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What you need to know about Iran hotels

Every year Iran is the destination of many travelers from around the world and many of the tourists chose some cities for visiting them during their travel to Iran. One important thing that everyone put on the schedule is to reserve a ver best hotel  for staying. But sometimes they aren’t really familiar with the conditions of that country and don’t know how to do the process of booking a hotel in Iran. So for our followers, the decided to write this article about hotels in Iran. In this article we are going to talk about the most famous hotels in Tehran and each big cities of Iran and also we want to mention here about the way of booking them. The other topic of this article is the different kinds of hotels in Iran. The price of an Iranian hotels is another important thing for tourist we will talk about it too.

The most famous hotels in Tehran

The Tehran as the capital of Iran yearly welcoming many tourists, the capital of Iran has many attractive places and choosing among them is really hard. Down below we will introduce you eights best and luxuries hotels of Tehran.

•    Spenias Plus hotel

This is located Sa’adat Abad region

spinas hotel in tehran
spinas hotel in tehran

•    Eskan alvand hotel

The Eskan hotel located in the Argentine square

•    Esteghlal Hotel

The Esteghlal hotel located in Vali’asr Street of Tehran

esteghlal hotel in tehran
esteghlal hotel in tehran

•    Novotel hotel

The Novotel hotel located in the Khalij-e-Fars autobahn its near to the Imam Khomeini Airport

novotel hotel in tehran
novotel hotel in tehran

•    Azadi hotel

This hotel is placed in Chamran highway of Tehran

•    Spinas hotel

The Spinal hotel located at the center of Tehran in Keshavarz Boulevard

•    Parsian Enghlab hotel

Also, this hotel located at the center of Tehran too, which is in Taleghani Street of Tehran

•    Ibis Hotel

The Ibis hotel located at the outside of Tehran on the road of Tehran-Qom

•    Evin hotel

The Evin hotel placed in Evin junction at the north of Tehran

Other cities famous hotels

Kish island hotels

In the Kish Island, there are 6 famous hotels that the names of these luxuries hotels are Toranj-e-Kish, Marina Park hotel, Shayan Hotel, Iran Hotel, Sadaf Hotel and Maryam hotel of Kish island. 

       The best hotels of Mashhad

As you know Mashhad is one of the crowded cities of Iran and most of the tourist comes to this holy city for visiting Imam Reza shrine. In this city, you can find many best hotels that choosing between them is a really tough job. The name of five best hotels of Mashhad is Homa Hotel of Mashhad, Pardisan hotel, Ghasr-e-Talaee hotel, Darvishi luxurious Hotel of Mashhad and Almas (2) Hotel.

        The best hotels in Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the attractive cities of Iran which is famous for its architectures and beautiful sightseeing. No doubts that Shiraz has awesome hotels which we are going to name them here. In Shiraz, there are 5 luxuries hotel that is Zandieh hotel of Shiraz, Grand Hotel of Shiraz, Chamran hotel, Pars hotel and Elizeh Hotel of Shiraz.

     6 top hotels of Tabriz

Tabriz is well-known for its beautiful cultural and historical places. One of the important issues for tourists is to stay in a very appropriate and high-quality hotel of that city. Now we want to name some of the best hotels in Tabriz. The Laleh Kandovan Hotel, Elgoli hotel of Tabriz, Kaya Laleh Park hotel, Shahreyar Hotel, Internation hotel of Tabriz and Gostaresh hotel of Tabriz is 6 high-quality hotels which are placed in this city.

 4 luxurious hotel of Isfahan

Isfahan in Cultural capital of Iran and we call Isfahan half of the world this attractive city of Iran during the year welcoming many tourists of around the world. It’s better before your travel to Iran chooses your hotel. There are 4 famous hotels in Isfahan that the most famous one is hotel Abbasi and the second one is Asman Hotel of Isfahan, Kosar Hotel and Pirozi hotel of Isfahan.

The best Hotel of Yazd

Yazd is the first city that its houses and building were made of bricks and Yazd is the second historical city of Iran. In this City, you can find many historical and modern hotels. Here we want to introduce you for the famous hotels of Yazd. The modern hotel of Yazd is Safaeeh hotel, Dad Hotel of Yazd, New Arg-e-of Yazd and the garden of Mosheer-o-Mamalek hotel.

kashaneh yazd
kashaneh yazd


Hotel of Chaloos

Chaloos is one of the prettiest cities of Iran that have a unique nature. The hotel of Chalous has a really beautiful view of the Caspian Sea. Chalous have one famous luxurious hotel that its name is Azadi Khazar hotel.

 3 hotels of Ramsar

Ramsar is another beautiful city of north of Iran that many tourists travel to this city. In the following I want to introduce you 3 best hotel of Ramsar. Grand Hotel of Ramsar, Bam-e-sabz Ramsar and Kosar apartment hotel of Ramsar is high-quality hotels of Ramsar.      

How many types of touristic places do we have in Iran?

Do you know anything about the types of touristic accommodation in Iran that you can enjoy your vacation while you are at travel? We can say there are many types. It means that with any budget and any taste you can find an appropriate place. Maybe you prefer to stay with the really equipped hotel or maybe you want to reserve a place that you can be freer there.

Let me introduce you about these accommodations. It depends on the services, style and the area of that place and it’s different from any country to the other one. If you are going to travel anywhere this article part of the article can be interesting for you. So keep reading.


Hotel is the first place that comes to mind and all of us know about its differences. But let me introduce it one more time. The hotels are the type of accommodation that gives service according to the amount of money which you pay. The hotels base on their services and its facilities have stars from one to five. This classification can be different for any country. The hotel’s room based on its area have different kinds of types of equipment and can be divided by its costs. In many hotels, there are some suits for whom that they look for a luxurious place to stay.


Hostel in an economical place especially for that person who wants to travel spontaneously or they wants to travel with less amount of money and so-called backpackers that want to travel to many countries is really comfortable.

The hostel is a kind of rooms that the owner rents its bed and kitchen, bathroom and toilet are commonly used among all passengers of that hostel. Many adventurers and tourists use the hostel. If you are going to travel to India or Asia southeast countries and Latin America, the hostels are the best options for you. Each hostel has special rooms which are suitable for couples the costs of these rooms is more than ordinary rooms but still, they are more efficient than hotels. In Iran, we have lodging house or Caravan-serai.


The motels are a kind of place which is located on the roads for those who travel by motorcycle. The motels in link hotels but with fewer types of equipment and also motels have parking for vehicles.

Villa Hotel

The villa hotels are a place for long or short trip vacations. And citizens of big cities can reach to villa hotels for short trips. In the north of Iran, the villa hotels are popular among travelers.


Its sets of tents for camping are in nature. Now there are some places which they set very luxurious camps and sometimes its cost similar to the hotels.

Rural houses

This kind of places basically is a house of farmers of citizens of that rural in the city margins. That the owner of house rents parts of the house to the tourists and the owners have a responsibility of making food for the passengers.


In some villages and touristic cities, there are many natural places which the owners of homes rent these old houses to the tourists and they are really strict in keeping environments in old style. In these houses, you can experience very simple lifestyle of rural peoples and it’s a good time to keep away from modern life in big cities.

yazd kashane
yazd kashane

Hotel Apartment

 If you are going to stay for a long period of time in one country, the hotel apartments are the best choice for you. The hotel apartment is the same as the hotel but they are personal and for long travel, you can feel more relax in the hotel apartments.

How to reserve the accommodations

All around the world, there are lots of places that travelers cachoose se base on their budget. The way of reservation of hotels now a day is really more easily. Previously people must reserve hotels in-person. In the case of not availability, they would face trouble. The telephone reservation also was hard, especially when they want to reserve from another country.

But the technology helped us and prepared the equipment for us that we can personally apply for booking hotels with just a credit card and this equipment can facilitate your travel.

Recently, in Iran, it’s possible to reserve a hotel with credit cards. In some websites, they are connected to the over 200 hotels around the world and you can choose between them and also by some phone applications easily you can books accommodations for your travel.

By searching over the internet you can find many websites for booking online, for example, one of them is:

In the websites you can see all cities of Iran and available hotels for reservation and easily by clicking on them you can see the lists of hotels equipment and also the price range then entering the credit cards you can pay the price of that hotel and at the time of you travel be calm and enjoy your trip to Iran.

Hotel Price range in Iran

Iran hotels
Iran hotels

I must say the price which you pay for reserving a very equipped hotel in Tehran for example (Espinas Plus Hotel of Tehran) starts from 80$ and for the junior rooms the price is much higher about the 250$.

And the price for reserving the very best hotel in Kish island starts from 90$ to 113$.

In Shiraz also the price of hotels starts from 30$ to 45$ for Elizeh hotel of Shiraz you can book it and enjoy all of its hotel equipment.

And in Ramsar (north of Iran) the price range of booking the Azadi hotel starts from 44$ to 52$.

In Tabriz also the Shahryar International hotel the price for reserving the hotels starts from 110$ to 225$ and also this hotel has luxurious options for the travelers who want to stay in a highly equipped place.

Isfahan hotels also best prices booking hotel in Tehran starts from 74$ for Abbasi hotel of Isfahan to 230$. And Mashhad hotels with high equipment the price range for Darvishi Hotel of Mashhad begins from 68$ up to 118$.

Finally, we are hope that this information can help you about the Iran hotels. In this article we tried to cover all the useful details for you. Hope you find it applicable.

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