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Beautiful lakes of Iran; 12 most attractive destinations for nature lovers

Most travelers take the opportunity to visit beautiful lakes of Iran and enjoy the pleasant weather and seeing local birds, animals, and its amazing nature. Here in Iran, there are more than 20 lakes that are important in Iran ecosystems. Today, we are going to talk about the biggest, awesome lakes in Iran. 

  1. Khazar Lake (Caspian Lake or the Caspian Sea)

The Caspian Sea is the biggest lake in the world. This huge lake located between Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan. 

The best Caviars of the world are made by fishes of the Caspian Sea. Many Iranian visit the Caspian lake beaches during the holidays. 

Many travelers usually take a trip to the beaches of Mazandaran and Gilan province to enjoy the pleasant moments beside the Caspian Lake. Although, many cities in the north of Iran are so crowded during the holiday. But, there are many unknown issues in the biggest lake in the whole world.      

  • .Lake Orumiyeh

Many people from around the world travel to Iran to visit the Lake Orumiyeh which is located in the north-west Orumiyeh. The Lake Orumiyeh placed between west Azarbayjan and east Azarbayjan. 

The saddest fact about the Orumiyeh Lake is the lake one day was the biggest lake in the middle east. The Orumieyh Lake has about 120 islands but unfortunately, the lake has dried due to neglecting and caused lots of environmental issues for the region. But, it has its beauty. 

One important point about the beauty of Orumiyeh Lake to note is, sometimes it’s color transparent into the red. The redness of Lake water. The main color of this salty lake in Orumiyeh is in blue, but because of increasing algae, bacteria’s and salt density the leverage of lake water decrease especially during the hot season of the year and the color turns to red in the summertime. 

Also, in some parts of the lake with low water leverage, you can see salty crystals. What a wonderful image it could be. The water of Orumieyeh lake comes from Sahand and Sabalan rivers and other rivers like Zarineyeh Rood, Talkhiney Rood, and Samineyh Rood. The Orumiyeh lake view is awesome in the sunset if you want to picture its beauty I strongly suggest you, don’t miss its sunset. Many people believe in the therapeutic of Lake Muds and Silts. The wild-life of Lake attracts many tourists to the region yearly.  

urmia lake
  • Gahar Lake   

One of the wonders of nature here in Iran is Gahar Lake which Gahar means collected water in the hole. many Iranian people and tourists don’t know the Gahar Lake and its beauty of Nature. Despite the Khazar (Caspian) Lake with lots of viewers, The Gahar Lake is a destination of those tourists who wants to enjoy the calmness of nature. 

Gahar Lake, placed in 35 Kilometer far from Lorestan province in the Eshteran-kook Protected Zone for visiting you can take a 40-minute walk. the lake divided into two parts of upside and downside Gahar which only are far about 100meter. The lake is known by name of Zagros Jewel. In some parts of the lake, you can see fishes down in the water. 

Some parts of Gahar Lake beaches are covered with sand but other places are rocky. All around are covered with lots of trees and various plants such as Oak, Willow, Almond, Wild Pistachio, and flowers like poppy flowers and beautiful tulips flower. Then in your travel to the west of Iran don’t forget to visit Gahar Lake.

gahar lake
  • Salt Lake

The Salt Lake (Hooz-e-Soltan) located in 62 Kilometer far from Qom city. Many professional photographer’s day and night come to take pretty images of the Lake. The lake is wide to 1800 Kilometer but 1 Kilometer has been filled with water. So you may have experience of walking on the ground full of thick layer salt and in night time enjoy watching the sky full of stars. 

Although there are no living animals, the lake view is awesome. The lake is a good source of minerals and Latium. 

In total, the amount of lake during rainfall of different seasons in various. The melting snow over the top mountains can increase the leverage of Lake water. In hot summer the leverage of water change. Also, two main rivers of Rood-e-Shor and Ghareh-Chai join to the Salt Lake.  

namak lake
  • Anzali Lake (wetlands)

One of the beauties of the North of Iran in this wetlands is located in Gilan Province. Anzali Lake is the Biggest lake with sweet water. The lake placed in 40 Kilometer far from the Gilan Province. 

Anzali Lake is the loveliest place to visit because its full of Lotus flowers and many kinds of birds. 

The extend of Lake during winter and spring increase to 120 Kilometer and during Autumn and Summer season it gets lower to 80 Kilometers. 

In 1975, the wetlands have been registered the lists of international Ramsar Convention. The list contains 11 main Rivers, 30 Subsidiary Rivers, 100 kinds of birds, 50 fishes’ spices, and lots of different plants made the beautiful eco-system. 

  • Zarivar Lake

The lost Paradise on the western parts of Iran, Zarivar Lake is one of the tourist attractions of Iran. The name of Lake is in Kurdish which is located in Marivan city. It’s interesting to know that no river joins Zarivar Lake. The water just prepared by melted snow of around mountains and natural fountains beneath the Lake. The local people believe the fountains of the lake are spontaneous with lots of fairytales and tales. 

Around the Lake, you can see many types of trees of Oak, Almonds, and Pear. The other attractions of Lake are its small Islands for fishing.

The leverage of lake water during the winter gets frozen but in hot summer you aren’t able to see water and non-plants. Unfortunately, due to the tourist’s welcome, some facilities like Hotel, Parking, boating station, and restaurants.

  • Maharloo Lake (the pinkish Lake)

You may have heard the name of Pink Mosque of Shiraz Province, I should say that there is the Pinkish Lake is existing too. 

The local people call the Lake Maharloo and are salty located 27 Kilometer far from Shiraz. what makes it different from other lakes is its pink color exactly like Orumieyh Lake. The Pinkness of Lake is because of special kinds of Algae and lots of Potassium and saltiness of Lake the color turns to Pink here. 

You may have heard of those who had a flight over the Shiraz Province that they have seen the Maharloo Pink Lake up above the sky. You can see some other birds like pink Flamingos! So, in your travel to Shiraz Province don’t miss visiting Maharloo Lake and its brilliant view. In the spring, Autumn and winter the watercolor are blue, but if you want to see it in pink you must travel here in the summertime.  

  • Avan Lake

One of the unknown natural facts of here is Avan Lake. 

The Lake is in Qazvin-Alamot Road near to ZarAbad village. The weather is pleasant because of its location and the landscape of the region is fascinating. The winter here is so cold and it causes water to get frozen here. In spring and summer, you can have the best experience of traveling to Avan Lake. 

In your travel to Avan Lake, you will the cherry blossom over the trees both along the road. In the end, you will wonder about the green environment around the lake. 

One of the advantages of this place is its recreational facilities for families and tourists. In total, tourists can have a nice trip also using recreational equipment such as boating, mountain climbing and even swimming in the Lake. 

  • Choort Lake

The Chort lake located near Sari city and its name are Miyansheh. The name has changed because its near to Chort Village. 

You can also campaign beside the Lake and spend a day in a tent. Even in winter, you can stay in some temporary Motels. All people travel to this lake for fishing but swimming here isn’t allowed. 

  1. Aldenan Lake

Aldenan Lake is one of the tourist attractions of Mazandaran Province. the lake’s only source is rainfall and snow without no river flow. 

The around plants of Lake are such as Violet flower, Medler fruit, hawthorn fruit.

The Lake is far about 65 Kilometer of Sari city. The very beautiful nature around the road capture attention of many travelers to this region.

  1. ShoorMast Lake

The ShoorMast Lake is only 200 Kilometer far from Tehran and near to Pol-Sefid city.the weather sometimes foggy and cloudy. All around the lake are covered with many kinds of trees in the foggy weather.  

the lake depth is about 5-15 meters you can’t fish here, fishes are here not much but you can enjoy doing cycling and even horse-riding. You can also do boating in the lake. 

The view of the lake has been completed with Alder tree you can stay a night at the lake in jungle houses and also some urban houses near the lake to have a wonderful experience of traveling. 

  1.  Bakhtegan and Tashk Lake

The second biggest Lake of Iran and forth wetlands of Iran is Bakhtegan Lake which is near to Fars Province and Tashk village. Two lakes of Bakhtegan and Tashk many decades ago was yield by an earthquake. 

The experience of traveling to this region and being beside the lake is fascinating. I should mention one point here we must take care of the wild environment because all animals and birds, and many fishes are living here in the eco-system. 

In the end, I hope you enjoyed reading this article about Lake of Iran. If you have experience of traveling to these places, we would be glad to share it with us here on the comment section. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends.   

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