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The best touristic villages of Iran that you must visit.

Introduction to the Iran touristic villages

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic around the world and limitation for traveling to other countries, we want to give you some information for the time you need the necessary details. Maybe in near future, this knowledge will be helpful for your travel experiences to Iran. in the following article wants to talk about fascinating villages here in Iran explain more of its beauties, attractions, and local people. 

Rural tourism is a popular kind of traveling among tourists which is appealing. In Iran are many villages maybe its name is unknown to you but I strongly recommend scheduling a time for visiting them. Here we are going to introduce you to some of the touristic villages in Iran maybe one day one of these villages is your traveling destination. so please take some minutes to read the following article. 

Abyaneh Village in Iran

The most fascinating village of Iran is Abyaneh which is located in 40 Kilometer of Natanz city. The village with the highest residential area that attracts many tourists yearly. A village with wonderful architecture and beautiful historical structures. 

For traveling to this village you can drive two roads of Kashan-Natanz road or Kashan highway-Isfahan

Kandovan Village in Iran

The other village which we strongly recommend to visit is Kandovan Village. The Village ins about 50 Kilometer of west-north of Tabriz. The structure of houses here is somehow strange and also attracts many people. It is interesting to know the house structures are like Cappadocia in Turkey. 

For traveling to Kandovan Village you must pass Tabriz and continue straight to Osko city then go to the north in Esfanjan and Kahnamoo city. 

Makhounik Village in Iran

Makhouni Village has located in the north of Khorasan and about the recent decade 739 people lived there. Most of the local people are Afqan which immigrate to Makhouni Village the Makhouni Village is near to Afghanistan. 

Meymand Village of Iran

The name of another beautiful village in Iran which is worth visiting in Meymand. The rocky village near to Kerman province is the oldest residence in history. Historically it goes back to 12 thousand years old with many monuments such as bathrooms, fireplace, and historical mosques.   

Bayaz Village in Iran

Bayaz Village is located near to Kerman Province and is one of the touristic villages in Iran. Bayaz means “white color” and its name comes from a cotton farm. Based on some researches the population of this village was 3402 people. 

For reaching this village you must take the road of Shahr-e-Anar to the south of Rafsanjan city.

Oraman Village of Iran

Oraman is a place with the most pleasant weather and landscape near to Kordestan Province with touristic attractions. The village is located in the valley from east to west with a steep slope. The structure of the village is made like stairs and looks attractive. 

For reaching this village you must go 75 Kilometer to the northeast of Marivan city. 

Masouleh Village of Iran

The other favorite village of Iran between tourists is Masouleh. Masouleh Village is located in Fooman city. The Village based on its structure is in the list of stairs structure villages and made a romantic place for visitors.  

masule iran

Kharaneq Village in Iran

The other village which can be listed as a tourist village of Iran is Kharaneq Village. The oldest village in history worse visiting of this ancient country. The Kharaneq Village was historically a resort place for travelers and traders. It is interesting to know that the village is famous among European people. 

Mazeechal Village of Iran

The other fascinating village of Iran is Mazeechal Village. The highest village up in the air is listed as touristic villages here in Iran. up in the air, you can see clouds beneath your feet. Look at this beauty. It is a wonderful view of the ultimate sky full of clouds. 

Nousha Village in Iran

I strongly recommend your travel to Iran, visit this oldest village in the history of Iran. it is interesting to know that no car has ever entered in the village so far. The travelers must take some minute walk into the village. The village is 55 kilometers far from Tonekabon city. 

Nagel Village in Kordestan 

I can say Nagel Village is the other beautiful village of Iran that attracts many tourists yearly. The village is located in Kalatzaran place in Sanandaj-Kordestan city. For reaching this village you must drive 65 Kilometers to Sanandaj-Marivan.

Tamin Village in Sistan and Balochistan

The other touristic village here in Iran is Tamin Village located in Sistan and Balochistan province. for reaching this village you must drive 65 Kilometer to Mir Javeh city. It is good to note that the village divided into three parts of Jash, Roupas, upper Tamin, and lower Tamin parts. Tamin Village is the most well-known place among tourists that they wish to visit. 

Vaneshan Village in Golpaygan city

Vanshan Village Located in Golpaygan city in Iran. the village is located in Isfahan province with spectacular historical buildings. The village has more than a hundred villages in itself. The Vanshan Village was placed in 12 Kilometers in the souths of Golpaygan city and village at the heart of nature with so many beautiful historical structures. 

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Sarvelat Village in Ramsar city

The Sarvelat Village is located in Ramsar city near Chaboksar city about 3 Kilometer south of Chaboksar city and beside Acheroud river. For reaching to the village you must take a road along the jungle and river and enjoy the peace in nature. In Sarvelat village people always welcoming you and also there is peace here in the town you don’t feel strange. Being near to the mountain, jungle, sea, and rivers made the village beauties a thousand times. 

Leeqvan Village in Tabriz city

If you drive 36 Kilometer to the east of Tabriz city you can see Leeqvan Village which is well-known for its hand-made cheeses (Paneer Leeqvan). The pleasant weather in the Leeqvan Village which previously lived so many people due to its pleasant weather. The Leeqvan Historical Village is located in Sahand hillside.

Varkaneh Village of Iran

The other touristic village of Iran is Varkaneh Village that attracts many travelers from outside and inside of Iran. the 400 years old village near to Hamedan city. The Varkaneh village is the one popular town in Hamedan province. 

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