famous restaurants of Mashhad

30 famous restaurants of Mashhad, with the best and delicious foods

despite all the attractions of Mashhad, which invite all tourist from around the world have lots of places to visit. Today I want to introduce to you the most famous restaurants in Mashhad. I want to inform you about all the specifications and the food cultures of Mashhad. Let’s start to read the article. Hope you find it interesting and useful.

1.Karim Son’s Restaurant and good taste of Chelo Mahicheh 

The taste of Chelo Mahicheh is famous for everyone. Karim Son’s restaurant is well-known among Mashhads people. The food quality is great with good service and an appropriate price for each portion of food.

The Restaurants have several branches the center branch is the oldest one with the old structure of the building. The restaurant is always crowded. 

Address of Karim Son’s: at the end of the alley, Farhad 22, Farhad Street, Sajjad boulevard.

2. Moeen Darbary Restaurant, noble and crowded

The 100-year-old restaurant and the oldest ones in the city are Moeen Darbary restaurant. the restaurant with traditional Persian foods. I can say the Kebabs of the restaurant is famous for everyone. For having a meal here, you must be patient because always here are so crowded and you need to wait a while to free some table. 

Address of Moeen Darbary restaurant: opposite to Bakhtar Hotel, between Pasdaran 2 and 4, Pasdaran Street.   

3.Hoverin Restaurant of Mashhad, very exciting eating

If you don’t afraid of height and want to have an exciting meal, I suggest you visit this hovering restaurant. the restaurant can accept 32 people and can go up to 40-meter height. Also, you can enjoy live music while you having a meal. The restaurant always insures the visitors so there is no need to worry about it. 

Address of Hoverin Restaurant of Mashhad: Shandiz Town, 10 Kilometer of Shandiz road, Mashhad.

4.Baghe Zeytoon (Olive Garden 2) (Sajjad) a different restaurant

  Olive Garden 2 is famous for serving Italian foods with an expensive portion of food, but there is no need to worry about the quality of cuisines. 

Address of Baghe Zeytoon (Olive Garden): 10/3 Street, 10th Bahar, Sajjad, Mashhad. 

5.Chelo Kababie Omid Mashhad, one delicious meal

The only reason which made Chelo Kababie Omid Mashhad, famous is for the unique taste of Kabab’s among customers. This restaurant is 100 years old and we suggest you taste Chelo Kobedeh at this restaurant. 

Address of Chelo Kababie Omid Mashhad: between Shaheed Erfani 1 and 3, Fadaieeyan Islam 21, Fadaieeyad Islan Street, Mashhad. 

6. Leo Italian Restaurant, from Penne to Panini

A restaurant is a place for those who seek a calm and quiet place. Leo Restaurant is famous for its Italian foods and exciting kinds of Salads. 

Address of Leo Restaurant: Besides the Royal restaurant, 1st Azady, Park Square, Azadi Square.

7.Shayan Shandiz Restaurant, a hangout for those who love Sheshkeek

If you love eating Sheeshleek, the Shayan Shandiz can gift you the best experience of eating this delicious food. I Should note about the price of food which is expensive. 

Address of Shyan Shandiz Restaurant: Before Padideh Square, Before Shandiz, Mashhad.

8.Sodrous Restaurant, the famous one

The most well-known one with several active branches. I can say the quality of the foods here is high. 

Address: Shahid Sadeghi 13, Sazman Ab boulevard

9.Nasime Lobnan Restaurant, Arabic taste in the heart of Mashhad

As you know the Arabic restaurants here are many, but the famous one here is Nasime Lobnan. Don’t forget to taste Shaverma here at this restaurant. 

Address of Restaurant: Opposite to Jahad Daneshgahi, Adabiyat three ways, Mashahad.

10. Bame Koohsar Restaurant, eating foods in height

The modern restaurant with 2 sections of Café and Restaurant. from up there you can see the ultimate view of the city from the most famous restaurant in the region. I can say you can have the best Italian food here while you enjoy seeing the landscape. 

Address of Bame Koohsar: Koohsar Complex, end of Hashemeiyeh Boulevard, Mashhad. 

11.Alams Restaurant (Dimond Restaurant), The near place to Haram

The restaurant with lots of foods on their menu. After your prayer at Haram, you can have food here. The restaurant is located in the Almas Hotel complex.

Address of Restaurant: Between Imam Reza 6 and 4, Imam Reza Street, Mashhad.

12.Mahestan Shandiz Restaurant, a restaurant for all seasons

The other famous restaurant in Mashahd is Mahestan restaurant. the restaurant contains two parts. One for winter and the other one for summertime. The other advantage of the restaurant is its delivery service.

13.the very luxurious place for your ceremonies, Qasre Darvish restaurant

The restaurant Qasre Darvish is famous for its luxurious design with 4 different sections that can be your host at ceremonies. 

Address of Qasre Darvish Restaurant: After Qaem Hospital, Kohsangi Street, Taqi Abad Square, Mashhad.

resturant ghasr mashhad

14. Rezaiee Restaurant, the oldest restaurant with several branches

The oldest restaurant about more than 50 years old with lots of high-quality foods especially their kababs is perfect. 

Address of Rezaiee Restaurant: Azadi Square, Gonbade Sabz Square, Akhonde Khorasani, Mashhad.

15. Baba Qodrat Restaurant, A historical complex

A tight historical restaurant of Mashhad. The building was belonging to a caravanserai. The building could be amazing for each visitor. I should say the restaurant contains three sections of Traditional bazaar, a traditional tea room, and a traditional restaurant. 

Address of Baba Qodrat Restaurant: beside 16th Sadr, Sadr Boulevard, 17 Shahrivar Square, end of Imam Reza Bazzar, Mashhad.

16.Rastgoo Restaurant of Mashhad, Best Kababe Barg

The Rastgoo restaurant is famous for its Kababe Barg, but other foods here are very delicious too. 

Address of Rastgoo Restaurant: between 25 and 23 of Vakil Abad, after Hashemieyh Bridge, Vakil Abad Boulevard, Mashhad.

17. Teras Café and Restaurant, New but famous

The Tras Café with 3 years old but have lots of fan among residents. In a restaurant, you can have lots of Iranian and international foods, especially Italian foods. The Café menu contains Café’s, hot and cold drinks, cakes, and desserts. 

The restaurant with a modern and pleasant design. All people love eating foods because of the wide variety of foods and the highest quality of foods here. 

If you want the food of the best quality, so choose Teras Restaurant.

Address of Teras Restaurant: Between Imamat 6 and 8, Imamat boulevard, Vakil Abad Square, Mashhad. 

18.Tanour Steak House, the party of Taste and Flavor

The Tanour stake house with the highest quality of Stakes and good chief can serve you the best food ever. 

The Tanour Stake house has a quiet and calm place for the customer to eat their meal. The point is that you can order well-down, medium, or rare stake in Tanour steak house. 

The opening hours are 12 PM to 2 PM for lunch and 6 PM to 24 Midnight for dinner.

Address of Tanour Stake House: Beside Estakhre Rad, end of Nofel Shato Street, Shahid Kalantary, Mashahad.

19. Vegan House, for Who have Vegan Diet

The other restaurant in Mashahad is Vegan House. Is a place for people who follow a Vegan diet. A place for serving clean and healthy foods to customers. 

A quiet and calm place for your birthdays and ceremonies. If you are interested in healthy foods, then no time to waste. Come to Vegan House for the best food. 

Opening hours are 12 PM to 3:30 PM for lunch and 6 PM to 11:30 PM for dinner.

Address of Vegan House: No36, Hashemiyeh 28, Mashhad.

20. Divar Café Restaurant, Beloved Hearts

A lovely place for your ceremonies and meetings. The menu of the café covers all the tastes. The best specifications of the restaurant are a good manner for waiters and their services. If you like to have breakfast here, don’t forget to reserve a table before. 

The opening hours are 9 AM to 11:30 PM.

Address of Divar Café Restaurant: beside Reza 40, Reza boulevard, Ahmad Abad, Mashhad.

21.Eram Shandiz Restaurant, famous and beloved

The oldest and famous with 36 years old activity. I know at least one tourist had a chance to have a meal here. 

You can have your meal at salons or outdoors. The specification of the restaurant is the quality and taste of the foods. I can say the portion of food is enough for 2 people it can decrease the price of food. 

The Eram Shandiz is the most attractive place in Mashhad which you can choose.

Opening hours: 12 PM to 4 PM and 8 PM to midnight.

Address of Eram Shaniz Restaurant: left side of Street, Second Square, Shandiz road, Mashhad

22.Shorvarzi Restaurant of Mashhad, the luxurious and glorious

If you like to have a meal in a very luxurious place the Shorvarzi Restaurant is the best option. The restaurant with Salad Bar for everyone. You can order lots of food with the best quality. I suggest you order Baghali polo with meat because of its taste like heaven. Also, order shrimp and stake and enjoy it. 

The opening hours are 12 PM to 3:30 PM and 8 PM to 11 PM.

Address of Shorvarzi Restaurant: 15 Shahid Sadeghi, Shahid Sadeghi Boulevard, Mashhad.

resturant shurvarzi

23. Tashrifat Mashhad Restaurant, perfect and everything

The very famous restaurant for residents which is located in Torghabeh. All tourist schedules their time to have at least one meal here. 

An attractive place with café shops and traditional restaurants and traditional café. You can have your food in the garden outside. 

At this restaurant, I suggest you taste Sheshleek, Mahicheh, Seafoods like Shrimp, and Duckling. 

The advantages of here are free parking, a good manner of Personals, good food, and many other things.

The opening hours at midnight up to midnight

Address of Restaurant: Tashrifat Complex, left side of the road, Torghabeh, Mashhad

tashrifat resturant

24.Hotel Darvishi Restaurant, a complex to bests

Among the people of Mashhad Hotel Darvishi Restaurant have the highest place. A complex contains different restaurants to cover up all tastes. 

If you are a traveler, I suggest you have a meal here you will have the best time. You can have a wide variety of options to choose from. From Iranian foods to all kinds of international foods. 

The very luxurious place with an excellent view of families made it famous and lovely. 

Address of Hotel Darvishi Restaurant: Between Imam Reza 24 and 26, Imam Reza Street, Mashhad.

25. Dizi Saraie Seyed Jaghorogh, A real taste of Dizi Sangi

One of the pleasant places for Mashhad People to have Dizi Sangi. The Dizi Sara is Active since 1995 and is still a favorite. The price of Dizi here in comparison to the quality of food is excellent. 

If you are a fan of Dizi, don’t forget to be here.

Address of Dizi Saraie Seyed Jaghorogh: Jaghorogh road, Torghabeh, Mashhad

26. Atlasieyh Mashhad Restaurant, A calm night underneath the sky

Another luxurious and unique restaurant in Mashhad is Atlasieyh Restaurant. a very luxurious environment with a glass-made Dome. 

The lights and stars above beside the quality of foods attract many people. 

Don’t forget to go to the Atlasieyh restaurant. 

Address of Atlasieyh Restaurant: Restaurant Atlasieyh, Beside Almase Shargh, the roof above Vesal Complex, North Khayam Boulevard, Mashhad.

27.Ghasre Hadish Mashhad Restaurant, Simple and kind

Ghasre Hadish a simple and kind place with special architecture. At this restaurant, you can order many different kinds of foods and enjoy its unique taste. The sheshleek and jojeh Kabab here is well-known. 

Opening hours: 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM and 8 PM to 24 PM.

Address of Ghasre Hadish restaurant: Beside Kian center Complex, Janbaz Street, Farmarz Abbasi Street, Mashhad.

hodish resturant mashhad

28. Omid Mashhad Danesh Restaurant

If in Mashahd You are looking for the very best Chelo Kabab, you should choose the Omid Mashhad Danesh restaurant. you can order lots of Iranian foods here and enjoy eating. The quality of foods here is good and you will not be disappointed in choosing the Omid Mashhad Danesh restaurant.

Address: Between Shaheed Erfani 1 and 3, Fadaieean Islam, Fadaieean Islam Street, Mashhad.

29. Ehsan Mashhad Restaurant, Pleasant and ceremonial

If you are looking for new places the Ehsan Mashahd Restaurant is waiting for you. At this place, you can have lots of food in a modern place. 

Address of Ehsan Mashhad Restaurant: opposite to Hotel Homa, Ahmad Abad Street, Mashhad.

30. Kolbeh Restaurant, everything in one restaurant

Every tourists and resident love the Kolbeh Restaurant because they can have Italian foods, Iranian foods, and Fast foods here. The quality of foods and taste of the foods here are excellent. 

The opening hours of Kolbeh Restaurant are 12 PM to 4 PM and 7 PM to midnight.

Address of Kolbeh Restaurant: Beside Saderat Bank, Vesal Square, Hashemiyeh 18, Mashhad.  

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