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The Most Famous Restaurants of Tabriz based on local people view

As the weather gradually gets warmer in Iran, travelers prefer to take a trip to some of the north-western cities. Tabriz with cold weather and very beautiful monuments can be the best destination for family trips in the hottest times of the year. If you go to some of the Tabriz restaurants and café shops, you will see a variety of foods and desserts. On your travel to Tabriz don’t forget to taste local foods and also famous Kebabs. So follow with we want to introduce you to the 15 famous restaurants in Tabriz.

  1. Berkeh traditional Restaurant

The Berkeh Restaurant of Tabriz with the 250-person capability to service. The calm and beautiful environment for having meals. Berkeh Restaurant is a kind of garden restaurant full of different kinds of trees and a beautiful lake in the middle of the garden that fishes swimming made a place memorable. 

On the menu, you can see lots of Iranian traditional foods such as Chicken Kebab, Chelo Kebab, Chelo Mahi (fried fish with rice), Chelo Bakhtiari, Abgoosht (Dizi), Kofteh Tabrizi, Pizza chicken, Hamburger and so on.

Address of Berkeh Restaurant: Sardroud Road. 

Berkeh Phone No: 0098 4134209516 

resturant berke tabriz
  • Haj Ali Restaurant

One of the oldest restaurants of Tabriz about 100 years old with lots of delicious Persian Kebabs dishes. On your travel to Tabriz please don’t forget to visit the old Bazaar of Tabriz and also have your lunch at Haj Ali Restaurant. I bet you will have the best experience over there. 

Every local people just suggest you go for a meal in Haj Ali restaurant. I should say that just restaurant is open from 2:30 in the afternoon. You should know that the restaurant will get so full, so please reserve a table or be there sooner that time. Another way you will miss the table here. 

In the Haj Ali menu, you can order Chelo Kabab, Chelo Barg, Chelo Kobideh, Chelo Joojeh Kebab, and so many different kebabs. 

 Address of Hal Ali Restaurant: Bohchi Bazaar of Tabriz

Haj Ali Restaurant Phone No: 00984135247389

  • Gazmakh Restaurant

One of the famous restaurants of Tabriz for the qualified foods. Gazmakh means Tahdig. All the dishes have a very beautiful design and best taste in a quiet place and clean environment. Kabab Tabeh in Gazmakh Restaurant is suggested. The price of foods here is expensive, but the quality of foods is excellent. 

On the menu of Gazmakh restaurant, you can see lots of Persian foods such as Kofteh Tabrizi, Ghormeh Sabzi, Chelo Kebab, Gheymeh bademjoon (eggplant), Tahchin Morgh, Fesenjan, and so many other foods. 

Address of Gazmakh Restaurant: In Shariati Street, Valiasr Street.

Gazmakh Phone No: 0098 4133332425

resturan ana tabriz
  • Anaa Traditional Restaurant of Tabriz

the other Traditional restaurant of Tabriz is Anaa restaurant with a very beautiful garden outside that can amaze all the visitors. 

The variety of foods here is wide and if you like to have your food in a calm and beautiful place, you can choose Anna Traditional restaurant. 

All the dishes are delicious, and everyone suggests to taste Abgoosht, Mahicheh, and Kofteh Tabrizi of Anna Restaurant. 

The opening hours of this restaurant are from 11 AM up to 11 PM. The quality of service is excellent and I suggest you reserve a table before going to the Anaa Restaurant. 

On the menu of the Restaurant, you can see lots of Persian foods such as Chelo Joojeh, Chelo morq (chicken with rice), Kofteh Tabrizi, and many other Persian foods.  

Address of Anaa restaurant: Sardroud Road.

Anna Restaurant Phone No: 00984134209525

  • Vahid Restaurant of Tabriz

The other pleasant restaurant of Tabriz is Vahid restaurant with more than 10 years old activity and lots of delicious foods. The chief of the restaurant can prepare all the Iranian foods and fast foods and Turkish foods. 

On the menu of Vahid Restaurant, you can see all the favorite foods like Doner Kebab, Salads, Kofteh Tabrizi, and other kebabs. 

Address of Vahid Restaurant: Laleh Park Complex, Shahid Fahmideh Square. 

Vahid Restaurant Phone No: 0098413660110

  • Haj Majid Restaurant

If you love to taste Chelo Morq you can have the most delicious Chelo Morq in Haj Majid Restaurant. 

The oldest restaurant since 1970 this restaurant is active. A very nostalgic place with a unique taste of foods. 

At your entrance, the waitress serves you a plate of soup and then bring you the main meal. The quality of food is really good and you can drink dough with a soft drink. 

The restaurant only serves one food. They serve only Chelo Morq with soup.

Address of Haj Majid Restaurant: Tarbiat Passaj, Tarbiat Street. 

Haj Majid Restaurant Phone No: 0098 413556461

  • Jalali Restaurant

The restaurant with 3 branches in Tabriz. Many people come to Jalali Restaurant to have a meal. The restaurant with a menu full of kinds of seafood, international foods with the highest quality and taste. 

You can eat the best Kofteh Tabrizi of Tabriz at Jalali Restaurant. 

On the menu of Jalali Restaurant, you can order many kinds of Kebabs with all the Persian foods. 

Address of Jalali Restaurant (Main Branch): Basij Square, Darvaze Tehran

Jalali Restaurant Phone No: 0098 4136377882

  • Ojaq Restaurant

A very unique restaurant with no kitchen. Ojaq Restaurant is a very good place for having different kinds of food ever. 

Why is it unique? Because they serve food right in front of your eyes at your table. You just need to choose the type of meat and food. 

The opening hours of Ojaq Restaurant is from 1 PM to half past 4 in the afternoon and from 7 PM to midnight.

Address of Ojaq Restaurant: Kand rood Road, 5 Kilometer to Tabriz road

Ojad Restaurant Phone No: 0098 4136304627

  • Imani Restaurant

The other famous restaurant of Tabriz is Imani Restaurant with 2 other branches. The one in traditional style and the other with classic style. 

The Imani Restaurant was a place for serving very delicious Dizi. 

The other restaurant having so many kinds of salads and side dishes. Both branches are located at 1 street. It is interesting to know that restaurants can serve food to Iranian and foreign travelers. 

In the menu of Imani Restaurant, you can see so many kinds of Kebabs and Persian foods. 

Address of Imani Restaurant: Imam Hossein Square, Sardroud.

Imani Restaurant Phone No: 0098 4134201595

  1. Bakhtar Restaurant of Tabriz (Chelo kababi Bakhtar)

the best restaurant for having fantastic Chelo Kabab in Tabriz is Bakhtar restaurant. the restaurant just serves two kinds of food, Kababe Barq, and kabab Kobideh. In Bakhtar restaurant you can have the very best food with the high-quality ingredient. 

Most of the time, the restaurant is full of customers and you’d better reserve a table beforehand. 

If you like to have the best food, I strongly suggest you go to Bakhtar Restaurant. 

Address of Bakhtar Restaurant: Bakhtar Street, 20 Bahman Boulevard, Darvazeh Tehran

Bakhtar Phone No: 0098 41 33242180

         11.   Sofreh Khane Qaem Magham of Tabriz

The best place for ordering traditional foods of Tabriz. Choosing Sofreh Khane Qaem Magham is the best option. A place with live playing music and also taking a photo with the local dress of Tabriz people. 

Address of Sofre Khaneh Qaem Magham: Yakhchal Alley, before Ghari Bridge, Shoshgolan Street. 

Sofreh Khane Qaem Maghan Phone No: 0098 4135258721

  1.  Epic Youli Restaurant

One of the luxurious and modern restaurants of Tabriz with 2 branches in the city. You can order the highest quality foods of Iranian and Turkish foods. The environment is calm and clean with beautiful furniture. I can say you can also enjoy visiting the playroom and tea room too. 

Address of Epic Youli Restaurant: Caspian Complex building, Daraiye Street.

Epic Youli restaurant Phone No: 0098 4135238890

  1. Nafis Restaurant of Tabriz

Nafis restaurant is a place for having all kinds of Turkish foods. No doubt that the food and environment of the restaurant can bring you a memorable experience of your travel to Tabriz. 

Address of Nafis Restaurant of Tabriz: Roudaki Street, Valiasr Bolouvard

Nafis Restaurant Phone No: 0098 4132900655

  1.  Delestan Restaurant of Tabriz

Delestan Restaurant of Tabriz is kind of simple with traditional design but good foods with fantastic taste. Local people suggest you order Kofteh Tabrizi and Kababs. 

The design of the restaurant is completely traditional like old Iranian architecture. The combination of tradition and classic style made the place so pleasant. 

Address of Delestan Restaurant: opposite to Jame Jam, 29 Bahman Bolouvard.

Delestan Phone No: 0098 41 33330034

           15.Bame Tabriz Restaurant 

Wonderful restaurant with a nice view of Tabriz located in the highest place of the city. The restaurant is located at Zeynali Park over the highest place in the city with the best quality food. Many people come to this place to eat good food in nice nature. 

Address of Bame Tabriz Restaurant: beside Mosque, top of Eynali Park, Pasdaran Highway.

Bame Tabriz Restaurant Phone No: 0098 4132371333

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