15 Shiraz famous local foods and cuisines

15 Shiraz famous local foods and cuisines

One of the main tourist’s attractions of Shiraz is its foods and sweets. Shiraz has many sightseen and recreational centers. The traditional foods of this city also can be an option for being familiar with Iranian traditions and customs. In this article, I want to share with you about some main foods of Shiraz which is Shiraz’s people cook. Shiraz has many different kinds of foods. We want to introduce to you that in your travel to Iran you can taste them. 

You can’t believe how much Shiraz people are professional in cocking different colorful polo (Persian rice). You will see this wide verity of cuisines in a long list of Shiraz foods. These foods are colorful with good smell. 

Here in the below, I want to mention some of the best foods of Shiraz and iran food culture. So please keep reading this article. 

15 Kalam Polo (Cabbage with rice) 

Kalam Polo is one of the most famous foods of Shiraz which make with cabbage, minced meat, vegetables (dill, basil, leek, and tarragon) and chickpea flour. First of all, we roll the minced meat like a small ball and frying in lemon juice and then drain the rice and combine with vegetable cabbage to be well cocked then add the meatball to this combination in the end. 

kalam polo shiraz food

14 Do Piazeh Aloo 

Other famous foods of Shiraz that easily cook is Do Piazeh Aloo and enjoy its taste.

This delicious food contains tomato, potato, fried onion, tomato paste, and spices. First of all, you should boil the potatoes and after that slice them into small pieces then combine them with tomato paste and fried onion and tomato and add some spices like salt and pepper. its ready! See how it easily ready to be served. 

13 Kofte Sabzi 

Kofte Sabzi is another local food of Shiraz that everyone wants to eat. This traditional food made of minced meat, onion, pea, and vegetables. The size of each Kofteh is a little bit big. 

12 Ash-e-Sabzi (vegetable soup)

 Shiraz has many different kinds of Ash and in this city, you can find many food shops that sell different kinds of Ash. It’s interesting to know that Shiraz people eat Ash for breakfast. 

11 Ash-e-Mast (yogurt soup)

This soup is made on some good smell vegetables such as dill, tarragon and this kind of soup have CotyledonYoghourt must be adding to this combination as its name shows. This soup is delicious if you are a greedy person you would enjoy eating it.    

10 Shekar Polo (Sugar with rice) 

Peoples of Shiraz always prefer the sweet taste and in their local and traditional foods have a sweet taste. Shirin Polo is one of the traditional cuisines of Shiraz which is the most favorite one for ceremonies. This food contaminated of Persian rice, saffron, Pistachio, Almond, tiny layers of orang cocked with sugar and water (a kind of syrup made by orange peel). You can serve this food with chicken meat or lamb. 

shirin polo food of shiraz

9 Havij Polo (Carrots with rice)

One of the most traditional foods of Shiraz that is so colorful with good smell. The Havij polo contains Persian rice, carrot, Mincemeat, sugar, saffron, cinnamon, onion and salt. I’m sure you will love its taste and would like to eat the Havij polo one more time. Cocking this food is easy but in some local restaurant, you can find this kind of food.           

havij polo shiraz food

8 Ash-e-Anar (Pomegranate soup)

In Shiraz, you can find many different kinds of Ash (Persian Soup) but among them, the Ash-e-Anar have a special taste. Usually, in Shiraz, they serve this food in Yalda night (the longest night of year. First day of Dey month in Persian calendar).

This cuisine contains Pomegranate, Pea, Pino Beans, rice, special kinds of vegetable, onion, mincemeat, and salt. Eating this soup in cold night of winter looks very delicious and can make the joy of this night much more pleasant.  

ashe anar shiraz food

7 Ghanbar Polo

Ghanbar polo is one of the luxurious foods of Shiraz which they cook it for ceremonies and parties. The taste of this food is between sweet and sour and usually it server with Salad Shirazi (made of cucumber, tomato, and onion). For preparing Ghanbar polo you must have rice, mincemeat, Walnut, Raisins, Pomegranate paste, onion, chickpea flour, salt and pepper, oil and turmeric.   

ghanbar polo shiraz food

6 Lobeia Polo (chick beans with rice)

This polo is Iranian national food that every Iranian people can cook this food. But I must say that this Polo is different from others and the main contaminant of this food is black eye pea (cowpea) and also chick breast meat, onion, saffron, salt, and dill.

It’s interesting to know that Iranian people stew Persian rice and also the Persian Tah-dig (burnt portion adhering to the pan) is famous among Iranian People.  

loobia polo food of shiraz

5 Tahchin Shirazi (Shirazi Polo)

Shirazi Polo is the most preferred foods of Shiraz which cook with rice, chicken meat, egg, yogurt, and eggplant. You can find this delicious food in Shiraz restaurants and usually they serve this food with Salad Shirazi.     

tahchin food of shiraz

4 Kofte Shirazi (Kofte hoolo)

I bet you know the Kofteh Tabrizi which is special foods of Tabriz and maybe you are one of its fans. But I’m not sure that you have heard the name of Kofteh Hoolo. Kofte Shirazi (kofte hoolo) contains two parts of Kofteh and soup because the chef makes this delicious food of mincemeat with egg, carrots and adding some spices like salt and pepper. sometimes they add Pomegranate paste. This food is like a ball contains all above-mentioned contaminants. Don’t forget in your travel to Shiraz taste this delicious food.  

kufte hului food of shiraz

3 Dampokhtak Shirazi

This food is another traditional food of Shiraz which they make it with Carrot, salt and pepper, lentils, cabbage and some vegetables like dill, Basil, Tarragon and Parsley and let these contaminants to be ready after that add this to the pots of rice and about 30 minutes of stew the food is ready. Bon appetite. 

2 Rob polo

This food is healthy and contains rice, Raisins, walnuts, pomegranate paste, tomato, and sugar. Sometimes in this food, they add brawn and add the contaminants into rice pot and let it get ready to serve.   

1 Eshkeneh Shirazi

Eshkneh is the most famous food in Shiraz. This food is somehow like Abgoosht and Shiraz people use egg, onion, oil, yogurt, fresh Fenugreek, and dried mint. This soup is one of the easily made food. 

In the end, hope you enjoy this article and I suggest you taste this food in your travel in Shiraz. In the next article, we will cover the foods of another country. If you have any experience of eating this food, please leave your comment down below.  

eshkene abe piazak shiraz food

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