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Iran’s holidays and festivals

By looking at Iranian calendar someone may think that Iran have many number of holidays, and many believe that Iran has much more holidays in comparison with other countries. In this article we want to review this topic. In fact, we can divide the holidays into National holiday, Islamic revolution holiday, and religious holidays. Let’s take a look at Iran’s holidays in the Solar calendar.

In total in Iran’s calendar (Solar calendar) we can see 27 days of official holidays which 6 of them refers to national holidays and 4 of them is for Islamic revolutions holiday and 17 days of holiday is for religious (Islamic) holidays.

In fact, Iran in comparison with other countries has fewer number of holidays. But there is one point that planners and social experts say that in Iran we don’t have any targeted holidays and in this conditions the country gets into unofficial holidays and most of the time Iranian people in holidays use to travel around the country and sometimes they get stuck in traffic on the road between cities can cause trouble.

This is a challenge that shows Iran doesn’t have lots of holidays, but literally, it’s because of the unplanned holiday. It means that some vacations are between weekends day and cause the number of days off too long, then this is a good time for having a long vacations and taking trips to other cities.

In Iran, the whole summer time is a holiday for students and schools at this time of year is completely closed. But this holiday is only for the educational system.

Also in Iran Thursday is part-time working day in some offices and in other working environments Thursday is off. However, this day isn’t an official holiday for Iran for this matter we can say that Iran has a few days off in comparison with other countries such as Europe and North America.

Useful information about Iran’s National holidays

In Iran, the new year holidays are kind of national holiday and the new year vacation (norooz or nowruz) is officially starts from 1st to 4th of Farvardin and governmental offices and Banks are somehow close but unofficially the new year holiday is about 2 weeks beginning of spring season in Farvardin. Also, the nature day (13 be-dar) here in Iran is another Public holiday (13th of Farvardin) this is the last day of New Year weekly holiday in Iran. 29th  of Esfand is day of Nationalize oil in Iran and it is also a day off. 30th  of Esfand till 4th  of Farvardin also refers to New Year holiday.

iranian festival

Islamic Revolution Holidays

In Iran, since the Islamic Revolution, the government decided to assign one day as a membrane of this victory and it is 12th of Farvardin. 14th of Khordad is also a holiday because of the death of the leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini. 15th of Khordad is the time of Uprising of 15th khordad. The victory date of Iran’s revolution is in 22nd of Bahman and also this day is a holiday too.

Religious holiday

An Islamic holiday most of the time is celebrating Imam’s Birth and the other one is the mourning of them. The date of these events is based on the lunar calendar. The most important dates for Iranian people are in Moharam and 2 days’ holiday for Tasua and Ashura in Moharam is Death of Imam Hussein and also in Moharam the 20th of Safar month is Arbaeen and it is important in Islamic holiday.  13th of Rajab is the birth of Imam Ali and also this date is important in Iran’s holiday. Another important date in the Islamic calendar is 15th of Shaban which is the Birth date of Imam Mahdi. Eid-al-Fitr (Eid of Ramadan) is on the first day of Shawwal month. This day is another significant holiday for Iranian also Muslims people. Two other significant dates are in the lunar calendar that is Eid-al-qurban and Eid-al-ghadeer.

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Iranian festivals 2020

Here I want to give you a list of Iran’s festivals. We can divide the festivals into many categories such as arts festivals, literature and cultural festivals, religious festivals, media festivals, child and youngster’s festivals, feminine festivals, technology and science festivals, and government and institutions festivals.

We have different kind of arts festivals the important one which is related to Iranian movies that is Fajr International Movie festival. The other one is Cinema house festival. All the art festivals related to Iranian movies. The media festivals related to the press and Digital Media. All the religious festivals are national students Quran festivals, Quran Movie festivals, and Quran national festivals. We have two feminine festivals that are my countrywomen international festivals and feminine invention and innovation.

The Snow festival in Iran

The snow festival is international Ski festival around the world. The second snow festival has held in winter of 2019. This festival is going held every year based on its international laws. This festival last winter has held in Tehran and Isfahan. In Tehran, the Snow festival has held in many different Ski resorts such as International Tochal Ski resort, Ab-Ali Ski resort, and Darbandsar Ski resort.

Rosewater festival

In the springtime and in May there is one popular festival in Iran, especially in Kashan province. The local people of Kashan harvest the pink flowers which are known here as pink rose (Gol-e-Mohammade) for extracting rosewater(Golab). I should mention here the rosewater is another popular souvenir of Iran. Each year many tourists came to Iran and travel to Kashan to see this festival and capturing beautiful shots of this event.

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Chaharshanbeh Souri festival

This is another festival of Iranian people after Yalda that they celebrate at the end of each year. This event each year falls on the eve of last Wednesday of the year. In the ancient history of Iran, the old generation worships fire and the Chaharshanbehsouri is kind of ancient event that people make fire and jump over it and sing an especial song of this day.

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Iran holiday advice

As I mentioned above all the examples of holidays in Iran maybe make you interested to visit Iran in these holidays. I should say that if you want to touch Iran’s culture closely I suggest don’t miss these events. All of the above mentioned holidays can make you completely wonder and I make you sure you will love joining Iranian people in such celebrations. So let me tell you some tips for traveling to Iran in holidays and festivals. At first, I must say that at these days despite all the joy you will face, maybe you somehow face a crowd of people who wants to communicate with you because the Iranian people are really hospitable or even they want to take selfie photos with you.

Don’t be sad about staring eyes. The Iranian people are curious and it’s because your style and face are new for them they may stare at you. The Iranian people despite other people around the world don’t use you smile at strangers. In holidays all the hotels and motels can be reserved or full You’ de better to reserve a hotel before your travel to Iran. Other things that I should mention is that it’s better to search or read some articles related to those events which you want to spend the holiday in. you will get more familiar with Iranian culture and events.

Don’t forget to bring your camera! I’m sure that you can take some pretty photos of Iranian holidays and you can share your experience when you back to your homeland. Please just say good memories we know that there are lots of negative propaganda against Iran. You are the messenger that can spread your message and say Iran is a good country with good people. By the way, Iran is the best place for backpacking because Iran is the cheapest destination for tourists. You can stay in Iran’s cities with affordable prices and take a taxi or bus at the lowest price. Also, you can stay at hostels while you are in Iran. Another important thing to know is that you must have a tour guide with yourself. He can help you more and introduce you better. If you encounter with any problems he will help you to solve it easily. 

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Iranian customs in Holidays

You know Iranian people believe in their customs and they always try to do the customs and also teach them to the next generation. You should know that Iranian people stick to old customs and culture. They never ever forget Iran’s traditions. Usually, parents teach those customs to their child. So each of the above-mentioned events and holidays has special customs in Iran For example, the Eid-e-Norouz which is our national holiday has many different customs. In Norouz all the relatives and family visit each other and we celebrate this event by gathering together around the Sofreh Haft Seen at Persian New Year time. Like Christmas eve that all Christians gather around the Christmas tree. At this event Iranian parent, most of the time gives presents to the children which we call it “Eidiee”.

In some lunar events such as Birth of Imams usually, religious people celebrate and give sweet for others and also for the time of their Imams Death the religious people hold a memorial.

ashoora tasooa

In Total, in other holidays Iranian most of the times prefer to travel whether they decide to travel inside Iran and I can say whenever is a holiday they start the engine of the car to leave their city to the destination of north cities of Iran. But some other wealthy people leave the country to see foreign countries as a vacation.

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