Iran Oil and Gas

Iran Oil and Gas

Base on statics shows that Iran is in the second place of gas storage in the world and yet there are many other oil and gas sources which aren’t developed. On the other hand, it is predicted that Iran is in the first position of oil storage in the whole world. According to the latest published reports in December 2018 shows that USA, Russia, China, and Iran would be the main producer of gas in the next 23 years. This report has been published at the time that the second position of Iran in having gas storage has proven. 

The national explore oil company manager said that more than 35 tank storages are still undeveloped. We can say that exploring process is further than development in Iran. 

It is said that Iran has 27% of the largest oil and gas storage in producing energy in the whole world. The average amount of oil production in about 6 million barrels each day. According to the statics, Iran has 400 Billion cubic meters of producing natural gas which is the highest amount of energy in the world. 

Iran gas and oil

The largest oil storage of Iran 

The largest oil storage of Iran is in Ahvaz province which is in 3000-meter-deep diving of Ahvaz. This storage has been explored since the 1950s that have to produce a capacity of about 750 thousand per day. The capacity of oil in this city is 65 billion barrels which 37 billion can be removable. So far 460 wildcats excavated in Ahvaz. 

Oil and Gas companies in Iran

In Iran, there are many companies which are active in the fields of Oil and Gas and also at the southern parts of Iran refineries located the most important one is South Pars complex (Asaluyeh) and in Ahvaz also another main company located that is National Iran Drilling co. (NIDC), but is other cities of Iran we have many companies such as NICO, Pars Oil and Gas co (POGC). Iran National Gas co and many other companies. 

It’s good to say that some chines company participating in the projects and their engineers works here in Iran. 

The oil incomes of Iran 

The oil income of Iran increased to 49 percent during the sanction against Iran. Despite US sanction against Iran with aim of increasing oil exports of Iran to zero, the statics shows that at the first 9 months of this year 724 thousand billion Rials Iran had income of selling raw oil which in comparison with previous year we have 48.9% growth but in exporting oil products and Gas condensate we can see about 59.2% has decreased. Because Iran incomes in 2018 were 117 thousand billion Rials, but know this number has decreased to 700 billion Rials. 

11 countries which have the largest oil storage

Oil and Gas companies in Iran

At the first position, the USA has the largest oil storage of world about 36.52 billion oil barrel the second position belongs to Nigeria for 37.07 billion oil barrel. Libya with 48.36 billion oil barrel is third one and the fourth one UNITED ARAB EMIRATES for 98.8 billion oil barrel. Russia with 103.2 billion oil barrel is the fifth countries with large oil storage. Kuwait with 104 billion oil barrel which is located in the middle east that this oil equally shared between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Iraq with 144.2 billion oil barrel that despite all the disquiet of recent years is one of the main owners of raw oil in the middle east. Iran with 157.8 billion oil barrel is in the highest ranks of oil storage. Iran for the first time had access to oil in 1908s and with this amounts of excavation could produce oil for 100 next years. The Iran oil spread in 150 oil storage that most of them have raw oil and natural gas. Canada with 171 billion oil barrel but this oil is kind of bohemian that needs more investments for exploring and they prefer to excavate at the time of highest rates of oil price. Saudi Arabia with 268.3 billion oil barrel name yourself as the richest country internationally that this introduction had most effects of world policies. But it is wonderful to know that Saudi Arabia isn’t the largest storage of oil because at the first rank is Nigeria with 298.4 billion oil barrel production and in the previous centuries Saudi Arabia was the first owner of oil. 

the tendency of Russia and China for investing in Iran’s oil

 According to the highest tendency of these two countries for ignoring sanction against Iran, Tehran decided to make a developing plane that includes these countries. 

Recently, Iran has explored the process of oil and gas. The Iran National Oil company believe that at least one billion oil storage barrel of raw oil at this site with a remarkable amount of natural oil that extracted. Before this extraction of oil and gas in Abadan province the Sinoching Company (Chines company) and national engineering and Iran oil building (NIOEC) were loading capacity to 420.000 barrel per day in Abadan. It’s good to say that the Abadan refinery is the oldest and also largest of Iran’s refinery. 

The other Chines companies wants to negotiate with Iran for oil extraction in Ahvaz province. China and Russia both tend to participate in this project. Since 2006 Russia is active at this project but still they are willing to work at oil projects of Iran. 

For the operation of this raw heavy oil requires new technologies of today world. For reaching this aim Iran negotiated with many Chines and Russian companies to complete the development process of oil regions to 5 to 7 further years. 

In the end, everyone around the world knows that Iran is the richest region in middle east and also the valuable market for west and east countries. It has been proven that It is profitable for them to invest at this country. Other countries had experienced participating and trading with Iran for many decades. We know that all around the world prefer to have a commercial relation with Iran because it is a good market for them. Hope in the near future Iran could provide cooperation.

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