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Shiraz; the city of Poet and Love

This time the GoodIran.com decided to introduce another touristic city of Iran. Shiraz, the city of Bitter Orange Blossom. Previously we talked a little about this city but now we want to explain more about Shiraz handcrafts, souvenirs, foods, beautiful sight seen, and astonishing architectures and we will explain more about the geographical location of this city and review different aspects of touristic places of Shiraz. So if you are interested in visiting Shiraz please keep reading this article.

Shiraz is one of the best city for experiencing and having fantastic memories. Shiraz is a city of literature and culture. Shiraz is a destination of many tourists, but they just don’t come to see the architectures or whatever. They just come to this city only to refresh their soul and release their minds body with great joy.

shiraz on map

Why traveling to Shiraz

There are the best and famous touristic places in Shiraz, such as Persepolis, Pasargad complex, the tomb of Cyrus, Palaces, Castles, the cities related to Sasanians empire, Naqsh-e Rustam and Naqsh-e Rajab located near Shiraz.

Some of the best architectures and historical buildings such as Nasir-almolk mosque, Vakil complex, Masjid-e-Ateegh, Darvazeh-Quran, Arg-e-Karimkhani (Palace of Karimkhan Zand) and etc., located in this city.

In Shiraz, there are lots of Iranian pretty gardens such as Bagh-e-Eram, Narenjestan-e-Ghavam, Bagh-e-Delgosha, Ghasr-e-Dasht located in different parts of Shiraz.

Shiraz also is a good city for purchasing because it has many different types of shops in a modern or traditional structure.

Shiraz is a kind of city which give you pleasant joy and relax your mind.

We can see the cemetery of some of the well-known poet of Iran such as Saadi, Hafez-e-Shirazi and Khanjouie Kermani.

The important fact about Shiraz is that this city is the Fifth touristic cities of Iran.

It’s good to note that Shiraz is famous for holding exhibitions in the field of Medical, Science, and Business.

shiraz building
shiraz building

The weather of Shiraz

Shiraz located at the center of Fars province. In summer the weather is hot and dry but in summer the weather is temperate. At spring the weather is cool and windy and also rainy.  In Ordibehesht (May) all around the city, you can smell the bitter orange scents. In autumn the weather is cool and sometimes rainfall surprise people of Shiraz. 

All the information about Shiraz

Its better before visiting Iran you have some little information about this city.

The population of Shiraz is about 1,869,001 people and this information is according to the enumeration of 2016.

Language of Shiraz people is Farsi with Shirazi accent but is some oldest parts of city people usually talk in oldest accents of Shiraz.

Religion of Shiraz people are Muslim and Shia. But in some parts of the city, we can see that Christian, Jewish people also live.

In economic issues, Shiraz is really important because Shiraz in one of the biggest trader and tourist attraction city of Iran and also in transportation and exporting have good impacts on the economy of the whole country. Many powerhouses and refineries and important factories located in Shiraz. Also, some of the important crops of Shiraz can we say is, for example, grapes, lemon, Persimmons, Citrus aurantium, medlar, Pomegranate, and Wheat grow.

Shiraz located in the southwest of Iran and Shiraz is the center of Fars province.

It’s interesting to know that 15th of Farvardin (5th of May) is the day of Shiraz in the Iranian calendar.

Some interesting facts about Shiraz

All people especially Iranian knows Shiraz with several titles such as city of gardens, city of poets, the land of lovers, the city of Citrus aurantium, city of Love, secret city, and many others.

Shiraz is the third city after Tehran and Tabriz which founded Municipality.

The International airports of Shiraz were the second built structure after the International airport of Tehran.

One of the important cultural events previously held in Shiraz by name of Jashn-e-Honar (The Art Festival). This ceremony was held for one decade between the 40s and the 50s decade in Iran history.

Information for traveling to Shiraz

Traveling to one special destination with related knowledge about that place can be really enjoyable. So I want to share some information about the customs and culture of Shiraz’s people.

Usually, at Persian new year (Norouz) shiraz’s people go to the Shah-Cheragh shrine and pray and light up a candle. By the time of New Year, they congrats to each other and wish the best year.

In Moharam Months (Islamic calendar) they have special customs for mourning Imam Hossein. Also in this month, they have a custom of welcoming the people who had participated in mourning.

Another customs of Shiraz’s people before the new year is that they buy a new dress with colorful patterns. And they cook one special sweet that its name is sweet bread. Rarely do they cook another kind of sweets. Besides this sweet bread, they usually use some junk foods for welcoming their guests. In Shiraz people every year before New Year they germinate wheat and they pray for the health of each member of the family.

Famous foods and sweets of Shiraz

Shiraz foods like other cities of Iran have a verity of recipes. All Shiraz foods cooked with rice and meat. In autumn most of the time they use lemon beside their foods and in the evening people gather in each house and they welcomed each other by this delicious combination of lettuce and kind of (Torshi) pickle. In other parts of Iran usually people use “Sekanjabin” (one of the oldest Iranian drinks, is made of honey and vinegar).

Now I want to name some of the important foods such as: kalam-Polo (rice with Cabbage), Ash-e-mast (the traditional soup of old Shiraz), Ash-e-Sabzi (the most favorite soup of Shiraz’s people), Faloodeh-Shirazi (one of the most delicious desserts of Shiraz), Salad-Shirazi (kind of salad with combination of tomato, Cucumber, onion with mint powder and lemon juice) and finally Masghati the most delicate and famous sweet of Shiraz which is made by starch and designed by Pistachio, Almond and rose flower leaves.

Souvenirs and handicrafts of Shiraz 

Shiraz like other old cities of Iran has lots of different handicrafts and souvenirs that everyone can find them at traditional or modern bazaars of this city and bring them back home as a memorial.

The herbal distillate is one of the important souvenirs of Shiraz. As you know in Shiraz there are lots of garden with different kinds of flowers. In Shiraz, you can buy high-quality herbal distillates which they are nutritious for having a healthy body.

Khatam-kari is another famous souvenir of this city. With made of tiny wooden pieces together and making colorful shapes. Sometimes they craftsman make the Khatam-kari with other materials such as ivory, bones, brass or gold. The silverwork is the other gifts of Shiraz; also you can find Rug, Wad, Mat weaving. In the old bazaar of Shiraz, we can see lots of beautiful and colorful potteries and ceramics.

Now about sweets of Shiraz let’s review them together. Youkheh is one of them that cooked with thin layers of paste and designed with sugar powder. Rangenak is other delicious sweets of Shiraz which is popular among residents of southern parts of Iran.

Residency in Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the best cities for staying because there are lots of high-quality hotels and many motels and hotel-apartment that travelers can choose them while they are at Shiraz. Beside these verities of options also in Shiraz, you can find some local houses and hostels which they are cheaper for backpackers.

Historical places of Shiraz

 As you know in the Zandiyeh era, Shiraz was fine and better about architecture and fascinating arts. Some of the best examples of this time were Arg-e-Karimkhani, Bagh-e-Nazar, Bazaar-e-Vakil, Hamam-e-Vakil, and ab-Anbar-e-Vakil.

Nasir-al-molk mosque (pink mosque), is one of the more favorite places of Shiraz which all tourists want to visit and also capture beautiful photos of this pink mosque. It’s interesting to know that the pink mosque is the second beautiful mosques of the whole world.

Masjed-e-Ateegh the oldest structure and the oldest mosque of Shiraz and also one of the wide and beautiful mosques of around the world. It’s said that rocky inscription which is available in this mosque have really precious arts of Persian calligraphy. This mosque placed beside the holy shrine of Shah-Cheragh.

Darvazeh Quran. the most well-known historical gateway in Shiraz. The Darvazeh Quran place at the north of Shiraz. We can say that this gate is the northern entrance of the city.

The tomb of Hafez. There is no need of introducing him. Everyone knows him and Hafez isn’t just an Iranian poet but also he is famous to the world. Yes, his tomb located in Shiraz and no doubt all tourists, when they come to Shiraz, put on their schedule to visit his grave.

Saadi Shirazi. another famous poet of Shiraz also buried in this city. Saadi is well-known and his tomb is placed in a very beautiful garden as well as Hafez. You will be amazed by the architecture of these two astonishing tombs in the end.

Some of the beautiful gardens of Shiraz

Shiraz is the city of gardens and in every part of the city, we can see many beautiful gardens. Visiting this city wouldn’t be complete without seeing them. In the following, I want to introduce you to some of the famous gardens.

Bagh-e-Eram. the most famous garden among 9 other gardens which is registered in the lists of UNESCO. This garden is like heaven. The architecture of the building shown arts of Iranian.

Narenjestan-e-Qavam another beautiful garden in the city. Every tourist wants to see this garden. It’s good to know that the Narenjestan has been built in Qajar kingdom and it is famous because of design and paintings woodworks and etc.

Bagh-e-Delgosha the oldest garden of Shiraz that in spring the bitter orange blossom smell can make everyone senseless. This garden can be a good place for visiting at night because of its beautiful lightings.

Bagh-e-Afeef abad of Bagh-e-Golshan is favorite gardens of Safavieh era. The buildings of this garden are a combination of several eras. It’s noted that there are 2 museums in this garden. Don’t forget to visit them.

Jahan Nama garden the most pleasant garden beside the Hafez tomb. One of the oldest garden of Shiraz that has one building inside in octagonal structure. This building was built by Karim khan Zand and still is unharmed.

Museums of Shiraz

Shiraz because of its rich history and also having lots of awesome touristic places, also have many museums. So in these parts of articles, I want to name some of the most visited museums of Shiraz.

Pars museums, Takht-e-Jamshid museums, temporary art museums, Celebrities museums, Shah-cheragh museums, Narenjestan-e-Qavam museums and etc.   

takhte jamishid
takhte jamishid

The outskirts touristic places of Shiraz

  In your travel to Shiraz don’t forget to visit touristic places outside of this city. In the following, I want to name some of these locations. You can enjoy seeing them.

The first and the most famous one is Takht-e-Jamshid which is located about 60 kilometers far from Shiraz.

The second place is Pasargad and Cyrus tomb that is located about 133 kilometers outside of Shiraz.

The third touristic places which are located in outskirts of Shiraz is Naghsh-e-Rostam and Kabeh-Zartosht.

The fourth location is Naghsh-e-Rajab which is 66 kilometers outside.

Maharloo Lack is the fifth place you must visit and see the wonderful landscapes.

The Margon waterfall is another one that amazes you with astonishing nature.

Eventually, we know that at the end of your journey you will miss this city and hope to see Iran one more time. All tourists would need some information about the place that wants to visit. I think this article can help you a little about one of the touristic cities of Iran. I tried to give you some important information. If you have experience traveling to this city you can add up comments here below this post.

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