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Mazandaran local foods 😍

The local foods of every city are delicious and we cannot get priority to one of them because of its taste or ingredients. One of the places in Iran that have very pleasant foods with lots of verities in Mazandaran province. The local foods of this region have lots of nutrition facts with astonishing taste. So please keep reading this text to review the Iranian foods together.

In this article we are going to review the recipe of Mazandaran food. Hope you enjoy reading it.   


This food is for the one who wants to lose weight. Kadobare is made of potato, Zucchini, tomato, garlic, onion, and egg. Also, this food is another example of easy made cuisine. That every local person prefers to prepare the food at the moment of not having enough time. 

food of sari and babol

Spenasak (the food served with bread)

Spinach is the main vegetables which make this Mazandarani food very delicious. And this food can show you how much spinach can be so tasty. Then you need to have meat, fresh spinach, green vegetables, garlic, mint, onion, and carrot. In the end you can serve spenasak with bread.  


Malabij, special food!

In the northern cities of Iran, you can always find many different kinds of seafood with a very special taste. Malabij is one of the foods which all residents of Gilan and Mazandaran are its fan also it a cheap food. For making this food they use Caspian Kutum fish. Malabij is a kind of seafood made of aromatic groceries, walnut, pomegranate paste, and Caspian Kutum fish. For making this food the chief put all the ingredients into the fish body and let it be roast well.

Aghooz Mosama

let me tell you if you are striking to lose weight, I bet you can’t ignore this food. The combination of duck meat with walnut can make good food full of energy. For preparing this Iranian food you must have duck meat, walnut, fried onion, water, sugar, pomegranate seeds. You must let several hours to complete this food be ready and then serve the food with rice and local torshi. Bon appetite!

aghuz mosama

Naz Khaton

If you like the taste of eggplant, you would love this Torshi. Because while you eating this you will feel the taste of grilled eggplant. For making Nazkhaton you need eggplant, tomato, onion, verjuice, dried mint and pomegranate paste. 

Beshteh Vash (the food without any meat)

The list of Iranian food wouldn’t be complete without Iranian Food Ash (Persian soup). Ash the most high-quality food with good smell and taste. Especially in the cold seasons of the year. For making this food you need spinach, garlic, onion and lentils, cumin. 


All of the foods of Mazandaran (City: Sari, Babol, Babolsar, Noor, Mahmudabad) province are delicious and making this food you need to have lentils, sugar, salt, pumpkin, rice, and fried onion. You can add also fried onion whenever you want to eat and you can add meatball into this food too. 

ashe kadu

Spinach Marji

This food is a combination of spinach with pomegranate maybe you think that combining both of them isn’t really good but I strongly suggest you try It one time. In this food, you need to have Spinach, lentils, garlic, sour pomegranate. Spinach and lentils are good for those who have lacing iron elements in her body. 

Bij Bij

Mazandaran people call this food “Vavishka” but in Tehran, people name it Bij Bij. This food is easy made food in the whole world and you may not believe that you can prepare it for about 30 minutes or 40 minutes. For making this food you need to have onion, minced meat, fried tomato, and tomato paste. I love its food because of its fried potatoes. 

bij bij food picture


If you are a fan of sour-sweet foods, you would love Khoresht Alo. In making this Iranian food you need to have these ingredients. First of all, you need chicken meat, pomegranate (pomegranate juice), saffron, onion, plum, and walnut. At the end of cooking this food, you need to add some sugar to make the taste of food a little bit sweet. 

Baghala Vavij

In most of the Mazandar’s foods, they usually use Baghali (groceries) which can make all the foods tasty and festinating. Now it’s time to take a portion of food with dried dill, egg, garlic, butter and grocery. Usually, they serve this food with Persian polo (rice) or salty fish, and Olive (Zeyton parvarde). 

Kaee Pala

Pumpkin polo is another favorite food of Mazandaran province people. This food also made by grated pumpkin, minced meat, onion, cumin, rice, turmeric, and local butterbut based on your taste you can change these ingredients.

food of mazanadaran


Dopati is another easily made food of Mazandaran province that they use Dogh (yogurt drinks), beans, and fried garlic. I can say that this food is really delicious and also ready to eat food.

Borani Bademjan Kababi (grilled eggplant) 

This food is a kind of side dish in Iranian food culture and this is a combination of grilled eggplant, garlic, yogurt with shallots and salt. 

Kaee Anar (Pumpkin with pomegranate)

this food is made of Pumpkin with pomegranate. They usually suggest this food as a treatment way for lacking iron in the body. In preparing this food you need to have pumpkin, pomegranate, beans, lentils, garlic, onion, walnut, oil and turmeric. 


This delicious Iranian food made by flour, lentils, beetroot, bean, grocery, pumpkin, coriander, Parsley, garlic, yogurt, salt, and turmeric. 

Stuffed chicken

The stuffed chicken is one of the well-known food of Mazandaran province that is delicate. For preparing this food you need chicken, fresh vegetables (parsley, Coriander, Mint, Tarragon, walnut, Plums, fried onion, saffron, Barberry, sugar, lemon juice, orange juice, salt, and pepper. but you must know that you can use also duck instead of chicken in this food too. 

Pomegranate and garlic Khoresht

Now it’s time to talk about the most favorite foods in this city. Khoresht Sir-Anar (Pomegranate and garlic). The other things you need to make this Iranian food is shallot powder, chicken meat, garlic, sesame oil, Saffron, garlic powder, pomegranate paste, and onion. You can make this food ready for about 2 hours that also instead of Chicken meat you can add quail meat too. The food is ready.


You know in making Northern cities foods using pomegranate fruit and its paste have the main role. Nardoni means pomegranate grains. The main ingredients for this food are garlic, onion, pomegranate (pomegranate paste) and chicken. First of all, onion with garlic should be roasted after that add chicken and let it fried. Now add pomegranate and pomegranate paste into it. In the end, add water to this combination to get completely cooked. This delicious food most of the time they serve it with Iranian rice. 

Khoreshte Bademjan Kabab (grilled eggplant) 

This is another delicious food of this city, especially in Ramsar province. In cooking this food, they use Eggplant, walnut, pomegranate paste, green vegetables.

In the end, I can say there are lots of different food that I just can mention here some of them. But I strongly suggest you whenever you had a chance to visit Iran don’t forget seeing northern cities of this country and also it the local restaurants you can taste very delicious Iranian foods that we know you would love it and you can buy many interesting local souvenirs.

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