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13 Deserts of Iran you should visit

More than 90 percent of Iran has covered with drylands that many of them are destinations of tourists and travelers. 

About 90 percent of Iran is dry land like the desert. Most of them have covered with green plants, deserts insects which have their tourists. But some of them are without any even small insects or bacteria. in recent years many people are interested to visit these beautiful deserts and doing this can make them unforgettable travel experience for each person. For example, one of the most exciting activities that travelers do in the desert is watching stars in the desert night sky and visiting around attractions during the day time. 

In traveling to desert lands you must bear in mind that these places can be harmful despite its beauty. For this reason, for traveling to deserts you must have the appropriate equipment and know many safety rules. If it is possible in your travel to deserts, please follow the tour guide. On the other hand, you’d better use some maps or navigators and things like this. decide to introduce you to some tourist places in the desert lands of Iran. 

If you are interested to know more about Iran deserts, then keep reading this article. We would be glad to inform you about the beauty of Iran.

1.Varzaneh Desert of Iran

the Varzaneh Desert located in the western parts of Isfahan about 100 Kilometer far and 150 Kilometer near to the west of Yazd. The Varzaneh Desert of Iran from East is near to Gav-Khoni wetland, from the northern part is near to Varzaneh city and Zayandeh-rood river and from the southern parts is near to Hasan-Abad. Sandy hills in these deserts wasted from north to south and the highest one is about 100-meter high. 

In the Varzaneh Desert of Iran, because of winds, many hills have changed its wonderful shapes. Other attractions of the place are Gav-Khoni wetland from above of hills and salt wetlands. 

2. Khor Biabanak Deserts of Iran (Kavir-e-Mesr)

Mesr Village which is known as Kavir-e-Mesr located in the northern parts of the central desert of Iran which are located 40 Kilometer near Jandagh city and 50 Kilometer far north of Khor city outside of Isfahan province. In the village 2 heritage house has welcomed the travelers in addition to its best equipment and traditional foods given to the tourists. 

I can name some touristic places of here like Garmeh village, Narenj Ghale, Takht-e-Aroos, Tal-e-Khakestari, Chal Salknon, Mesr smoothie, and Namak-Khor Lake. 

3.Maranjab Desert of Iran

The Maranjab Desert of Iran is located in the north of Aran-Bidgol near to Kashan city. Maranjab was the name of caravanserai and qanat during Shah Safavi Kingdome has built-in this desert land. This place has covered with planet and animals from the northern parts of Aran-Bidgol and from west to the sweet water land and from East to Rig desert and national park and limits to Bandar-Rig desert. 

One of the tourist attractions of this place is Chah-Ganjeh, Salt Lake, Jazireh Sargardan, Maranjab Caravanserai, Chah-Dastkan, Rig-Boland, Koh-Kolang, Ghaleh-Korshahi, Yakhab Koh. 

13 Deserts of Iran you should visit

4.Lut Deserts of Iran (Shahdad Desert of Iran)

The Lut desert of Iran is the number one natural effect of Iran on the UNESCO world heritage list. The Lut desert is the hottest point in the whole world and in 2005 the weather goes up to 70 centigrade. The Lut desert has divided into 3 parts of north and south and central parts. The best time for traveling to the Lut desert of Iran is in the first days of autumn. 

One of the tourist attractions of Lut desert is Klutha legendry city with 40 flare and highest sandy pyramids around the world. 

5.Salt deserts and Kavir desert

Central salt desert located in the biggest parts of Iran is one of the widest salty parts of the world. This desert with more than 400-meter high is the deepest parts of Iran plateau. The desert is one of the biggest holes in geology. The weather if this desert of Iran is always windy and heavy storms with salty sands in the hills with a 40-meter height. 

6.Bafgh Desert of Iran

Bafgh desert is located in Yazd province which has salty and sandy lands. The land waist from north to south. In the central parts of the desert, you can see star-shape hills the height of hills reach almost 10-15meters in some star-shape hills, and sometimes its wetness can make driving over the sands so hard and even dangerous. of Matin-Abad desert

The aim of establishing this eco-campaign of Matin-Abad is watching unique wild-life and being familiar with planet coverage of desert, observation of stars at night, photographing of awesome nature views, camel riding, biking, and walking in the desert. This eco-campaign is located in the northern parts of Bandar-e-rig and have some touristic schedule such as Ghaleh Korshahi, Abyaneh traditional village, Natanz historical city, Yakhab mountains, dasht-e-Korshahi, Salt Lake, 

8.Rig Zarin Desert of Iran

Rig Zarin Desert or Moghestan Kavir is located in Yazd province and it’s divided by some hills in the center of the desert into the south and north parts. The northern parts have some sandy hills from south to north that the southern parts contain some wetlands. This desert is located at 40 Kilometer far from Bafgh desert and in the southern parts it is covered with salty domes. 

9.Kavir national park

National kavir and protected area about 60 Kilometer near to the south of Tehran from Garmsar road to Rig-Jen and from north or Isfahan to the Salt Lake of Qom. I should note that visiting this national park needs some safety requirements 

One of the touristic places of this desert is Eyn-o-Rashid caravanserai, Hoz-Gheyloleh cistern, Ghaleh Sefi-Ab, Jadeh-Sangfarsh, Koh Nakhjir, Tang-e-Zolamat, Fossil-Abad, Bandeh-Ali wetland. 

10. Kavir-e-Zardgah (Zardgah village)

Kavir-e-Zardgah or Zardgah village located 180 Kilometer far from Tabas which has some old houses for temporary residency with beautiful mountain view and wild-life. Previously the name of the village was Ziyaratgah and gradually it has changed to Zardgah. One of the tourist attractions of this village is its step village and its warm water fountain. 

11.Reygan Kavir (Reygan desert of Iran)

The Reygan desert located in the southern parts of Kerman province near to the Reygan city. The rigzars of this place are different from other parts of Iran and it has lighter sands. Also, these rigzars have medical effects on the body. Some of the hills are higher than 75 meters. 

12. Khartooran Kavir (Khartooran desert)

Kavir Khartooran or protected area located in the eastern parts of Semnan near to Khorasan. These parts of Iran are known by name of Africa of Iran which is the second biosphere region of the world. In addition to its unique specifications, the Khartooran Kavir has a wide range of verity in eco-system full of the planet, insects, and animals.

13. Kavir-e-Namak or Namakzar-e-Sirjan

The Kavir-e-Namak located in the Sirjan city of Kerman province. in the first half of the year, it looks fascinating but in the other half of the year, it looks very sandy. Also, this land is known by the name of Kafe-Namak which has covered with salt. One of the attractions of this place is the shimmering of light of sands beneath the sunlight. 

gheshm desert

Some tips to know for traveling to the deserts of Iran

Bring a lot of amount of water (more than what you normally need)

Chose some soft clothes and don’t forget to bring warm cloth for night time. 

If you don’t travel with a tour, you’d better have map or navigation tools with yourself.

You should have a small piece of fabric during the storm of wind.

Remember that the desert of Iran waiting for you during autumn to release you from the harshness of life and gifted you its beauty and quietness. So prepare yourself for the traveling time and its excitements.          

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