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20 best & beautiful beaches of Iran; from south to north of Iran

The best beaches of Iran located in the southern and northern parts of Iran. in these places, you can enjoy many recreational, tourist & welfare facilities. 

The Iran coastline geographically is in northern and southern parts. This coastal lines are in provinces and also in different Islands of Iran. despite all of these high quality and number one facilities can attract many tourists to this beautiful places. One of the best points of these beaches is its cleanness, some recreational equipment, and temporary residential in Pergola. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the 20 best beaches of Iran for southern to northern parts of Iran and along our most beautiful beaches in Kish and Qeshm Island. 

If you are interested to know more about Iran coasts, then please keep reading this article.

In the beginning, I want to introduce to you some of the best beaches in the Iran Caspian Sea.

  • Pelaj Pardis Motel Gho (Mazandaran Province)

Caspian Sea of Iran beaches 

This place located in Salman Shahr in Mazandaran province. The Motel Ghoo beach is one of the best recreational beaches of Iran for tourists who are interested to visit. The beach has covered with sand and you can enjoy doing boat riding, Parcel, jet ski, and doing some shops in different shopping malls here enjoy eating foods in local near restaurants too. It’s interesting to know that on this beach base on the public ceremonies here in Iran, people gather together to celebrate the day with different programs.  

  • Namak-Abrood recreational place (Mazandaran Province)

Caspian Sea Iran beaches 

The Namak-Abrood recreational place also located in Mazandaran province and is in the margin of a small town by this name I can say its near to the Tonekabon-Chaloos road. Every summer they schedule ‘clean beach’ program with this program contains some hobbies like jetski, boating, Parcel, motorbike ride resort, ATV machines, biking resort, swimming for men and women with buffet, clean WC and bathtubs, traditional tea shops in the coastline and jungle section you can also enjoy spending time in the pergola, wooden homes, furnished suites, beaches restaurants with sea and river views, camping, and traditional photography, hand-crafts, and tourism. 

north iran beach
  • Toska-sara beach (Ramsar City)

Caspian Sea Iran beaches

The Toska-sara beach located in Ramsar province, moalem boulevard. This place is another touristic and best location for spending a holiday. You can use amusement park here, also here have boat riding, shooting saloon, horse riding, different shop stores and swimming section for travelers. 

  • Ramsar Water Park (Ramsar City)

Caspian Sea Iran beaches

Water Park of Ramsar here is in the north of Iran in the Ramsar to Chaboksar road. In this place, you can enjoy doing jet ski, ATV motor, Motorboat, Shatel, Parcel, green environment, Café shops, and restaurants. 

  • Sitra touristic and recreational center of Noushahr (Noushahr City)

Caspian Sea Iran beaches

The Sitra touristic and recreational center of Noushahr located in Noushahr province and had chosen as a top touristic place in the region with one of the most well-equipped coastlines here in Mazandaran region. The equipment of this location contains amusement, biking resort, recreational waterfront, ladies swimming beach and men swimming beach, ATV motor, and carting. But I should say that you can’t bring your camera with yourself to lady swimming beaches you must lead it to the entrance. 

  • Beach town of Ramsar (Ramsar City)

Caspian Sea Iran beaches 

The beach town of Ramsar is located in Mazandaran province also is known as a handcraft town of the country. This region despite having very good restaurants have many handicraft shops and by the way, you can enjoy visiting the anthropology museum too. 

  • Gisoom Beach (Gilan Province) 

Caspian Sea Iran beaches

Gisoom beach located in Gilan province and is the one and special beaches of Iran which is along the massive forest of Gilan. No doubt that passing through Gisoom jungle can give you out the best unforgettable experience ever. The Gisoom beach despite the experiencing driving on its road you can also take a walk there and don’t forget to take beautiful shots of pretty jungle and by the way, if you like you can ride a bike here and also do some sea sports like swimming, jet ski, Shatel, Paraglider, boating, Parcel, 4 wheeled motorbike riding (off-road, trampoline, and windy park). 

  • Anzali Free Sea Zone recreational center (Gilan province)

Caspian Sea Iran beaches

The Free sea zone of Anzali separated into men and women sections and is known as one of the best-equipped recreational beaches of Iran which have Café Shops, Massage Saloon, umbrella shelters, sunshiny seats, change rooms with locks, green environment, temporary bathtubs, Ping pong desks, and volleyball grand. 

  • Bandar-e-Anzali coastal waterfront (Gilan province)

Caspian Sea Iran beaches  

The Anzali coastal waterfront is located in Gilan province and is the first beach park that has been built with the European method. The park has a view of port facilities. The Caspian Sea and the international wetland entrance has captured many tourists to the coast. 

  • Sadaf beach (Gilan province) 

Caspian Sea Iran beaches 

The Astara city beach located 7kilometer far in the northern parts of Astara city and along the Astara-Talesh city road of Gilan province. the Sadaf beach is another best beach in Iran which is in the northern parts of Iran. the beach has some facilities like temporary shelter, traditional resort, buffet, shops, and temporary bathtubs for swimmers. 

  • Chamkhaleh beach (Gilan province)

Caspian Sea Iran beaches 

It’s interesting to know that this beach has won the second award to be the best beach in the north of Iran in Gilan province. The first winner of the award was Anzali beach. The Chamkhale beach is the favorite beaches of the whole city. This sandy beach has a slight slope, horse riding, boating, and temporary shelters for visitors. 

Now it’s time to name some of the best beaches of Iran in the Persian Gulf.

  • Kish Simorgh coastal park (Kish Island) 

Persian Gulf Iran beaches 

The coastal park located in the northern parts of Kish island and its near to Marina-Park Hotel, Delpharioum, and Simorgh Hotel. This Place has children play court, Badminton court, Ping Pong court, Ski resort, walking road, fountain, Biking station, and green environment. I can say this park is one of the best places for tourists here in Kish Island which is between Jade-e-Jahan and Biking road is an awesome scenery view for tourist. At the beach, you can use different types of clubs and recreational centers such as water park, and Natulis sea club. 

The Kish tours are the best opportunity for enjoying exclusive beaches of this beautiful lovely Island. You can see the tour packages offer by searching over the Internet. There are thousands of Tour agencies that will be glad to serve. 

beautiful beaches of Iran
  • Sahel Marjan-e-Kish (Kish Island)

Persian Gulf beaches of Iran

The Marjan beach or Coastal Park is one of the best and favorite beaches of Kish Island. The beach has many facilities for visitors, such as a green environment, temporary shelters, a Barbecue, and some hobbies like biking resort, diving center, boating, kite riding, Jetski, banana riding, Parcel, Fly board, and Shatel. The beach also has small ports with a beautiful view of the Persian Gulf. One of the best hobbies of the beach I can say is Skoba Sea club recreational center. 

  • Kolbeh-Hoor Kish beach

Persian Gulf beaches of Iran

Kolbeh-Hoor is located in the western parts of the Island. The stony beach is a habitat of different types of fishes, seashells, and turtles. Most of the tourists travel to this island for fishing or diving, but you can also use some other facilities like temporary shelters, barbecue, big Illuminator, and benches. The Kolbeh-Hoor also have a very giant statue of a lighthouse to shine during the night time. 

In Kolbeh-Hoor of Kish Island, the iconic rock capture your attention causes its look like a giant mushroom made by a sea wave. I suggest you to your travel to Kish Island to visit the Kolbeh-Hoor beach. 

In addition to this beautiful beach attraction, there is another one which is near to the Kolbeh-Hoor Beach, is stranded launch recently has repaired and attracts millions of tourists yearly to the pretty beach. 

  • Greek ships beach of Kish Island (Kish Island)

Persian Gulf beaches of Iran

One of the iconic tourist attractions of Kish Island is the Greek ship which sank in the western parts of Island. Since the summer of 1966, the Greek ship has been sinking in the Persian Gulf seawater. I can say that all the tourists love to take some beautiful shots of this great and magnificent ship by the sunset view of the Persian Gulf sea. Although, the ships have got damaged during these years and its end has drawn in the seawater, but many people like to visit this beautiful ship during the evening while the sun goes down. Besides this beautiful attraction you can enjoy using the Amphitheater, Cafeteria, shops, Iranian and Lebanese restaurants, Skate renting stations, biking and selling sports equipment. 

  • Nilofar-e-Kish Coastal Park (Kish Island)

Persian Gulf beaches of Iran 

The Aquarium and birds garden of Kish Island located near to the Nilofar-e-Kish Coastal park with more than 57 types of birds from all around the world. The aquarium has 70 species of rare fishes. In this park also you can visit Dolphin, seals from northern and southern seas, Sea cats, sea porpoise, penguin, and dolphins which had trained by Persian coaches for performing. 

  •  Zeytoon-e-Qeshm Coastal beach (Qeshm Islan)

Persian Gulf beaches of Iran

The zeytoon Coastal beach is one of the sceneries of Qesh Island which has temporary shelters, recreational, cultural, sports equipment, such as 4D Cinema, Skate resorts, biking resort, football ground, café shop, and tea shops. Including some recreational camp, we can add Iran zamin sea recreational camp too. 

south iran beach
  •  Naz-Qeshm Island Coasts 

Persian Gulf beaches of Iran

Naz Island located in the southern parts of Qeshm Island. During reflow, the Island gets connected to the seawater. You can do some hobbies like camel riding, Paraglider, Jetski, and boating near to Naz Island. 

  •  Bandar-e-Lengeh beach

Persian Gulf beaches of Iran

The most important ports of the Persian Gulf are Bandar-e-Lengeh in Hormozgan province. and it known by name of Morvarid (pearls) and Aroos-e-Banadere Iran (Bride of Iran Ports). In addition to its natural beauty of Bandar-e-Lengeh, we can mention the sea travels to Qeshm and Kish Island by this port. 

  •  Lipar Coasts (Chabahar Island)

Persian Gulf beaches of Iran

The Lipar coasts are the best and luxurious beaches of Chabahar Island and it beside Makran and Lipar Hotel. The beach is stony and stairs beach equipped with café shops and Traditional restaurants for ease of the visitors. 

In the end, I hope you enjoy reading the article. Please share your ideas with us by writing comments down below and if you find it interesting please share this blog with your friends.  

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