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Isfahan and its famous foods

In this article, I want to introduce a list of some local foods of Isfahan. This list contains Ash (Persian soups), other delicious traditional foods and desserts of this city which is the most well-known one is Khorest-e-Mast. So please keep following us to make you familiar with these foods and arts of Isfahan. 

Local foods of Isfahan

Now it’s time to introduce the famous foods of this beautiful city in Iran.

1.Biryani or Beryanee

(the most delicate taste among Isfahan’s people)

No doubt this Beryouni is the most well-known food which all over the world knows Isfahan (it’s the so-called “Half of the world”) with this food. I think its the best food of Isfahan 😉

The Biryani is somehow like Hamburger that contains neck meat of sheep, sheep Lung’s, spices, onion, salt, cinnamon, pepper, and turmeric. In esfahan for preparing this food the use special frying pan with special size and shape but everyone can cook it in an ordinary pan too. For designing it usually, they use cinnamon, almonds, walnuts, and sesame.

The Biryani always serve with Sangak bread and a dish of fresh vegetables. Of course, most of the time besides this food the chief serves a bowl of Ab-gosht (meat soup) with float pieces of bread in it. 

beryoni asfehan

Where you can eat Beryouni?

There are some Beryouni restaurants in Isfahan that especially they cook this food. Such as Beryiuni Shad, Brouni Azam, Berouni Haj Shafa’at. 

2.Kaleh Joosh

Kaleh josh is ready to eat food and you can find it in every dinner table of this country. The region beside Isfahan makes this food. For preparing this food the chief uses some contaminants like whey, dried mint, onion, walnuts, oil, salt, pepper, and other spices. The Kaleh josh usually eats with fresh Sangak bread. 

kale joush

3.Halim Bademjan

(the pleasant taste of one local food)

This food prepares like kaleh josh all around Iran but mainly Isfahan’s people cook this food and Halim Bademjoan is the traditional food of this city. For cooking this food, they use Rice, meat, dried mint, eggplant, white beans, whey, salt, pepper. 

halim bademjun esfehan

Where you can eat Halim Badejmon?

You can taste this food in 3 well-known restaurants in the city. Such as Mah Restaurant, Bakhtiyari Restaurant, and Ash-e-Shirazi Restaurant.  

4. Gheymehrize Nokhodchi

(one of the delicious traditional foods you would love)

Another food of Isfahan is Gheymehrize Nokhodchi. For making this food Isfahan’s people use meat, chickpea sour, fried onion, dried mint, and other species. Then by kneading these contaminants and making small ball’s they put them in the liquid contains tomato paste and fried onion to be completely ripped. Gheymehrize served with rice or bread. 

5.Tas kabab

Tas kabab is another food of Isfahan which is also cooked in the other parts of Iran too but mainly this food is for Isfahan. For making Tas kabab they use sheep meat, onion, carrot, potato, quince fruit, oil, salt, and spices. Tas kabab cooks with the above-mentioned contaminants and add the tomato paste with water to this combination. Tas kabab also serve with bread or Polo. 

tas kabab isfahan

6. Ash-e-Shorba (Persian Soup)

For making this food at first they Kneading minced meat with onion and species and make small balls from them. In the other pot the beans and chickpeas, rise added together to be ready. In the end, add green vegetables to the pot and let them get ready to serve! 

shurba soup

7.Ash-e-Somagh (Sumac Soup)

One of the delicious food of Isfahan is Ash-e-Samagh that in making it they use Samagh. They use usually Sour or rice in this food. In the next step, they mixed the minced meat with species and making small balls of them then add it to the soup to be baked. Now it’s time to put Sumac to this combination and let the Ash be Ready to eat. Bon Appetite! 

8. Khoresht Mast

(yogurt with saffron) (special taste among traditional yummies)

Maybe it’s like another Iranian dessert-like Sholeh Zard but don’t make a mistake. Khoresht Mast is one of the delicious foods of Isfahan. This food contains Neck meat of Sheep, yogurt, salt, sugar, water, rose-water, turmeric, pistachio, almonds, barberry. If you want to have a better khoresht mast, you would better leave it at the refrigerator for 24 hours. 

mast khoresht

Where you can eat Khorest Mast?

In Isfahan, you can taste Khorest Mast in Shahrzad Restaurant that is the highest quality restaurant in Isfahan. Also, you can eat this food in Haj Behzad restaurant and Dada Restaurant.   


Kachi is one of the delicious desserts of Iran that is popular all over the country. This food made of flour, Rose-water, Almonds, and pistachio. 

kachi food

10.Gooshfil Doogh 

Gooshfil is kind of sweet that always eats in RAMADAN month. You can find it during this month at pastries.

For making gooshfil they use yogurt, egg, saffron flour, and Elettaria and then fried in oil and after that, they soaked it in the sweet syrup. Isfahan’s people eat Gooshfil with dough and they believe the cold and warm leaning of them complete each other. If you traveled to Isfahan taste these desserts. Most of the time in the big ceremonies they serve Gooshfil doogh. 

goosh fil foogh

11. Halim meat and lentils

In Isfahan, you can taste different kinds of Halim’s which is each of them can make your travel joyful. Halim Goosht addas is another delicious food. For preparing this food they use meat, onion, species, and then add lentils to this combination. In the end, they beat these contaminants and serve it with thyme powder and Angelica. 

In your travel to Isfahan, I suggest you eat this food that makes by high professional chiefs.

halime adas

The Isfahan food culture

the foods of Isfahan contain two parts that are inclusive of Soup or them like Halim.

Also, the Isfahan foods are a combination of sheep neck meat with beans then beaten together and most of the time it serves with bread and fresh vegetables. It’s interesting for tourists in Iran to know that is Ash (Persian soups) they use meat. All Iranian foods are meat-based. After introducing the foods it’s time to talk about famous desserts that are Khorest-Mast. We can say that the basic material of cooking foods is Isfahan is meat. Because of the good continent of this region, the herds grow well. 

The last note

In this article, we talked about some of the Isfahan’s foods like different kinds of meat, rice and delicious desserts in this city. If you have tried any of them so far, please leave you to comment down below your experience for us. If you think we had left other foods of Isfahan, you can add your foods on this list.

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