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Most Important Tips for Traveling with Pets

Pets are like our family. Almost instantaneously, they provide stress-relief for days that are just overwhelming. As they are family as well, it is vital that we uphold their comfort and safety even while traveling.

In this post, I am going to share with you valuable tips for traveling with pets. Whether you’re in Iran or in any other parts of Asia, be sure to scroll down to learn information that will be helpful whenever you tag your fur baby along with you when traveling.

13 Tips for the Comfiest and Safest Rides with Pets

Tip #1 Go for a Test Drive

If your pet is just a baby, helping them get accustomed to car rides can help them prepare for any kind of travel. Of course, you have to prepare your car when you do this, so later on in this article, I’ll be talking also about the importance of buying reliable equipment.

Let your baby pet go with you on short drives, like going to the park or to the grocery, just so they can get accustomed to the motion while inside a moving vehicle. During this car ride, they may have adverse reactions, which you should totally expect as this will be their first car ride. Just be prepared for any mess which could occur.

Tip #2 Have a Routinary Veterinary Check-up

Pets are really like babies. Some studies found out that dogs brains are about the same age as that of a human toddler hence, they have the ability and capability of understanding commands. That said, it is very important for your pet to have a routinary check-up.

While you’re at the vet, make sure that their vaccinations are all complete. Some countries and some airlines will not let your pet travel if your pet does not have their vaccinations updated. One vaccination that you’ll have to make sure is updated is their anti-rabies vaccination.

Particularly in Iran, the import guidelines state that your pet must have been vaccinated by their anti-rabies vaccine as early as one year or as late as 30 days prior to entering the country.

Country regulations may differ so be sure to check the country’s pet guidelines before booking that flight!

Tip #3 Look for Travel-Friendly Pet Equipment

When you’re traveling abroad, your pets will likely be put in crates. Some airlines, however, will let you sit with your pet. Again, pet guidelines will vary airline by airline.

Consider durable and reliable pet equipment as an investment especially if you’re a frequent flyer. It’s like buying a travel cot for your baby. Traveling is a pretty stressful moment. Imagine traveling in very uncomfortable clothes that are tight and not breathable, pretty uncomfortable, right? It’s the same case for your pets’ crates. You don’t want to suffer from discomfort, so why should your fur baby?

Tip #4 When Travelling Abroad, Look for Pet-friendly Lodging

Some pet owners or “pawparents” get discouraged with the idea of traveling abroad with their pets unless they will be staying at a relative’s home. But, did you know that there are hotels now that offer spaces for your pets?

Months before your travel date, make sure that you have booked a hotel where they will let your fur baby stay within the hotel’s premises if not with you inside your booked room.

If this is not an option, look for pet hotels nearby your own hotel so you don’t have to stay very far where your pet is staying. I know it will be very hard to miss your fur baby even for just a few minutes. Besides, your furbaby is your baby after all, so why let them sleep far from you where you cannot monitor what they eat and where they stay?

Tip #5 When Traveling Abroad, Read about the Pet Guidelines of the Country and the Airlines

Before you even book that flight and buy all the necessary equipment for your fur baby, be sure to read about the pet guidelines of the country that you’re traveling to, as well as the airline’s pet guidelines.

Again, I cannot stress it enough that these guidelines will vary on a case to case basis. Furthermore, also be aware of the banned pet lists as some countries have that as well.

Fortunately, Iran doesn’t have a strenuous pet guideline nor a list of banned pet animals from entering the country. They don’t even require your pet to be microchipped! In a brief, they just want to remind fellow pet parents to have their pets vaccinated accordingly.

Tip #6 Pack your Pet’s Essentials

Your pet is also your baby and sure, they will also have their essentials. Here are, what I think, are the most essential things to bring for your pets when traveling:

  • Collar and Leash – Nowadays, some collars are equipped with an alarm, LED lights, and even some vibration devices for when they move far away from you. These features are very convenient especially if you’ll be hiking at some point in your travel. Also, consider the collar and leash as the most important because, some cities may not allow your dogs or cats to roam freely without one. Best be prepared.
  • Vaccination Records
  • Pet Insurance – according to the most recent statistics, pet insurance average about $ 42.45 per dog. This covers accidents and sickness. The amount will also vary per breed. Before you travel, make sure you have insurance for your pet just to keep your pet safe and secure.
  • Tags
  • First-aid Kit – Your pet’s first aid kit must contain medications prescribed by their doctor. You should have one with you in your bag because it may be difficult to find pharmacies where certain pet medications could be found.
  • Muzzle and other kinds of safety restraints – Some countries will allow certain breeds of dogs provided that they have muzzles, so again, it’s best to check pet guidelines prior traveling. Also, in some countries, special seat belts are required for pet travel, so, if you live in an area where one is required, be sure to get one!
  • Seat covers and blankets
  • Crates
  • Pet goodies

Tip #7 Have a Pet First Aid Kit

Stated in your pet’s essential things to bring, first aid kits can be put together on your own or bought from certain sellers.

At the most basic, your first aid kit should include tweezers for safe removal of ticks, gauze pads, adhesive tapes, medical scissors, some antiseptic wipes, and antiseptic powder for open wounds.

Tip #8 Bring their Security Object

Like your child, some pets have a “security object” that provides them comfort whenever they need to. This could be an old chew toy, a pillow, or even a brick! Whatever it is, if you can bring it with you, do so. Again, we’re all after giving our pets the comfiest rides, as well as the safest. Technically, if your pet has a security object, this will ultimately make them feel safest wherever you guys will be going.

Tip #9 Watch What They Eat

It goes without saying that watching food is important. It’s important for you and it will be important for your pet too! Watching the food that your pet will eat can save you from an unexpected trip to the vet! As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Tip #10 Keep them Calm

Keeping your pet calm is an important part of a comfy car ride. To help keep them calm, you can bring with you their security object. If this isn’t enough, there are some substances that can help them keep calm without completely sedating them. You can take the second route but only do it once you have asked your pet’s vet.

Tip #11 When Abroad, look for the Nearest Pet Hospital

It’s best to be prepared when you’re traveling. And I’m saying it for whatever event that may happen, to which, in any case, you should familiarize yourself with the locations of the pet hospitals nearby or within the city that you’ll be staying. Take note of their numbers and opening hours. Keep in mind that traveling with a pet is almost similar to traveling with a baby, so, you should also prepare for cases that a hospital will be necessary.

Tip #12 Microchip your Pet

Why worry about tags when you can microchip your pet? Some countries, even the country that you’re currently living in, may require you to microchip your pet. I think it’s a wise decision that even though the country that you’re traveling to may not require having your pet microchipped, doing so may help you in the future.

travel by dog
travel by dog

Tip #13 Traveling with your Pet? There’s an App for that!

There might have been a few occasions where you or a friend have blurted “There’s an app for that!” Well, you (or them) are very right! With the number of advancements in technology, there really is an app for almost anything that you can think of, including, pet traveling apps! Here are a few great options that you should download on your phone before traveling with your pets.

  • BringFido by BringFido: Free and available on iOS

BringFido was designed to help pawparents who travel globally. This app does not only help you find pet-friendly hotels, but as well as parks, beaches, and other fun activities or attractions where you can bring your pet with you. What’s important is that it works internationally!

  • Pet FirstAid by American Red Cross: Free and available on iOS and Android

If you’re concerned with your pet’s safety, then you should definitely have this app installed on your phone. This app provides informational resources on first aid, how to handle emergency cases, and it even has a demonstration of how to perform CPR. Aside from that, this app will help you keep your pet’s records stored in your phone for easy access.

  • Rover – Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

Even if you’re not going to travel anytime soon or if you are traveling so frequently without your fur baby, this app is convenient as it will allow you to find pet sitters and walkers to help your dog get their walkies even if you’re miles away. They have more than 65,000 registered walkers and sitters which makes them the app with the widest network available. Aside from connecting you to pet sitters, this app also provides insurance for your pets, a customer support service available at any time of the day, background checks as well as guarantees.

Traveling with your pet can make for one of the most memorable trips you’ll ever have. Sharing such a huge milestone with a pet that’s also close to your heart will always be fun to look back to. Be sure to follow our tips and share other tips that have worked for you by commenting on the comment box below. Safe travels and we’ll see you in our next article!

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