Kordistan and Sanandaj introduction

Kurdistan Province, Located on north-west Iran, south of the Azerbaijan region, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Iran due to its unique climate, beautiful landscapes and many historical sites dating back to antiquity. Kurds, one the most ancient ethnic groups on the planet, constitute the great majority of the population in the […]

Top attractions in Kermanshah

Kermanshah is one of the oldest provinces in Iran, located in the western parts of the country. The rich history of culture and art has made Kermanshah a must-visit tourist attraction. Out of three thousand historical attractions in this province, Iran’s national heritage List has registered 716 ones. In addition, Bistoun is named as a […]

Iran tours and provinces

Iran tours

Traveling to Iran by tour is the best way of group traveling. If forgers want to travel to Iran they prefer to travel by tour. Because the only way that they can get a visa for Iran is just in this way. The group tour also is really easy and full of advantages. First of all, traveling by tour can ease your process of getting a visa for Iran. second, you have a tour guide, therefore, can translate whatever for you and also they can lead you for visiting attractive places and many other things.

Iran tours US citizen

The US citizen and British citizens just can travel to Iran by tour. We know that it is just this way they can get a visa for Iran. sometimes they get sad for rejecting the visa application just for traveling alone to Iran. for US and UK citizens it’s better to travel in a group.

Iran adventure tours

Iran also is the best country for traveling adventurously. There are lots of different types of travel tours such as adventure tours, desert tours, bike tours, eco-tours, historic tours, jungle tours, hiking tours, health tours and ski tours in Iran. just by surfing over the Internet you can look for some agencies which give different tour packages services for travelers.

Iran tourism

I can say that Iran is so good and act powerfully in the tourism industry. Lots of tourist’s yearly travel to Iran by tour. I suggest strongly to foreigners experience this kind of tour to explore Iran very easily.

Iran tour prices

Iran tour prices can vary to luxurious tours and cheapest tours. The luxurious tours are really expensive but the price for hotels, flight and foods are high with the best quality. But you can also travel by the cheapest tour packages if you lack the travel budget. Usually, people who travel at a lower price, they spend a night at hustle or camp in nature and travel even by their car or bike. You know that this kind of traveling is the so-called adventurously. We have written an article for Iran tours cost before you can search over the archive of GoodIran.com.

Provinces of Iran

Iran is a really big country over the map that is located in the middle east. This country has 31 provinces include Tehran (the capital of Iran), Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, Yazd, Kerman, and so many other cities. We have talked before and put aside special articles for each of these cities. We wrote about the population of these cities, the culture of these cities and beautiful architectures, souvenirs, hand-crafts. The foods and drinks of these countries are an interesting topic for foreigners. You can find these articles also in the website archive list. All of these provinces are touristic region and yearly thousands of tourists travel to Iran just for visiting these cities.

Although, many media propagandas attempts to destroy Iran in the eyes of their peoples it just causes them to visit Iran eagerly and see Iran people and culture closely to judge what is true.


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