Kordistan and Sanandaj introduction

Kurdistan Province, Located on north-west Iran, south of the Azerbaijan region, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Iran due to its unique climate, beautiful landscapes and many historical sites dating back to antiquity. Kurds, one the most ancient ethnic groups on the planet, constitute the great majority of the population in the […]

Top attractions in Kermanshah

Kermanshah is one of the oldest provinces in Iran, located in the western parts of the country. The rich history of culture and art has made Kermanshah a must-visit tourist attraction. Out of three thousand historical attractions in this province, Iran’s national heritage List has registered 716 ones. In addition, Bistoun is named as a […]

Yazd: Useful Travel Tips

Walking through the vibrant neighborhoods of Yazd offered me an adventure which enriched my heart and soul with the delights of Iranian culture, history, and architecture. Yazd, a UNESCO heritage, is one of the few major cities in Iran where the historic fabric of the city has remained intact. Ancient neighborhoods, labyrinthine winding alleys, traditional […]

The Best Things about qom

Qom province is the second smallest province of Iran. It is located in the center of the country and is considered as one of the most important religious cities not only in Iran but also in the entire middle east. The southern and western parts of Qom are covered by high mountains and, thus, have […]

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