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10 famous foods of Tabriz

The foods of Tabriz

One of the Tabriz attractions shows the history of this city. The foods of Tabriz also show the culture of the city. Tabriz is the city of delicious foods with different tastes. Whenever a person talks about Tabriz foods, it resembles us only Kofteh Tabrizi but you may not be familiar with other foods of Tabriz. So let’s review them together in this article. 

1.Kofteh Tabrizi

No doubt that one of the famous foods of Tabriz is Kofteh Tabrizi. Previously the way of cooking this food was different. Lately, they don’t use the meat for this food. Because they must beat the meat with vegetables and cotyledon.

The vegetable makes the food goods smell and encourage you to east more of Kofteh. This food contains walnuts, plums, barberry, and fried onion sometimes they add a boiled egg. In the end, they cook it with special Sause contains tomato paste with saffron. I strongly recommend you if you traveled to this beautiful city, go to one of the local restaurants and try it. 

koofte tabrizi

2.koko Lobeiya sabz (Snap beans)

Koko Lobeiya sabz is one of the traditional food of Tabriz especially they eat it for Iftar (in Ramadan Month). The contaminants for preparing this food are minced meat, carrot, onion, egg, saffron and snap beans. Usually, for designing they use barberry and give is the sour taste. 

kuku lubia green

3. Ash-e-Miveh

Ash-e-Miveh looks different, isn’t it? All around the city, you can see different kinds of Ash or soup and its tempting to taste it. Preparing Ash-e-Miveh in different regions cook in their way. Usually, they prepare this food with beans, fruits (plums, blueberries, Apricot, Sloe, and Cherry) and some fresh vegetables like Parsley and Glam leaves. Carrots, onion, tomato paste, tomato and in the end they add vinegar to make sour taste. 

fruit ash


Ash or soup is the most famous food of Tabriz and has its fans. This food contains beans, fresh vegetables, tomato, rice, onion, meat soup, yogurt, carrot, and glam leaves. Of course, they use whey instead of yogurt in this food. But remember that whey soup needs noddle too! 

ash mast

5.Ab-Goosht (Dizi)

If you ignore other foods of Tabriz, you can’t even think of rejecting Dizi. This food is a good source of protein with good smell and it gives you energy. For making this delicious food you need sheep meat, meatballs, tomato paste, potato, and cotyledon. However, these days Tabriz people use chick beans instead of Cotyledon.   



Other cities of Iran also cook this food but the taste of Tabriz Doymaj is different. Usually in Tabriz, the family eats this food in the evening or breakfast. For making this food you need local cheese, walnuts, fresh vegetables (the combination of tarragon, bee balm, parsley) dried bread of Tabriz and butter. That gets ready to eat. 

7.Ash-e-Goje (Tomato soup)

This Iranian Food is also delicious with good color. The contaminants of this food are fresh vegetables like leek, parsley, beans like black-eyed pea, Pinto beans, fried onion, rice, oatmeal, and tomato. In making this soup you need lots of tomatoes and the sour taste of the soup is for verjuice. 

tomato ash


Dolmeh luxurious appetizer of the dinner table. Dolmeh made of rice, cotyledon, fried onion, oat, grapes leave, oil, some vegetables that have the main role in the taste of this food. 


9.khoresht havij

This food is one of the favorite foods of Tabriz but some people don’t like its taste. This food made of carrot and should be fried. Now it’s time to add meat, onion with tomato paste. You can also add saffron to have a good smell with a good color. Plums can make the taste of this food better, in the end, to make it sour with lemon juice. 

khoresht havij

10. Ash-e-Omaj

This food is a special dinner for the very cold winters of Tabriz. The people eat this food whenever they catch a cold they believe eating this soup can make them well soon. Omaj is kind of noddle. For making a noddle needs to have flour, to make a paste and then make the paste-like noddle. In this soup, they use only lentils. Other things are fresh vegetables like Basil, Savory, leek and onion, pepper and turmeric. 

omaj soup

Interesting tips

It’s interesting to know that in Tabriz streets always you can see beside the sidewalk a man is standing and serve boiled egg with boiled potato in a piece of wrapped bread. It’s kind of cheapest ready sandwich for the one who is hungry and needs food. 

Another interesting meal of Tabriz is Pakhleh (broad bean). If you travel to this city in the cold winter, you would find some stores which they sell Pakhleh. It’s kind of boild Broad bean that usually Tabriz people eat it as a snack. Also, I have heard that besides the stream of the street you can see some special place for throwing the broad bean hull. 

In the end, I hope you had enjoyed reading this article. We would be glad to have your comments about your experience traveling to Tabriz. 

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