The beautiful sightseen of Karaj

The beautiful sightseen of Karaj

Karaj is the capital of Alborz province, Iran. hosting a population around 1.97 million. As recorder in the 2016 census it is the fourth largest city in Iran after Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan.

The earliest records of Karaj date back to 30th century BC. The city was developed under the rule of the Safavid and Qajar dynasties and is home to historical buildings and memorials from those eras.

Until the second hald of the 20th century it used to be known mainly as a summer resort. Today, it is a major industruial city, with factories producing sugar, textiles, wire and alcohol.

Now I want to introduce you about the amazing places of this city of Iran which is a small sample of the whole country.

Karaj on map

The beautiful sightseen of Karaj

Karaj is a city located at Alborz province and usually people who want to travel to the northern cities of Iran, passes this city and it has lots of beautiful places.

The weather of this city of Iran is really pleasant and have the prettiest roadsof around the world. At this road you can see the Karaj Damn that most fisher-mans at fishing season chose here for fishing.

The pleasant weather with beautiful natural places makes people to choose this place for living a life-time. The prove is historical places that remained of old centuries.

the historical buildings and sightseen of Karaj we can name the historical castle of Tang Gosil and Shahrestanak. Also, some remained structure of Islamic era such as:

Mongolia Meydanak, Qajar Palaces, Reza-shahi and Mohamadreza-shahi bridges and shah Abbasi carvansaray. At Karaj there are more than 100 historical buildings which has cultural and artistic effects and most of them has registered nationally.

Actually, because Karaj is a natural place with pleasant weather is a destination for many of tourists around Iran and also for foreign tourists. Most natural lovers captured beautiful photos from this amazing view.

About the hand crafts of Karaj, I should say that they are such as: carpet weaving, pottery, sculpture, tailgate glass and vase making and lots of other arts. About the foods of this city I can name some of them here such as: Khoresht-e-Adas, Torshi Ash, Halim Gosht and Khorak-e-Lobia.

The sightseen of Karaj

Kakh-e-Morvarid (Kakh-e-Shams)

This historical palace remained form Pahlavi era that the sister of MohammadReza Shah lived here at time of her disease. This beautiful place is like a flounder from above and it contains of Cinema Saloon, pool, office, bedrooms, and golden Saloon for Shams.

Pol-e-Dokhtar Karaj (Soleymanieh)

Pole-e-Soleymanieh or Shah Abbasi remained from Safavia era and is another beautiful places of Karaj. This bridge passes across a river and has registered nationally. I should say that this bridge has repaired so many times and it is one of the important structure because all tourists passes this bridge and must be safe enough.

Shahrestanak Palace

This palace remained from Reza Shah and he passes summer time here at this place. You can visit this place after driving beside the beautiful road and river and passing beautiful natural gardens across the road. But after many years Reza Shah decided to transfer this palace to the Sorkhe-hesar because all of his servants has died of the very dangerous road and they fall of to the valley.

The Shahrestanak village

If you are going to pass some holidays at nature, I should travel to Shahrestanak village. The village has astonishing view over each season of year.

At summer you can enjoy eating fruits here and pick them from the trees. In the autumn season enjoy beautiful and colorful landscape too. Also at spring time the village have pleasant weather to breath freely. In your travel to this place don’t forget to buy natural honey and local yoghurts and walnuts as souvenir.

Haft Cheshmeh fountain

The fountain in 90mtr Height made the scene of Chaloos road as a one of the beautiful places of Karaj. This fountains located at the Chaloos road and is one of the amazing places of here at spring time. For visiting the Haft Cheshmeh fountain you should pass the mountains and rivers beside the Chaloos road.

Chalus road

Yakh Morad Cave

Yakh Morad cave is another natural sighseen of Karaj and located at Gachsar region. The cave has recorded for about 50 million years ago. To reach this cave you must passes from some inclined way. At this cave you will be wonder by seeing the beautiful candles. Also underneath of the cave is iced lake that most tourists and mountain climbers choose to visit the place.

Yakh Morad Cave

Haft Baradaran Karaj

Another beautiful scene of Karaj is Haft Baradaran with deep valleys that remained from drilling the huge mountains. I should note that the drilling tools of worker still remained at the top up the mountain too.

Gachsar Tulip garden   

One of the beautiful places of Iran at spring time is this beautiful garden. You will get amazed at this place and also enjoy your eyes here too. Another sightseen of Karajis mineral fountains that most patients who have suffer from breath diseases and rheumatism.

Asara Karaj

One of the most visited of Karaj is Asara. At the entrance of this place you will see a historical castle that remained from pre-Islamic era. The mentioned Haft cheshmeh also located at this region. The Asara attracted many tourists to here to enjoy the pleasant weather and nature.

Apple garden of Mehr-Shahr

Another amazing places of Karaj is its beautiful apple garden. The garden remained since many years ago and have lots of old apple trees. Each year many people come to see its beauty.


Taleghan is the most beautiful and favorite places of Karaj which has mountains, lake, river and field. Also, some warm water fountains and silent towns. This region has lots of facilities such as bike, for sportsman who love biking here.

If you are interested in walking beside the river of at the field you will enjoy the view of Taleghan Damn. I should say that at winter the weather here is so cold and the best time to travel here is summer time and spring time. The souvenirs of this place is Natural honey and local dairy.

The recreational places of Karaj

AmirKabir Damn

The AmirKabir Damn is the first damn of Iran and local people choose here for doing sport and recreation. The AmirKabir lake also have lots of different fishes by passing the lake you will see the gardens and natural landscapes. The lake is beautiful place for relaxing and promenade of Karaj. The water behind Damn used for producing electricity.

Jahan-nama forest Park

The park has been active since 50 years ago and is the other beautiful places of Karaj. The park located at the Hemat Highway and Karaj city. Most of the time people spend some times at 13Bedar in nourouz event.

Chamran Park

The Chamran Park is another beautiful places that most tourist like to enjoy the view. The place is full of families who enjoy their spare times at the Chamran Park. Also a river passes the park and made the beauty of here very great. At the park children can play in amusement park too. The park is famouse for its rare plants and flowers.

The botanical gardern of Karaj

Karaj is famous for the botanical garden and the one who love flowers and plants, would enjoy seeing the garden full of different spices of plants and blossoms.

This garden located at Chamran Park if you take some minute walk across the park you will reach to the garden. In May the weather and all the plants grow well enough and blossoms became a mature flower.

At spring time most of the time the gardeners make a beautiful carpets contains of different kinds of colorful flowers at park and make a beautiful scene for people. Most of the time people visit here only for capturing pretty images of this awesome flower carpet.

In the end, I should say that Karaj have so many places and souvenirs and hand crafts and is the best place for tourists and nature lovers. I suggest you in your travel to the northern parts of Iran, please visit Karaj and then continue your journey at Chaloos road.

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