the important ports of Iran is Bandar Anzali the main port of the Caspian Sea is in Anzali province. Noshahr Port the most validate ports of Mazandaran province.

Deserts of Iran

 The deserts of Iran can be divided into 5 parts. Every part can be divided into detailed parts. In below I want to explain about these regions.

The first part is central deserts started from north of Alborz Mountain and from south to Rig Jen desert and from west to the central mountains. In this desert the Maranjab desert, Band Rig, Dareh Nakhjeer, Semnan desert, and Aran Lake, Hoz-e-Soltan. And in this desert, we have some mountains such as Siah Koh, Sefi Ab, Talheh koh, Yakhab koh.     

Rig Jen desert is line between Kouchak desert and Tabas desert and Yazd province. This desert is one of the impassable places because of sandy hills, swamps, wide sabulous.

iran desert
iran desert

The Tabas desert and Yazd desert is another desert region of Iran which is located line between Lut desert and Kavir-e-Bozorg. The Gav-Khoni swampland is in this region.

The Lut desert is another impassable place in the world. In this desert there is no living creature. One of the experts said that this region is the hottest spot in the world also the Kalut city located in the western parts of this desert.

The biggest Salty Lake of Iran

In the middle of Tehran-Qom road, there is one natural place with astonishing view. This is Hoz-e-Soltan salty Lake. This lake contains 5 layers in the depth 42cm. some experts have known this phenomenon as a lagoon. Even this salty Lake is in the list of include of other five lagoons of Qom province.

Also, this lake is known in other names such as Qom Lake, Salt Desert, Saveh lake and Daryache Shahi (Shahi Lake). This Qom Lake is wider up to the northeast of Qom. The best time of visiting the Lake is early spring and mid-autumn because in other time the sunlight of really cold weather can hurt so much. Around this lake, there is a town and caravansary. In this region, we can see more than 40 types of vegetations. Also here there are living creatures such as Local Artemia which is economically is important in Iran. And some birds also live in this region Rabbits, snacks, spiders, ants, and crocodile. 

In the end, Iran attracts many tourists yearly because Iran’s nature is really wonderful. Most foreigners like to visit Iran and also they yearn to capture nice shots of the beauty of Iran. This land is capable with astonishing places to see. In your travel to Iran, I strongly recommend you to see the Lut desert I know you would take wonderful photos there.

Among Iran’s lakes and rivers, I also can suggest you see the Oromieh Lake in the sunset. This lake is famous and this is one of the beautiful touristic places in Iran. Another place that I strongly recommend you to see is Margon waterfall in Fars province. It is interesting to know that there are lots of waterfalls in the mountain that created the Margon waterfall most eyes catching. I guess you had heard the name of Badab Sourt fountain. The Badab-sourt is fascinating because it is like colorful stairs in different colors such as red, orange, yellow and blue. This fountain never gets dry because it has complex geology structure. Also, you can take a unique image of this exclusive spring.

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