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Introducing most popular shopping centers of Tehran

Tehran has always wonder us with new recreational suggestions. This city has lots of different options based on all the personalities. One of the Tehran popularities is the shopping centers which covers all the different styles.

In every shopping centers of Tehran, you can do various shops and leave there satisfied. In this article I want to give you some information about shopping centers of Tehran. If you are interested to know more, then keep reading this article.

Shopping centers waiting for you

It is not easy to choose a place for shopping. I can say that there are lots of big and small stores for reach or ordinary people to shop. But due to the lack of time I want to prepare a list contains of different shopping centers available in Tehran. You can choose straight the right one and have a pleasant shop at Tehran.

Paladium Shopping Center

If you are into buying brand and like to visit a luxurious shop center, then you’d better to go the Paladium shopping center and Zaferaniyeh region. This place has been active since 2015. You can find different brand shops here.

It is interesting to know that in Paladium shopping center there is a food-court contains of best restaurents of Tehran are there. Also the pastry shop is another interesting shop in the shop center.

The price of goods is here higher that other shopping centers. About the opening hours is from 10Am up to 11PM.

Koroush Shopping Mall

The best among other Shopping malls is Koroush center. The favorite one for those who look for the best and fashionable style. You can buy here various kinds of goods.

All you need are here. You just need to choose. At Koroush shopping Mall also you can have delicious meals because all the best restaurents of Tehran located at the 5th floor of this center.

The Koroush shopping mall located at Satari Highway. About the price of things here is average up to expensive.

Tirazheh Shopping center

the amusement park at the heart of shopping mall  

If you like to have a joyful shopping, I suggest you to visit Tirazhe Shopping center. If you have kids with yourself, you can leave them at amusement park and do your shop stress-freely.

About the opening hours of this shop I can say that is open from 10 in morning and the shop going to be closed at 11 at night.  


A shopping place with a lake view

By the time of your entrance your eyes see the beautiful artificial lake of Tehran. The most important factors of this shop is that you can enjoy walking outside of this shop.

At this shop you can buy lots of brand clothes like LC Wikiki and ZARA, and many others. Also there is big toy shop there for those who are interested in wonderful toys.

Another good thing about this place is the complex of good restaurants with the best Persian foods.

The opening hours of this shop is from 8AM to 12PM. Bam-land located at Hemat Highway.

Milad-e-Noor mall

The oldest shopping center of Tehran is this one. The Milad-e-Noor shopping center is active for about 15 years and still is crowded of who loves to shop. The main interesting thing about this shop is the special floor for shopping jewelries. The price averages here is higher than other places.

About the opening hours of this shop I should say that is from 10 AM up to 10 PM.

The address of this shop is located at Farahzadi Boulevard.

Sam Center the luxurious malls of Tehran

The complex full of luxurious shops and restaurants. The place is absolutely the best one for those who wants to have a meeting or important events.

If you don’t want to pay the price for expensive goods, you’d better not to visit this place. But if you are interested into brands things don’t lose shopping at Sam Center.

The opening hours of this shop is from 10Am to 10:30Pm.

The Sam Center shop located at Freshted street.

Mega Mall Shopping center (one of the preferred shops of Tehran)

One of the shopping centers of Tehran located beside the Ekbatan Subway station. Although the number of shops here are a lot but people usually visit this center for watching movie at cinema or having a delicious meal here. Also here have hyper-Market which is good for those people who want to do daily shop.

The price of goods is expensive and this shopping center located at Satari Highway.  

 Tandis Shopping center

Tandis Shopping center is also the oldest one and actually the favorite one with modern structure. The number of shops here isn’t much but you can buy whatever you need here.

This shop located at Tajrish square. The price of things here is expensive. The way that you can reach to this shop is by subway also you can use Tehran bus transportation too.

Ghaem Shop center

Another shopping center which is located at Tajrish square. Usually ordinary people visit this place and do the shopping. The prices are good and you can buy whatever you need at Ghaem center. This shop contains of various floors that each of them are special for one types of goods.

The visiting hours is from 10 AM to 10 PM.

This shopping center located at Tajrish Square.

Donyaye noor shopping center

This shopping center located at the eastern parts of Tehran and also is the favorite one. The opening hours of this shopping center is from 10:30 Am to 10:30 Pm.

The price is inexpensive and its located at Resalat highway.

Rosha shopping center

Another luxurious shopping center of Tehran which is located at Niyavaran Street. The Rosha shopping center is active about 5 years but the interesting point is that you can’t see any walls between shops. The shop is open from 11 at noon till 11 at night.

Arg Shopping center

The arg shopping center also is another shops which is also located at Tajrish square but in comparision with two other is the biggest one with the number shops that sell various kinds of goods. The price of good here is expensive and also you can shop brands here. The Arg shopping center is open from 10AM to 23 at night.

Elahieye Shops

The luxurious shopping centers for rich peoples who like to buy brands. This shopping center have many brands and also is the expensive one. The shop is open from 10 AM to 22 Pm.

The shop located at Elahiye street.

Atlas-e-Niyavaran shopping center

The very beautiful shopping center with modern structure that is located at Niyavaran street. At this shopping center you can buy lots of luxurious goods and the price here is expensive for those rich people who love buy lavishly.

This shopping center is open from 7:30 AM to 17:30 Pm.

Iran Mall

The biggest Shopping mall of Tehran is Iran Mall. You will get amazed by this place. This place is a complete complex for everyone. In your Travel to Iran I strongly recommend you to visit this place. This place is open from 10 Am to mid-night. This shopping mall located at Kharazi highway.

The Grand Bazar of Tehran

You should know the Grand Bazar of Tehran. The oldest Bazar full of old traditional shops. This shop is open from 9 Am to 18 Pm. This bazar located at downtown of Tehran.

Vanak Shopping Center

The oldest and the most favourite shops of Tehran is Vanak shopping center. This shop is active about more than 30 years and contains of different shops.

Including clothes, watches, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, sun-glasses. The price isn’t so much expensive and this shoppinc complex is open from 9:30 Am to 22 Pm. The shop located at Vanak square.

Mirdamad Shopping center

This is the lost longest shopping center of Tehran and the favorite one because the variety of goods here is so much and you can shop many things. The shop is open from 9 AM to 22:30 Pm. The shop is located at Mirdamad street.

Noor Shopping center

The noor shopping center located and Vali-e-Asr square. The biggest shoppinc complex at this region. With bank branches and theater salon and Super-market. At this shopping center you can buy electrical equipment and computer and cellular-phone.

If you are looking for the complete shopping center, here is the best option for you.

Boostan Shopping center

The boostan shopping center located at the western parts of Tehran that have 7 floor. The architecture of this place is unique among others. Also at this shop you can buy many things with the average payments. The shop in open from 9 Am to 22:30 Pm.

the shop located at Poonak street.

Goldis Tower

The favorite shopping center to western citizen of Tehran. This shopping center is active for 20 years. You can shop many things here about cosmetics, jewelries, phone, home equipment.

The shop is open from 9:30 Am and 22 Pm and the price is average. This shopping center located at Sadeghie street.

As I said at the first of this article Tehran have lots of Shopping center for many style and taste. There are more than 30 shopping center at the capital of Iran. I want to name some of them here for your attention.

They are such as: Iran-Zamin shopping center, Samarghand Shopping center, Shanzelizeh Shopping center, Berlan avenue, Satarkhan the traditional bazar, Fersoosi street of Tehran and Sana Center.

In every parts of Tehran there is a place for shopping. You just need to choose which one to visit.

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