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Is Iran safe for tourist now?

One of the main questions of tourists is that is it safe to travel to eastern countries? Iran is a special country with wide verity of specifications such as nature and different cultures. So because of the highest rate of tourism capacity, all the tourists prefer to travel to Iran. For all tourists, Iran is the best choice to travel just because of its money value. But there is the main question for everyone. Is it safe to travel to Iran?

For world political issues and also negative propagandas against Iran and all negative ideas toward Iran, all tourists had forgotten that these things are among the governments not people of countries.

One of the main things that attract tourists is Iranian culture. The Iranian people are famous for their hospitality and also all the tourists don’t have clear image of Islamic beliefs and it’s just because of negative propaganda and they don’t know about Iranian morals and beliefs and how they treat with their guests. You must visit Iran to see the reality of this country and forget about the negative ideas which some Medias said about Iran to ruin its fame and also its image to the world internationally so please come and visit this pretty country and enjoy your trip to Iran.

The other things that mostly attract tourists to Iran are its sceneries and architecture specially Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz and Tehran as a capital of Iran. There are lots of mosques, museums, bridges, palaces, the tombs. In Iran, there are a lot of cities which have very beautiful historical buildings that belong to many past decades.

By searching over the Internet you will find many pictures that all the tourists had token before from every part of Iran to show the beauty and culture of this rich country. And also there are many rural that people live there with lowest technologies and live simple with organic foods and vegetables. It could be interesting for foreigners that how this people live without any technologies and simplest things and earn money with working on farms or by carpet weaving.

Some tourists said that by the time of their entrance to Iran they have realized that Iranian people are really curious. They may always ask you that your idea about Iran and even where are you come from. Even you may see that Iranian people stares at you because of your dress and appearance are different.But Iranian people have another habit that would make tourists very confused is that Iranian people are really complaints and we will explain later on. In this article, we will say a lot about Iranian people, beliefs, foods, family, culture and their hospitality. So please keep reading you will find more interesting things about them.

is iran safe for tourist?
is iran safe for tourist?

Is Iran safe for American tourists?

And British, Indian, Chinese, European people?

Iran has lots of beautiful and spectacular places which can attract all people around the world. When we see every part of this country we face a brand new view that shows us a very new world. The history, architecture, culture, nature and different places of Iran that attract tourists to visit Iran and see the reality of Iran, all the media wants to presents different image despite the real Iran to the people around the world and to spread dark, cruel and ambiguous mentality to ruin all thoughts toward Iran.

In western countries whenever they hear the name of this country they just remind of war and terrorism and they decide to never travel to Iran. But some tourist never pay attention to this negative propagandas and decide to travel to Iran to see the reality of this country and touch the culture of the people of Iran and after entering to this country they found out everything different than what all medias said before against Iran and in the end they will explain about the joy of traveling to the others.

One of the tourists said that when my friend’s realized that I want to travel to Iran, he told me that you are crazy Iran is dangerous. Don’t go! We afraid, But I decided to see Iran despite all bad international images. And after that, we explained it was an amazing country and safety but they didn’t believe us.

is iran safe for travelers?
is iran safe for travelers?

Is Iran safe for travelers?

Iran is one of the safest countries for tourists. One of the tourists said: “During traveling to the other neighbor’s country around Iran we faced many travelers who encourage us to visit Iran and they said to us “you should see Iran”! They always talk about the hospitality of Iranian people and wide deserts, astonishing architecture and they just talk about the beauty of this country. By entering to Iran and surfing there not only we never feel unsafely but also we were so happy that we didn’t listen to the negative propagandas”.

Traveling to Iran is like hugging different culture and living a different way of life. Visiting new people and exploring new stories and tales of each city can make an unforgotten thing for travelers. Iran is full of historical places that no one can imagine that what is distinct this country to the world is hospitality of Iranian people which welcome guests with open arms. Apart from geniality of Iranian people, you will get a good feeling from natural sights and historical places. Each tourist after leaving this country would really want to travel to Iran again. Whenever you talk with Iranian people you will find their kindness and you they want to make you happy when you are in their country.

mazandaran iran pictures
mazandaran iran pictures

 Is Iran safe in 2020?
Some shocking things for tourist are that…

Some tourists after traveling to this country will experience these things that might somehow be shocking for them. Because they will find out different from other countries culture and its related to Islamic countries. The things such as: having “Hijab” for women whenever they want to come to the public places and women should wear head scarf and cover their head by scarf or Chador and also were long dress “Manto”. One other thing that is different is that drinking alcohol and wine is forbidden and if someone doesn’t obey the law will be punish according to the Islamic Laws. The other things that can be surprising for travelers are that you can’t see people hugging or kissing each other in public places or at the street.

The Iranian people usually a man’s greeting by shaking hand and say hello, how are you doing? But men and women aren’t allowed to kiss or hug each other in public places maybe because Iran is an Islamic country.

Sometimes tourists will find Iran specially Tehran as a capital of Iran very crowded and also they might be stuck in traffic for long hours and may traffic of Tehran bothers’ them a lot. In Iran the speed of internet isn’t what some travelers expect and the speed of the Internet is much lower than what they experienced before and the other thing is that some websites like YouTube, Facebook and some phone applications such as Telegram and some other social Medias isn’t accessible for peoples because the government blocked these websites and applications over the Internet.

Sometimes some travelers may face trouble for getting visa for Iran and citizen of Canada, America and England can’t get visa for personal traveling to Iran and they must travel by tour to Iran, in this case, Iran can give them visa much easier. Most of the time tourists have problem of understanding the Iran currency rate. Because the currency is Rial but in transactions Iranian people use “Toman’s” some websites can help travelers to exchange the currency to Toman but in fact each 100 Rials is 10 Tomans.

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