Where is Kerman and why go there?

Kerman is the largest province of Iran, located in the southeast region of the country, bordering Southern Khorasan, Yazd, Hormozgan, Sistan & Baluchistan, and Fars. From an industrial, political, cultural and scientific perspective, Kerman is the most important province in the region. Kerman is historically significant because the city of Kerman is one of the […]

What you need to know about Iran hotels

Every year Iran is the destination of many travelers from around the world and many of the tourists chose some cities for visiting them during their travel to Iran. One important thing that everyone put on the schedule is to reserve a ver best hotel  for staying. But sometimes they aren’t really familiar with the […]

Hotels of Iran

The most important part of each journey is reserving a place to stay. Hotels are one of the options for having the best experience of your travel. we have prepared articles on this topic for your information about hotels in Iran. We explained each city’s top hotels separately and talked about the hotels in Iran prices. For example, the best hotels with the highest equipment for cheap hotels in Iran. the other option is to reserve a hustle, usually, people who love to travel adventurously chose to stay at the hustle and this option could lessen the costs of the journey.

How to book Iran Hotels?

For reserving before your travel you should search for the hotel websites or there are some websites that they could book the hotel room for the time you are in a special city. Also, these websites can pay the price online. After that, they give you a number when you have reached the destination show your reservation number to the receptionist and they will guide you appropriately. I make you sure that you wouldn’t be disappointed with your booking online. We have also talked about how to book Iran hotels in an article.

Iran five star hotels

In each city of Iran, you can find many types of five-star hotels with top facilities. The welcoming you and gives you lots of equipment. I should say that all the hotels in Iran have an appropriate price in comparison with the other countries you can find many five star hotels in the best place in town. Also in one article, we mentioned some of the names of those five-star hotels in each city of Iran.

Iran traditional hotels

In Iran also you can book traditional hotels. In Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Kashan and many other cities of Iran, there are lots of traditional hotels. The design and old structure of a building remind you of the history of Iran. some ecotourism can reserve these places for you. If you want to touch the history of a city you’ve better to stay at these traditional hotels. I should say the price of booking these hotels is a little bit higher than in other hotels. The equipment of traditional hotels is lower than other hotels but the restaurants of these traditional hotels have many types of foods with the best quality. If you chose these hotels you would love it.

Trip advisors in hotels

The best advisors most of the time are at hotels. They can introduce to you many tourist attractions places and also give you some advice about that place and even lead you with the best translators. The trip advisors in the hotel have a responsibility to give you a list of places you have a visit and also places that might be fascinating to you. If you have trouble finding a good Bazaar for buying souvenirs the trip advisor can mention the best shops available in the city.

Can you drink in Iran hotels?

I should say that in Iran drinking Wine and Alcohol is prohibited and have punishment. In Iran hotels, they aren’t allowed to serve drinks for anyone.


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