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Tabriz; the city of history and souvenirs

Tabriz, the third big city of Iran is famous for its history in economic issues and history of Iran. Tabriz during history passed several epochs. There was a time in history that Sahand as a small town was chosen for the capital of Iran. During the time this city was completely ruined by the earthquake. But some women and men such as Satar-khan, Bagher-Khan, and ParvinEtesami rebuilt this city one more time.

Today, Tabriz is important for economic, commercial, industrial and military issues. In this city beside all the historical and cultural traditions wants to upgrade the quality of its citizens.

In this article, we are going to introduce Tabriz and talk about this city with complete detail.

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Why traveling to Tabriz

 In bazars of Tabriz, you can always find high-quality products and you will never leave this city with empty hands.

Tabriz is well-known by several names, for example, the “city without any beggars”, “The capital of Islamic tourism”, “safest city of Iran” and the second “industrial region of Iran”.  

Tabriz is well-known for its history and also awesome buildings such as very old Kaboud Mosque, the Azarbayjan museums, and many other beautiful places located in Tabriz.

In the city, you can find many precious handicrafts and souvenirs. Among these valuable things, you can find Persian carpets and leather of Tabriz that attracts all the travelers.

In this city also there are very beautiful villages such as Kandovan and Arasbaran forests and your travel without visiting these places wouldn’t be completed.    

In Tabriz, many great people have been buried which they were active in poet and literature. About more than 400 famous people graves and Iranian illustrious poets such as Shariyar, Asadi-Tousi, KhaghaniShervani, and Kamal-aldin-Behzadi and Kamal-aldin-Masoud-Khojandi is in Tabriz province.

The weather of Tabriz

The eastern parts of Azarbayjan are mountain region and the weather is dry and cold. There is no exception for Tabriz province. The weather of this place is cold and low moderate. Usually the autumn and winter seasons are longer than other regions and the downpour during this season and the climate is cold and most of the time in winter the weather is snowy.

In spring, still, the weather is totally like winter and also is cold and snowy too. But in Ordibehesht (May) the weather gets warm and more pleasant.

In summer, the weather is moderate and is the best time of year for traveling to Tabriz. During summer in the morning and evening, the weather is cool.

nature of tabriz

In autumn, and in November the weather gradually gets really cold. The rainfall and snowfall is in the highest level.

In winter, the weather is very cold and onerous. But recently the amount of rainfall was lower in comparison with other seasons. The winter in Tabriz always reminds us of the snowy scene.

Customs and Traditions of Tabriz

The customs and traditions in Tabriz formed in Turkey and Azari cultures. The customs and culture in the town are different from around villages. Tabriz like other cities of Iran also has special customs for any other important ceremonies of Iran such as Persian New Year and Tasoa, Ashura or etc. it means that Azari people celebrate and do the customs on their own way.

bazar azarbayjan sharghi

Historical buildings of Tabriz

In Tabriz, there are many historical, recreational and business attractions which attracted many tourists yearly. The grand Bazaar of Tabriz has been registered in UNESCO Heritage lists. The most famous historical attractions of Tabriz are such as Arg-e-Alishah, IL-Goli Park, Shahriyar cemetery, the modern passages, koh-e-Sorkh and chairlifts of Eynali Mountains, The Buildings of Tabriz municipality, Kaboud mosque, different kinds of museums, and old structure houses.

The most dominant attractive places

Now I want to name some of the important historical buildings of Tabriz that is, Arg-e-Tabriz, Kakh-e-Shahrdari (Municipality building), Saint Mary Church of Tabriz, Nobar historical bath, Pol-e-ghari, Grand Bazar of Tabriz, Yangheen Tower, and El Goli building. Also in Tabriz, there are lots of houses which was belonged to the poets or famous people of this city and now a day’s people visit these houses as a museum and they remained as memorials of the celebrities. The houses show us how these celebrities lived before and what the lifestyle of them was.    

arge ta tabriz

Inhabitancy in Tabriz

If you have plane to visit Tabriz, you could safely reserve a much accommodated hotels. In Tabriz, you can see a different kind of residency places such as 5 stars’ hotels to the cheapest motels and even hostels. They are ready to welcoming you while you are in this city. Previously, we talked about the hotels of Iran you can find that article in the archive of

Sweets and foodies of Tabriz

the sweets of Tabriz are really famous among tourists. For example, one of them is Ghorabiyeh Sweets that is a souvenir of this city. The other one is Nogha which is recently added to the world heritage lists of UNESCO. The nuts of Tabriz and Eris, Pashmak, Baslogh, can we name as a traditional edible of this city. 

baghlava and sweets of tabriz

Let’s talk a little about foods of Tabriz. The most well-known foods of Tabriz are Kofteh Tabrizi that everyone loves its tastes. Another food of Tabriz is Dolmeh which is made of rice, meat and split pea that this combination wrapped in Grape leaf leaves and cooked is special Sauce. You will love these delicious foods of Tabriz. Also in Tabriz, you can find many different types of Ash (Persian Soup). It is interesting to know that you can see every part of the street that there is one carriage and a man beside it which sell a sandwich contains boiled tomato with boiled eggs and a little spice on it. Sounds delicate, isn’t it? In Tabriz, you can also eat Bonab Kebab. Don’t forget to eat!  

Souvenirs and gifts of Tabriz

Tabriz since many decades ago was famous worldwide. Beside all Persian carpets and Tabriz Rugs, we can also see some leather products and bag and shoes with the best quality.

In Tabriz, you can find silky scarfs, potteries, ceramics, traditional Dyeing, and many other things. You can bring these things home and collect them as a memorial of your travel to Persia.

Museums of Tabriz

The relic and beautiful constant buildings of Tabriz include of: Museums of Tabriz, Qajar Museums, Azarbayjan Museums, stony museums of Tabriz, the Master Bethony Museums, the history of Nature museums, the Master Shahryar museums, and the Persian constitutional revolution museums. These museums can be good places to touch closely the history of the region and to know the summery of Tabriz with detail.  

Church of Tabriz

Other beautiful places you must visit

Beside visiting Tabriz, you can also see the beauty of around the city and enjoy it.

The Sahand mountain is near to Tabriz and about 67 kilometers far from Tabriz.

The Marand Sky resorts also good for doing sports in winter. Kandovan village also famous for stony buildings and you can spend some days there in the village if you are interested in eco-tourism. The Zahak castle is another beautiful place and its about 145 kilometers far from Tabriz. Oh, by the way, don’t forget to see the very beautiful Oromieh lack. I bet you, you can capture astonishing photos there. This lack is 90 kilometers far from the city. 

In the end, we hope the above article could help you in knowing Tabriz better. And the information is useful for your reference. If you have any experience of Traveling to Iran especially this city, we would be glad to hear yours and you can write it down your comments below.

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