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Introducing of famous Tehran restaurants

In recent years many people get used to eating food at restaurants as a hobby. It’s interesting to know that in Iran people do the same and I should say that we have many good restaurants with the best quality of cooking foods.

For this reason, we can say that it’s a good point for the growing tourism industry. But in this article, we are going to introduce you to the most famous restaurants in Tehran. If you want to travel to Tehran, you can search in the list below.  

Kobaba Restaurant

The restaurant is one of the famous ones in Tehran because at this place you are free and all the waitresses are professional and polite. The most important specifications of these restaurants are their men. You can order Lebanese dishes and Afghani foods.

At this restaurant, you can have lots of Arabic foods such as Homos, Tabouleh, Felafel, and Fotosh Salad. Here we serve these dishes as a pre-course. In the Afghan menu, I recommend to you to test Eskandar Afandi, Polo-Afghani, Mosaka eggplant, and khoresht-e-Bademjan. 

I should say that in this restaurant you can have breakfast too. 

The price of food is a little higher than other restaurants here in Tehran. 

Oh, by the way, the Kobaba Restaurant located at Jordan Street (Nelson Mandela Street).   

Moslem Restaurants

This is another famous restaurant in Tehran which is located at the grand bazaar of this city. Usually, people chose this place for eating foods because most of the people prefer to have their food and they come from other parts of the city just for eating Moslems foods. 

I Must say the portions of foods are enough for 2 men and the price also is affordable.

The restaurants located at the Grand Bazaar of Tehran.

Khoone (Home) Restaurants

The other best one is Home Restaurants. Because it’s like an Iranian house that gives you a scene of comfort and relaxes. You can see carpets over the tables. Besides the beautiful design, I can say the quality of the food is great. 

It is interesting to know that the recipe for foods is for two good cock women of Tehran. 

The price of food at this place is a little expensive and the portion of food is good for 2 men. 

The home restaurants located at Jahan-e-koodak conjunction at Kaman dead-end.

tehran traditional food

Dizi Iran-Shahr

At Iran-Shahr street beside all the best café’s, you can find this traditional place which serves traditional foods in Iran. this restaurant is active for about 12 years and is the best one available in Tehran. Although the price of food here is high, you can have the best Dizi. 

The price of Dizi at this restaurant is 4$.

The Dizi Iran-Shahr located at Kalantari Street, Iran-Shahr Street.

Mobidic Restaurant

At this restaurant only you can eat lunch. Mobidic is the oldest one in the city. It’s interesting to know that one American writer called Mobidis as a whit Wale at one of his novels. 

The quality of cocked foods at this place is number one. The price is affordable. A menu of this restaurant you can order whatever you want.

The address of this restaurant is Sepahbod Qarani Street. 

Gasht Restaurant

This small restaurant is on the list of well-known places in Tehran. Gasht restaurants are the new one but it gets famous soon. The menu of the restaurant` is full of new and high-quality foods. 

The chief cook foods very different than others and you can have different kinds of Sandwiches beside all types of Kebabs. 

The Gasht restaurants located on Jordan Street.

Morshed restaurant

Morshed restaurant located at Tajrish square. You can eat absolutely the best Kebab here at Morshed Restaurant. The design of restaurants is traditional and high-quality. This restaurant can be the best option for having good food.

The price of food is average in comparison with the quality of everything.

The address of the restaurant is at Niyavaran Street.

The luxe talayee restaurant

One of the oldest restaurants in Tehran located in the northern parts of the city. At Vali-e-Asr Street the Luxe Talayee restaurant located. Most Tehran people know this place or even had a chance to have a meal here. 

Most people think that the price of food here is here but the price is affordable here.

Narenjestan Restaurant

The international restaurant of Tehran and famous one. If you want to pay money more I suggest you have food at Narenjestan Restaurant. This place also good for an important meeting. The writers are professional and they can talk to many languages. 

The important note is the menu with different types of Iranian and foreign foods. 

The Narenjestan restaurant located at Saadat Abad square. 

Kababi Shemroun

The Kababi Shemroun is another best option around the Tajrish and Niyavaran street. This restaurant has 3 branches that one of them known as a restaurant which serves sandwiches too. 

This restaurant also delivers food online. If you don’t have enough time to go to the restaurant you can order food online. 

You can order pre-food with drinks for customers. Cocking food with all the equipment made this restaurant the best one around Tehran.

Location Tajrish Square

Senso the Italian restaurant

If you enjoy eating Italian food, you can go to the senso restaurant. The outside view of the restaurant is wooden made. You can have all types of Italian foods here. 

The design of this place is nostalgic and you’d better reserve a table before. 

This restaurant can be reserved for 40 people too. 

The address of this place is at Fersood boulevard 

tehran italian food

Hes Touran Restaurant

The design of this location is the same as the northern cities of Iran. this restaurant has different types of serving foods. Although the price of food here is higher than others. The kebab serves on a sword. 

At this restaurant, you can have different kinds of Polo and Khoresht and Persian dishes. This restaurant also interesting for foreign tourists the quality of foods here is high and the customers have all types of foods. 

The hes touran restaurant located at fereshteh street. 

Mestouran restaurant 

This restaurant is a traditional one and also a famous one. The people who had food here completely satisfied with the food. 

The portion of food is good that is enough for 2 men. At the menu of the restaurant, you can see lots of different foods the price of foods also affordable. I suggest you order Shahaneh Kabab at Mestouran, you will enjoy eating this food. 

At the time of entering the restaurant, you will be amazed by Persian design and architecture. All the eye-catching decoration can capture your attention. 

This restaurant located at Niyavaran square.

Javan Restaurant

One of the favorite restaurants that have some branches in different parts of the city. This restaurant is the oldest one in Tehran. 100 years ago is active up to now. 

The restaurant Javan also has an online delivery service. 

At the menu of the restaurant, you can see different types of foods and about the price of foods I can say completely affordable. 

The Javan restaurant located in Nobonyad region.

Barouj Chain restaurant

One of the best and famous restaurants. This restaurant has branches around the city in every region. The modern design of Barouj restaurant captures every attention.

I should say that this restaurant has a branch in most parts of the city like Mirdamad Street, Bam Land, Koroush Complex, Elahieh Street, Yousef Abad street.  

Milad Tower turning restaurant

On your visit to the Milad tower, I strongly recommend you to have food at this amazing restaurant. The restaurant located at the top of the tower. At that high, you can see the ultimate view of Tehran. 

Remember to pay the entrance fee for this restaurant. If you go to this one you will enter the biggest restaurant at the 276-meter height. Don’t forget to reserve a table before. 

Other restaurants in Tehran that I can name them is Gilaneh restaurant, Shandiz Restaurant, Nayeb Restaurant, Alborz Restaurant, and Sharaf Islami Restaurant.

In the end, I should say that in Tehran you can find lots of restaurants and fast foods which serve traditional foods and Persian Kebab’s and Pizza and Humbergers. I know that you will love eating Persian foods because it’s a taste that you’ve never had a chance to experience.

If you tasted the Persian foods of even went to one of the above mentioned restaurants, please share your comments down below with us.

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