Why traveling to Isfahan?

IAmong all touristic cities of Iran the GoodIran.com decided to introduce Isfahan as a one of the favorite touristic city. In this article we want to give you some information about Isfahan history and review some facts about Isfahan.

isfahan on map

Why traveling to Isfahan in 2019?

Isfahan is one out of five bests touristic cities of Iran. Isfahan has many monuments such as Nagsh-e-Jahan square, Sheikh Lotfolah Mosque, Kakh-e-Chehel Sotun, Isfahan’s Bazar, Vank church, Masjed-Jame Isfahan, Menar-jonban. Some of the important bridges has been built in Isfahan such as Si-o-se-pol, Pol-e-Khajoo.

Despite other famous historical and attractive sightseeings such as music museum, Armenian neighborhoods, Chaharbagh streets, Koh-e-Sofeh (recreational center), Najhvan Park, visiting these places can be joyful experience. By traveling to Isfahan you can experience living in the one of historical era’s of Iran in Safavieh Era. Isfahan is capital of handcrafts. In Isfahan you can find the culture of Iran.

Why Isfahan is Nesf-e-Jahan (half of the world)

The city of Isfahan had a title of Nesf-e-jahan and this city is  well-known by this title world widely. Also this city has more than 6 thousands of historical architectures which is they are more than one hundred years old. These pretty buildings made the Isfahan like an artistic, natural and historical museum. The memorials of our ancestors in Isfahan are historical and cultural evidences and they are old as old of Third millennium BC.

Religion of Isfahan’s people

Most people in Isfahan follow the Islamic rules and they are Shia. But in Isfahan the Armenian people, Jewish , Christian, and Zoroaster live’s  there.

The weather conditions of Isfahan 

In total, the weather of Isfahan is dry and moderate. For this reason the amount of rainfall and snowfall is lower than other areas. The weather conditions of Isfahan in north and east of Isfahan is affected by its near deserts and this cause the weather warm and in the south of Isfahan the weather is pleasant because it’s near to the Koh-e-Sofeh.

In spring season and first two months of spring the weather is pleasant and by entering to the third month gradually the weather gets hot. In the summer the weather of Isfahan gets warm till the early months of autumn. In the autumn season the weather quite breezy and by entering to winter the weather conditions get so cold. In the winter Isfahan snowfall is lower and the air chill isn’t so much.

Isfahan’s Mosque

Isfahan is one of the old cities of Iran with beautiful mosques. This city has two historical mosques which they had registered in the list of world heritage. One the Isfahan famous mosque is Masjed-e-Imam and the other one in Masjed Jame Ategh of Isfahan.

If you walk through the alleys of Isfahan, you will see one old historical mosque and sometimes they are as old as Islamic era but most of them remained from Safavieh era. For this reason Isfahan is one of the main touristic cities here in Iran.

Here is name of some Isfahan’s mosque which is famous world widely. Masjed-Jame-Ateigh (Masjed-Jahani), Masjed-e-sheikh Lotfolah, Masjed-e-Imam (the only asymmetrical mosque in the world), Masjed Jameh, Masjed Ali, Masjed Hakim and etc.

Beside all the beautiful mosques which had built during the historical period of time the Masjed Imam is famous because it’s located in one of the well known squares of Isfahan that is Naghsh-e-Jahan square. In the Naghshe-e-Jahan square you will see many other famous buildings such as Ali-Ghapo building, Masjed-e-Sheikh lotfolah and Gheysarieh Bazar. These are some on the historical places which tourists can visit them while they are in Isfahan.

isfehan building
esfehan building

Isfahan’s Hotels

In this paragraph we introduce some of the best Isfahan’s hotels. We know that choosing the best hotel with best services is really hard. Maybe you don’t have enough time to look for the best one.

I want to introduce you the best and luxurious hotels of Isfahan which is Hotel Kosar and Hotel Abbasi that these two hotels are five stars. The hotel Abbasi is near to the touristic places of Isfahan specially the hotel is near to Naghshe jahan square.

I can say that this hotel is one of the historical buildings with astonishing architecture. The other hotels of Isfahan are Traditional hotels of Isfahan (Hotel Sonati of Isfahan) the traditional hotel is the other best one option the building is for Ghajar era and this hotel located in the oldest districts of Isfahan. Its 3 minutes walk to Chehel Sotun buiding and visiting the traditional bazaar of Isfahan can be exciting for you. If you chose this hotel you must reserve the hotel’s room before.

Another best hotel of Isfahan is Hotel Totia. Maybe this hotel isn’t famous but all the youngest tourists knows the name of Hotel Totia. The reserving of Hotel Totia isn’t really hard. The hotel Totia is near to Chehel sotun and subway station.

Naghshe Jahan Square

The Naghshe Jahan square is one the largest square of around the world that the name of this square is in the lists of world heritage. The Naghshe Jahan square is the heart of Isfahan and visiting this square can make you enjoy astonishing architecture of Isfahan. In this square the tourists can riding a carriage around the square there are stores which you can buy many beautiful souvenirs and you can find so many pretty handcrafts.

By entering to the Naghshe Jahan square first of all you see the large pool with fountains you can enjoy seeing it and the sideways of this square the religious building and mosques. One of them is Masjed-e-Sheikh Lotfolah and Masjed-e- Imam. In the other sideway of this square there is one Spectacular palace that is Ali Ghapo palace.

The entrance of Isfahan Bazaar is in the Naghshe Jahan square that invite you to historical world. Around the square there are some shops that the beautiful handcrafts catchs your attention. Façade of Gheysarieh bazaar is the main door to Isfahan’s bazaar. In the south and the north of the square you will see short and stone made piles which they make the Darvazeh-Chogan and now a day’s visitors don’t pay attention to them. The Chogan is the oldest sports of Old Iran and this sport was popular among the king’s eras of Iran.

Naghshe Jahan Square
Naghshe Jahan Square

The city center of Isfahan

Why should we go to the city center? The city center of Isfahan is the fourth largest mall of world. It have 7 floor in the two floor of this mall there is cinema and one conference hall and for serving food in another floor of city center is food court. The hyperstar (chain stores) include of 3 floors that is the largest hayperstar in Isfahan. 

In the city center there is Amusement park with newest games. The museum and sport club is another parts of city center. The city center of Isfahan is like the Dubai Mall and Javaher shopping center of Istanbul that here have lots of brands shops. Such as: Reebok, DeFacto, LCwaikiki, Coton and etc.   

Isfahan Rug’s

Let’s get familiar with Isfahan handmade rugs. If we search for the history of Isfahan’s rugs its back to the Safavieh era of Iran that in this time many effective events had happened to the Iranian carpets. We can see that before this era the Iranian artist weren’t famous in the field of Iranian handmade rugs.

The kings of Safavieh were really interested to the arts of carpet weaving. For this reason many beautiful silky carpet had woven in the king safavieh era. Isfahan rugs have woven in many patterns some of the important patterns are for example Haft-Shahr-e-Eshgh, visiting God, the secret of existence, Paradise, the world of fishes. All the Isfahan’s rug patterns are unique. The Isfahan’s rugs are really colorful and many color such as green, yellow, and light colors had used. In total in the rugs use more that fourteen colors.

     Isfahan’s Jews

The Jews entrance goes back to the 7 century before Christ. The Jouybar Street was the oldest region of Isfahan. And this region was first location for Jews immigrations to Iran. In the 12th century this was residential of Jews but after this time this place known as joybareh.

Some oldest buildings which located in joybareh district are Ategh Square, Masjed Jameh Isfahan, Saraiee Noor, and some oldest houses belonged to Jewish people and synagogue. Also there is some campanile in this region such as: Sareban campanile, Masjed Ali campanile, Chehel Dokhtaran minaret.

Things to do in Isfahan

There is no doubt that Isfahan is one of the prettiest city of Iran and even the world. In this paragraph we want to say about places you must visit during you are in Isfahan. The first one is Naghseh-e-jahan square, Grand Bazaar of Isfahan, and by visiting Isfahan mosque you can travel to the heart of history. In your travel to Isfahan you should visit Chehel-Soton and walk in the royal beautiful garden. Don’t forget to visit Si-o-Se-pol the architecture of Si-o-se-pol is really eye catching. This beautiful bridge was built across the Zayandeh rood river. Don’t miss the singing voices on the Pol-e-Khajoo. You can eat your meals in the traditional restaurants of Isfahan in this restaurants you can have traditional meals but maybe the prices seems a little expensive. Also the Isfahan’s café is pretty. There are some café beside vank church and you can enjoy the atmosphere and the tourists are interested to these places. By visiting the sunset in Isfahan fireplace you can memorize beautiful experience. The fireplace belongs to Isfahan’s Zoroastrian’s. I suggest you to visit Jolfa district and also visiting the Vank cathedral could be interesting for you. The Varzaneh desert is also another place you must see in the night. It’s about 2 hours driving to Varzaneh desert. In the night you can enjoy visiting the sky full of stars of this desert. As you know in Isfahan there are many Spectacular places I can add many other places such as flower gardens and also Birds garden of Isfahan.

Some delicious foods and sweets of Isfahan

Isfahan has verity of traditional and local foods. Isfahan is famous for Beryani and all the tourists want to taste this food in the best restaurants of Isfahan. Isfahan has different kind of Ash and also Kofteh is another delicious food of Isfahan. Haleem Bademjan and Kashke Bademjan are other foods of Isfahan and khoresht mast is desert with yogurt and saffron and meat. If you tasted one of the Isfahan’s food, which one was delicious for you?

Isfahan has one famous sweet that is Gaz. Everyone knows Isfahan with this delicious sweet. Poleki is another sweet of Isfahan, Bereshtok and Sohan of Isfahan is good option for bringing back home as a souvenirs of Isfahan.

gaz of isfehan
gaz of esfehan

Handicrafts of Isfahan

Isfahan is art city full of beautiful architectures and beautiful places and also has many artists. In Isfahan there are lots of artists who they are active is making handicrafts. The most famous one is Khatam-kari, Mina kari is another one. Isfahan has traditional fabrics such as ghalamkar with beautiful patterns and brocade fabrics which the precious fabrics of Iran. Miniature of Isfahan is also well-known among tourists. Finally the rugs and carpets of Isfahan another thing that we shouldn’t forget is that Isfahan have really beautiful jewelries you can visit the Honar Bazar of Isfahan and see the shops with eye catching jewelries.

silver or noghreh of esfehan
silver or noghreh of isfahan

The University of Isfahan

At this paragraph I want to talk a little about the University of Isfahan. Let’s take a look at the second big university of Iran. This university is the biggest governmental university of Iran and another university of Isfahan is industrial university of Isfahan which is located outside of this city. At this university the professors teaches courses in the field of Science and new technologies such as: nuclear engineering, Nano engineering, Biotech and energy engineering.

In the field of Science there are courses such as, pure and practical mathematics, Physics, Geology, chemistry, statistics, and biology. The University of Isfahan has these classes in the field of engineering. Electrical , computer, chemical, Biomedical, Information Technology, engineering, Engineering and Biotechnology Engineering the University of Isfahan have the other courses for students foreign languages, the college of technical and engineering.

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