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14 fascinating restaurants in Kish Island that you should have a meal there

All touristic cities despite its touristic attractions should have the most visited restaurants. Kish Island is one of the favorite islands for tourists here in Iran which yearly more than a million people travel to this dreamy island from inside and outside of Iran. as you know founding the very good restaurants with delicious foods, is the most important part of every trip for travelers. In this article, we are going to introduce to you the 14 best restaurants on Kish Island that have the very best quality in food. Hope the article can help you while you spending your vacation on the wonderful Kish Island.

The best restaurants in Kish Island

One of the beautiful Islands of Iran is Kish Island located in Hormorzgan province. Kish Island has lots of attractions such as recreational centers, diving centers, and so many places to shop but also it has many famous restaurants. In the rest of the article, we want to introduce them for your next travel to Iran to not worry about finding a good place to have very delicate food and have a full schedule to this wonderful land.       

1.Mir-Mohana Restaurant

mirmohana kish

one of the oldest and famous place in Kish for serving different kinds of delicious sea-foods, which its name is Mir-Mohana restaurant.

The restaurant is one of the best places in Kish for having many excellent with the highest quality of sea-foods. The restaurant has a pleasant environment with a modern design. The foods here have the highest quality ever with good taste. 

You can see a wide variety of foods on their menu which contains Kebabs and sea-foods. Among them, you can see Qaleyeh-Mahi the famous food of Mir-Mohana restaurant. During having your meal, you can enjoy hearing live music playing that would be very interesting for you. The restaurant located near to the beach you can see the ultimate view of the sea from the window. 

mir mohana resturant

Being near to the sea can make it possible for visitors to go for a walk after serving their meal and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

The restaurant has a free parking lot for people who want to serve food here. If you want to go to Mir-Mohana you’d better reserve a table before it. 

About the price of food in the restaurant, I should say it is a little expensive but it worth it. 

Address of Mir-Mohana restaurant: near to the beach, Parvin Etesami Street, near to the Top Rose Hote.

2.Koohe Noor Restaurant

The unique restaurant in the heart of stone is designed with stone and rock. The waterfall and ancient pictures over the walls make the environment of the restaurant very unique. The lights all around made the place very nice and beautiful, especially during the nighttime. 

The similarity of the restaurant to mountain stone made the name of Koohe Noor (light’s mountain) excellent for the restaurant. the menu of the restaurant contains all kinds of foods like Iranian, Foreign, and plates of seafood. 

We suggest you order salad and soup and don’t forget to taste French foods. In Koohe Noor restaurant you can enjoy listening to live music while eating a meal. It is interesting to know that on the upper floor you can also have coffee at the Café shop. 

The Koohe Noor restaurants in open from 12 noon till 1 AM. The price of food at this restaurant is expensive. 

Address of Koohe Noor restaurant: Near to Sadaf Hotel, Danesh Boulevard, Amir Kabeer Square. 

Koohe Noor Restaurant kish

3.Tutii Fruitti Restaurant

If you want to have a very pleasant meal beside the Persian Gulf beaches, I suggest you choose the Tutti Fruitti restaurant. the restaurant is located near the recreational pier. 

The menu of restaurants contains many kinds of foods such as Iranian food, Foreign foods, Seafoods, and fast foods. 

Over the roof which has designed wood, also you can see the ultimate view of the Persian Gulf. By the way, you can hear live music at the Tutti Frutti Restaurant too.

The price of food at this restaurant is average and the most famous food is grilled shrimp. 

On your next trip to Kish Island, I advise you to schedule and have a meal at Tutti Fruiti restaurant. 

Don’t forget to reserve a table before you go. 

Address of Tutti Frutti restaurant: besides to recreational pier, end of the Darya Boulevard. 

Tutii Fruitti Restaurant

4. Food Land Restaurant

The other unique restaurant of Kish Island with more than 100 foods and deserts. The Food Land is located near the Marjan beach. 

The Foodland restaurant can cover all tastes of food because on its menu you can see a wide range of food such as Iranian foods, kinds of seafood, Fast foods, traditional Iranian foods, and international foods with the best quality. 

It is interesting to know that all the foods have international standards and the restaurant has two Café shops the first one is for cold and hot drinks, ice cream and the second one is special Moroccans drinks and foods. 

The opening hours are 11 AM to 2 AM. The price of food here is appropriate. I strongly suggest you taste Sheer Mahi and also fast foods.

Address of Food Land: the west corner of Marjan international Bazaar, Jahan Street. 

5. Royal Star Restaurant 

One of the Romantic restaurants of Kish is the Royal Star restaurant which chicest design. On the menu, you can choose all Iranian and international foods. 

The restaurant is famous for its kind of seafood. I suggest you taste it here. The price of food at the Royal Star restaurant is expensive but everyone would like to pay it for good taste foods which serve at the place.

The opening hours of the Royal Star restaurant is 11 AM till 12 AM. 

Address of Royal Star restaurant: No3, Besak building, 1st phase, Sadaf boulevard.  

6. shandiz Safdari Restaurant

The one favorite restaurant among residents is Shandiz Safdari because it has the best quality and delicious foods. The restaurant is huge and can accept 500 guests. 

The restaurant has live music all the time. You can have many foods here such as Kebab’s, and kinds of seafood. If you want to hold a ceremony or birthday party, I suggest you have your party at this restaurant. 

The price of foods at Shandiz Safdari restaurant is high but you can have access to free- Wi-Fi and free transportation. 

The opening hours of Shandiz Safdari restaurant are noon, to 3 PM and 8 PM to 12:30 AM. 

Address of Shandiz Safdari restaurant: opposite to twin towers, after Marjan Park, Jahan Road. 

7.Damoon Food Court Restaurant 

One of the best restaurants on Kish Island with the best quality of food is Damon Food Court restaurant. the restaurant is located on the 12th floor of the Damoon Shopping Mall.

The variety of foods at this restaurant is a lot such as Iranian foods, Turkish foods, Indian foods, Chinese foods, Mexican Foods, and Italian Foods for serving to the customers. 

The advantage of Damoon Food Court is the price of foods here are reasonable. 

The design of the place is simple and chic with a view of the Persian Gulf. The Indian foods are delicious and fishes are tasty, you should Pastas too. Of course, you can have breakfasts here at the food court. 

I should say the food court is so crowded at night. So you’d better reserve a place before you go. 

Address of Damoon Food Court: Damoon Shopping Mall, Vesal Street.

8.Payab Restaurant

The one traditional restaurant of Kish Island with tasty and good quality foods. The restaurant is located at the Payab Historical complex of Kish Island.

Traditional style and live music, beautiful environment made the place pleasant for the tourist to have a meal here at Payab restaurant. 

The calm place of Payab Restaurant makes the best memory in mind. I should note the advantages of the restaurant here are free Wi-Fi, reserving a table. The other advantage of the restaurant here is its traditional tea house. Don’t forget to have a cup of tea here.

Address of Payab Restaurant: Olympic Boulevard, Olympic square.

9.Hashtag Restaurant

The Hashtag restaurant is famous for its fast foods. The restaurant has two main menus contains Iranian foods and Modern foods it famous for fast foods. 

The restaurant can serve food for 80 people the design of the place is unique. The Hashtag restaurant is famous for pepperoni, Hamburgers, Pizza, and French fries. If you miss eating fast foods, I suggest you Hashtag restaurant. 

Address of Hashtag restaurant: Houdish building, opposite to carting, Amir Kabir boulevard.

10.Saloud Restaurant

The luxurious restaurant of Kish Island with the highest quality of foods. The restaurant menu is including of international foods and Iranian foods.

During your meal, you can enjoy the view of the Island. The other specifications of the Saloud Restaurant are live music. It is good to note that the price of food here is expensive. 

The opening hours are 12 till 4 PM for lunch and 8 PM till 12:30 AM for dinner. 

Saloud Restaurant address is, Near Kolbeh Hour, Jahan road.

11.Nahang e Sefid (White Whale) Restaurant

The unique and best restaurant on Kish Island is Nahange Sefid. The shape of the restaurant is like a huge Whale. 

The restaurant despite all seafood has Iranian and international foods. But the Nahange Sefid restaurant is famous for its kind of seafood. 

If you are interested to have sea foods, don’t forget to visit this restaurant. the price of food at Nahange Sefid is too expensive. 

Address of Nahange Sefid Restaurant: besides the beach, Farabi Hotel, Sanaiee Square.  

12.Darchin Restaurant

 The Darchin restaurant is one of the best and unique restaurants on Kish Island because of the variety of foods. The restaurant is famous for its calm and quiet place. 

You can have different kinds of foods such as fishes, Tah chin, Loobia polo, Adas Polo, kabab’s but its steak is really good. The restaurant has also breakfast. Darchin restaurant is open 8 mornings till midnight. 

Address of Darchin Restaurant: opposite to avaye Khalije Fars, end of Andishey Street.

13.Padidyeh Kish Restaurant

The biggest restaurant of all around the world about 6500 meters. The entrance of the restaurant is like the Bibel Gate entrance which is a kind of tourist attraction. 

The restaurant of Padideyeh Kish is famous for its delicious foods. Free transfer and live music are the advantages of the restaurant. the famous foods here are Shishleek. 

It is interesting to know that on the outside of the building you can see the giant yellow anchor in 100 Ton weight. Its anchors have been made in 35 days and registered in Guinness Book. 

The opening hours are 12 PM to 4 PM for lunch. And 8 PM to 12 AM for dinner. 

Address of Padidyeh Kish: Ghorob Square, Jahan road.

14. Baba Qodrat restaurant

If you want to have a delicious meal at a very calm and quiet place, you’d better visit the Baba Qodrat restaurant. the traditional restaurant with free Wi-Fi and a Parking lot is the advantages of the restaurant. I suggest you have a meal here too.

Address of the Baba Qodrat Restaurant: Parmida Hotel, Roudaki street.  

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