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11 most well-known restaurants of Rasht province

the joy of eating Kabab Torsh and Doosh Kabab in Gilan

You must have heard about Gilan’s famous and delicious foods, especially this city is full of many good restaurants which prepare Gilan’s cuisines very well. At these restaurants, you can taste good Kabab Torsh, Polo Kababi and lots of other foods. I strongly suggest you taste all the Gilan’s province foods. I know that you are interested to know more about all the Iranian traditional foods. You can’t find any more delicate and beautiful foods like Persian foods. Iran is famous around the world for its tasty cuisines. Now in this article, I want to introduce some of the delicious foods here in Gilan province. 

1.Shour Koli restaurant of Rasht

Everyone knows shour Koli restaurant in Rasht. If you want to taste the local foods of the city, don’t waste time surfing around the Rasht just look for the shour Koli restaurant. 

The chief here serves the foods in blue painted dishes with the fish pattern on them. No doubt about the taste of foods here. 

The environment of the restaurant is simple but it transfers a good feeling to customers. The restaurant shour Koli is so much famous that all the celebrities and artists go there. Shour Koli is one of the well-known restaurants in Rasht. 

It is interesting to know that the chiefs of restaurants are women how to live in Rasht, for this reason, all the dishes look likes homemade foods. I suggest you taste Khoresht Toorshi Vashi here. 

You’d better reserve a table before you go. 

Address shor Koli Restaurant in Rasht: Golsar, Toohid Boulevard. 

Shor Koli Restaurant Phone: 0098 133121749

2.Razeghi Restaurant- the most famous restaurant in Rasht 

Razeghi Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Rasht. You can find all the best quality foods here at Razeshi Restaurant and have a good time here in the very chick location. The decoration of the place is high-class and also you can have foreign meals here.

You can have breakfast at Razeghi restaurant, in the menu are lots of different meals. It’s almost 120 types of foods and enjoy live music. 

The price of foods is a little expensive but it worth it. I suggest you order Kabab Toorsh and Kabab Bareh Razeghi. 

Razeghi Restaurant Address: Golsar, at the corner of 123 Street. 

Rezeghi Phone: 0098133723322

3.Shekamol molok Restaurant

You can have lots of delicious foods at Shekamol molok Restaurant. the owner of the restaurant is Milad Khalilzadeh. The terrace of the restaurant is beside the Kadoos Hotel of Rasht. 

The environment with the combination of its design made the place fantastic specially the taste of foods is excellent at Shekamol molok. 

If you chose to have food here, don’t forget to order Sini Molokane with Doughe Molok. Everyone knows the restaurant as the best restaurant here.    

Address of Shekamol molok Restaurant: Rasht, Bolouvar Manzareyeh, Hotel Kadoos.

Shekamol molok Phone: 00981333365075

4. Traditional Douran Restaurant

If you are looking for a good place with proper price and quality, then chose Douran restaurant. the Douran Restaurant is the oldest and experienced place in Rasht. 

At this restaurant, you can have Dizi Sangi that you can’t find it anywhere. Especially the oldest Dizi Sangi which everyone loves it. 

The restaurant isn’t so big a building. You can find the parking lot around the restaurant building. The Kashke bademjon here is excellent. The restaurant is the best in Rasht. 

Address of Douran Restaurant: Rasht, Rashtian Bolouvard.

Douran Phone: 00981333584723

5. Baradarane Ramsar Restaurant

Another well-known restaurant of Rasht in Baradaran Restaurant. one of the crowded places of town with a big building but no fancy and eye-catching decoration, actually the taste of foods are excellent here. 

Sometimes you may see very strange scenes like all waiters carry so many foods on one hand and deliver them over the food table because they are so busy doing their responsibilities. 

About the quality of foods, I can say all types of foods are excellent especially Mirza-ghasemi, Jooje Toorsh, and kabab Toorsh are the best. 

Address of Baradaran Restaurant in Ramsar: Ramsar, Basij Square, Ramk, opposite of Saderat Bank.

Baradaran Phone: 0098115222492

6.Nemone Jooje Mahali Fooman Restaurant

Jooje Mahali is one of the restaurants that you can’t resist its foods. the taste of the foods at this restaurant is like homemade meals. For this reason, the restaurant became well-known among the local people of Rasht. 

The rice use is smoky and Iranian rice with very a unique taste. You can find any kinds of foods on the menu such as polo kabab toorsh and Anaar bij. 

Also, they have a special dish of Jooje Mahali with great design and taste. 

Address of Jooje Mahali: Fooman, Masooleh Road, Martyr Eftekhary boulevard, opposite Hajati School 

Jooje Mahali Phone: 00989119400697

7.Golsar Rasht Restaurant

The oldest restaurant of Rasht with so many years of high-quality foods. In Golsar there are no blue traditional dishes but they serve you foods like no other places.   

 Berenj Tahdigi and Khoresht Fesenjan and jooje Kabab are good here. The decoration is simple but pleasant. 

Address of Golsar Restaurant: Golsar, Somayeh Bolouvard, in 126 Street.

Golsar Phone: 0098133721900

8.Resturane Hoonarmandane Rasht (artist’s restaurant)

As you see by the name of the Restaurant, you would understand that so many artists come to the place. You can order all the Iranian and local foods here and also can have all kinds of fast foods here, for this reason, I have selected to the list of the famous restaurant. 

You can enjoy listening to live music here sometimes you can visit all the artists at this restaurant. 

The quality of the foods is good. The restaurant environment is chic. The owner of the restaurant is a pop singer too you may have heard some of them. 

Address of Honarmandan Restaurant: Rasht, 8th Kilometer to Anzali 

9.Grand restaurant of Rasht (Gilaneh Restaurant)

The Grand Restaurant of Rasht is the chicest restaurant of Rasht with so many polite waiters. They are kind and helpful the foods here always fresh and hot. 

The environment of the restaurant is really luxurious and quite for having a meeting here. I can say the portion of foods here is enough almost for two people. You can ask waiters for help. 

The price of foods with luxurious design and also the good taste is so reasonable. 

Address of the Grand Restaurant of Rasht: Golsar, Gilan Boulevard, at the corner of 172 Street.

The grand restaurant phone: 0098133782198

10.Hasan Rashti Restaurant

The Hasan Rashti is the name of a homemade restaurant. if you ask local people to introduce you to a good place for having a meal, no doubt that all of the name Hasan Rashti restaurant as the best place to have local dishes. Here is one of the well-known places of Rasht. 

The place became well-known for its foods with appropriate prices. On their menu you can find lots of foods and deserts.

You can order Mirza ghasemi and all kinds of fish. You can also find Hasan Rashti Restaurant in Tehran. The Hasan Rashti in Tehran is located at Saadi Street, can you imagine in the heart of Tehran you can taste all the local Rasht foods.

Address Hasan Rashti: Toshiba Square, Imam Khomeini Boulevard, at the corner of Fereshte alley.

Address of Hasan Rashti Restaurant in Tehran: Northern Saadi Street, after Seyed Ali conjunction, No510. 

Hasan Rashti Phone: 00981332615383

11.Khavar Khanoom Restaurant

There is no need to introduce Khavar Khanoom Restaurant because everyone knows her and also here fantastic local foods. All the tourists and Iranian people know here and love to have a meal at her restaurant. 

The most delicious dish here is Morghe shekam por (stomach filled chicken). no one knows her before, but now everyone is familiar with her name especially tourists. 

As you know the foods have prepared by local women of the Sarvelat. Khavar Khanom gets help from all the women of the town and made lots of jobs for them. In your trip to Rasht don’t forget to have a meal at Khavar Khanom Restaurant.

Address of Khavar khanoom Restaurant: Chaboksar Road to Ramsar, the existence of Sarvelat road, Limesara.

KhavarKhanoom Restaurant phone: 00989112444934

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