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Different types of cosmetic Iran surgeries

In the 21st century, people tend to have a good appearance and like to be in shape. They do lots of activities to reach the intention. One of the ways is doing plastic surgery over the body of a voluntary patient. Usually, these kinds of surgeries are done without any medical urgencies to feel satisfied with the volunteer patient of the appearance.

It is interesting to know that in the ancient period the doing surgeries were popular but in the 21st century, it became more common.     

Recently, the number of having cosmetic surgeries has increased dramatically and yearly many people like to change the body appear to be under the knife of beauty surgeons. In total, cosmetic surgery is at the first rank of other types of surgeries in all around the world. 

Also, Iran is at the top of the lists for the higher number of beauty surgeries which has been done yearly. These days for the reason of unexpansive medical services and also highly skilled doctors in Iran, many people from abroad decide to have medical treatment in this country. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the different types of medical surgeries in Iran and explain about surgery in Iran’s price, type of plastic surgery in Iran and also good doctors in this field. hope the information could be useful for you. 

Types of Iran beauty surgeries

  • Rhinoplasty surgery 

The Rhinoplasty is one of the common surgeries in the whole world, especially here in Iran most women and men like to change and beautify it. Regards to the stress which the patient tolerates and the price they spent on doing this kind of surgery if the results get unsuccessful no doubt the patient would feel bad. Whereas the demand for doing nose job has increased recently, therefore the beauty surgeons in Iran are the best and highly professional in all around the world. 

Most of the time patient wants to have a nose job for beauty reason, but for the medical purpose, the patient suffers from not having proper breathtaking or the shape of the nose have deflection. The doctor decides whether the nose needs surgery. In this method, the doctor uses different ways to make what you desire. 

Most plastic surgeries are done in Tehran under the knife of highly skilled beauty surgeons. By searching over the Internet you can find many of them with successful surgeries and also satisfied patients with the result. 

  • Facelift surgery

A facelift is an act of lifting face from beside of face to get lifted completely. As you know the doctor tries to cut off the skin face about 5cm from ears. This can cause any deep wrinkles strict to Botox injection that could vanish in facelift surgery. Also, loss cheek, lips, and face can be treated with this kind of surgery. In this kind of surgery, a complete cut up in hairline and the skin of face pull of upon the hairline. 

  • Abdominoplasty surgery

In abdominoplasty the doctor extract and belly fats which are on large scale. For example, the patient who suffers from lots of loss of fats on the belly could remove it by abdominoplasty surgery. The abdominoplasty is good for a candidate who doesn’t get a result from Lipolysis or different kinds of fat suction. 

  • Blepharoplasty surgery

In blepharoplasty surgery, the doctor could remover extra skin texture from above and under eyelids and it’s called dragging eyelids. For loss eyelids around the eyes which don’t look tighten, it is possible to be removed with blepharoplasty surgery. 

  • Eyebrow lift surgery

The fastest surgery that lasts just in 30 minutes to look better with proper results for the patient. The candidate with loss or unbalanced eyebrows is eligible for this surgery. 

  • Mastopexy surgery

Most women after pregnancy and breastfeeding their body changes physically and most of the time the shape of breast changed and its tightness gradually gets vanish. If the breast conditions get worth the nipple shape change and it comes lower down. 

In mastoplasty surgery, the shape of the breast again looks fresh and tighter without any change is the total mass of breasts. In this surgery, doctors remove parts of breast skin texture that can make it look even smaller than before.

Sometimes, a woman isn’t satisfied with the shape and size of her breasts and wants to have a bigger one, then can have implant surgery. This surgery sometimes requires a wider vertical cut line on the skin surface. 

  • Cheek gel injection (fat injection-gel injection and cheek prosthesis

The best way for balancing face is to inject gel or fat into the cheeks. This method of beautifying could be done in several ways. By using artificial methods such as Aloderm, silicon or Gore-tex and also injecting fats into the cheek can improve the tired looks or hollowed eyes. 

After this surgery, the patients should prevent doing some special activities and also limited diets. Maybe in moving lips of even talking action get a little difficult that could get better till the next 2 days. 

For implanting prosthesis, the doctor slit the skin texture up in the gum or lower eyelids. 

  • Breast Prosthesis surgery

by implanting, prosthesis women can have self-confidence, and having a sense of being a woman with a fit body who is in shape. 

According to the statics, yearly many women do the surgery and in Iran, women do the same. 

Here in Iran, we have many highly professional doctors in the field of beauty surgeries in Iran. 

  • Genioplasty surgery

The surgery has suggested to those patients who have small, abnormal or retreated chins. 

Surgery in Iran price

Most beauty surgeries here in Iran don’t have a stable price and the costs of them are changeable based on the clinic services or which doctor does the cosmetic surgery. But in this article, we want to give you the average price lists cosmetic surgeries. 

  • Facelift (include the neck, around the eyes, forehead, and face)

The price for plastic surgery for the face can be about 35 Million Toman (2’000Euro)

  • Price for lips augmentation 

The price for lips augmentation here in Iran costs about 116.00Euro, but the mentioned price isn’t the same for all the doctors in Iran. Maybe it cost lower than this price. 

  • Price for beauty surgery of upper eyelids   

The price for surgery of each eyelid and boosting looseness of eyelids costs about 342.00 Euro. As I mentioned before the price is the average amount for doing cosmetic surgeries here in Iran. 

  • Boosting eye hollowness surgery

The price for cosmetic surgery for boosting eye hollowness for each eye costs about 400.00 Euro. 

  • Amendment for making evil ears

The costs of beautifying ears or making evil ears could be costs about 228.00 Euro. For more information, you can call the doctor or by searching over the Internet.

  • Price for shortening chin bones surgery

the price for this surgery which the method requires to carve chin bone, the chin bone surgery costs about 400.00 Euro. 

  • Price for the lower maxilla 

Usually, the price of the lower maxilla surgery is more expensive than the upper maxilla. The costs for lower maxilla is higher than other kinds of cosmetic surgeries in Iran. according to the price lists, the average price for this surgery is between 571.00 to 857.00 Euro. 

  • Costs of beauty surgery of upper maxilla

The price of surgery in the upper maxilla is higher than the lower maxilla and it cost 1’142.00 Euro. 

  • Price for double chin surgery

The price for double chin surgery in Iran is cheapest than other types of surgeries. We can say, it costs 85.00Euro. 

  • Price of Lipomatic surgery in Iran

Lipomatic surgery is the most common surgery here in Iran and also all around the world. We can say that the price of Lipomatic surgery is about 145.00Euro. 

  • Price for breast surgery in Iran

Another most popular surgery in Iran is breast surgery the price for lifting and making breast small is 971.00Euro. 

  • Costs of Breast prosthesis

The breast prosthesis surgery in Iran is higher than breast surgery that costs about 1’142.00Euro. 

  • Cheek prosthesis surgery price in Iran

The cheek prosthesis surgery in Iran depends on the patient’s expectations but for more information, we can say its price is 342.00Euro. 

  • Rhinoplasty surgery price in Iran

The most preferred surgery among the young generation is Rhinoplasty surgery. I have talked about it at the first of this article, now I want to say its price. Let me tell you that depends on the patient’s expectations about the results of surgery, the price could be various. The average price for Rhinoplasty is 457.00Euro but it can be higher than this price. 

  • Microderm treatment price in Tehran

The price for Microderm treatment in Iran is for each session cost about 28.00Euro. it depends on the patient skin type how many sessions requires to have a better result.  

  • Botox injection price

For botox injection here in Iran you should pay between 85.00 to 114.00 Euro. 

  • Belly and Side body Lipolysis 

The price for belly and side body Lipolys in Iran costs 400.00Euro. 

  • Restoration belly button

The restoration belly button price in Iran costs between 285.00 to 457.00 Euro.

  • Making cheek cheeks and chin cheeks price

The price of this surgery is about 342.00Euro. 

  • Price for extracting face fats

For making face thinner the patient should pay to doctor about 285.00 to 457.00 Euro. 

  • Lifting lower eyes skin price in Iran

The doctors in Iran give the price of about 285.00 to 457.00 Euro to do the lifting eye skin surgery. 

  • The price for making wrinkles in upper eyelids

You must pay the price of about 742.00 to 857.00 Euro for making wrinkles in upper eyelids in Iran.

  • Making cat eyes look 

This surgery is the newest and also the most famous one all around the world. The young generation who like to have cat eyes look should pay the price between 685.00 to 914.00 Euro. 

  • Lifting forehead surgery price in Iran

The price of lifting forehead surgery in Iran is between 571.00 to 685.00 Euro. 

  • Implanting hair into eyebrows 

The implanting eyebrows in Iran’s price are 114.00Euro.

  • Filling smile line with fat

For filling the smile line in the face by injecting fats in Iran costs about 200.00Euro.

  • Treatment of dropping lips price

The costs for doing this treatment is between 400.00 to 457.00 Euro. 

  • Boosting curvature smile or mouth 

The price for doing the boost surgery of mouth costs about 400.00 to 571.00 Euro. 

Beauty surgeons in Iran

Sometimes people get wrong the difference between beauty surgeons and plastic surgeons but in total, they are completely different from each other. Both surgeons need to be highly educated and have proper certificates that we can call them a plastic surgeon. 

If you want to do a special surgery, you need to remind it in your mind that you should look for a professional doctor with the related certificate and you must be careful about choosing a proper doctor in the field. 

Here in this article, I can suggest to you one institute that they are active in supporting patients from abroad. The patients who want to have medical services in Iran can make contact with them. The institute is “AriaMed Tour”. You can search the name over the Internet and making contact with them and can have a better experience of using medical services available in Iran.

Beauty Clinics in Iran

The beauty clinics in Iran with highly skilled doctors in doing cosmetic surgeries and plastic surgeries could do some surgical and non-surgical treatments based on their experiences for those who are worried about damages or appearance problems on the face or body. 

In the end, in this article we tried to give you complete information about the types of beauty surgeries in Iran and the cosmetic surgery price in Iran and also we talked about the doctors who are active in this field.

I hope that the above-mentioned information about the different kinds of beauty and cosmetics surgeries in Iran could be helpful for you and could answer your questions completely.  

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